living in: rear window


I had a friend in the sixth grade whose father rented Rear Window when we asked him to get a scary movie for our sleepover. Let me tell you, it wasn’t what we had in mind and I think we ditched it half way through to play “light as a feather, stiff as a board.”  Since spooky season is drawing near, I figured it was time to revisit Hitchcock’s 1954 masterpiece and see if I could school the 11-year-old me in the ways of quiet suspense.

1. Japanese Akoya White Pearl Necklace, $199; 2. Gerald Thurston Hanging Light, $1,000; 3. Chef’s Knife, $2; 4. Swarovski Habicht Binoculars, $850; 5. Steven Alan PJ Top, $45; 6. Industrial Age Side Chair, $228; 7. Potted Geranium, $5; 8. Back Scratcher, $11; 9. Holga Camera, $27; 10. Set of 12 Brandy Snifters, $26

When a successful photographer breaks his leg and becomes wheelchair-bound, he finds himself obsessed with watching the neighbors in his New York apartment building and becomes convinced that he has witnessed a murder. As far as murder mysteries go, the movie is pretty tame — no blood, no guts and only a few moments of twitchy fear. Hitchcock does, however, mastermind a nail biter perfect for girls like me, known for using the trusty hands-over-the-eyes method of viewing. It’s a pure and happy thrilling delight, no embarrassingly loud shrieks necessary. — Amy M.

1. Basketweave Cuff, $125; 2. Faceted Turquoise Earrings, $40; 3. Pulley, $5; 4. Handmade Apple Basket, $45; 5. Adoptable Norwich Terrier; 6. Classic Desk Phone, $53; 7. Faux Crocodile Bag, $24; 8. Tiffany & Co. Wedding Band, $700; 9. Hand Saw, $10; 10. Sisal Rope, $2.30


Such a great movie – so suspenseful and Grace Kelly’s clothes are to DIE for!


LOL At the weapons listed. Too funny. I love this movie. I wanted that overnight bag Grace carried.


this rocks. momma branch would be so proud :)

i want a ladylike croc bag now-thankyouvermuch!


I watched this movie again last week and as always, amy, you’re insanely spot on! all that’s missing is one of grace kelly’s ridiculous vintage gowns :)


Love it! Spot on. I saw this for the first time in Bryant Park during their summer movie series. Great memories of the summer of 2001.


What a fun post! I LOVE that movie to death! Seen it a gazzilion times and still leave it on when it comes on the tube.

Centsational Girl

OMG the rope and saw made me (sadly) laugh. Very creative!

I was looking for the AMAZING white tulle skirt/velvet top dress worn by Grace Kelly for dinner. Got the link for that? *wink*

beth c

Wonderfully done! This is one of my favorite movies!! Definitely my favorite Hitchcock… and I love Hitchcock movies.


I’m a huge Hitchcock fan. Huge! I’ve seen Rear Window a couple of times and love to live vicariously through Grace Kelly’s glamorous character.


Oh gosh, I was just watching this last night and hoping it would one day show up in a “living in” post! Fabulous.


Love those earrings! Was just talking about this movie the other day with friends. We watched Vertigo, The Birds, and North by Northwest at 8th grade sleepovers and scared ourselves silly. Also fun to think about “light as a feather stiff as a board” again :)


Ooh, ooh. Can you do Bell, Book, and Candle one day soon? I tried to search to see if it’s in your archives and couldn’t find it, so maybe you can keep it in mind? Pretty please!


I loved this movie when I saw it years ago, now I want to rent it and buy some of those pieces. :)


Rear Window is my very favorite Hitchcock movie! And yes, Grace Kelly is so beautiful. Thanks!


What? No Mark Cross overnight bag? That was such good early product placement.


I love this movie! It gave me gnarly nightmares after I watched it (alone…at night…real smart). But it’s so well done; the quintessential thriller. So great to see it on Living In! Great job.


I love Rear Window. Doesn’t Jimmy Stewart have the best apartment – lots of wood, interesting artifacts, b/w photography on the wall, and Grace Kelly draping herself across the bed.


Oh my goodness, I LOVE this movie. But then I pretty much love anything Hitchcock. I literally gasped when I saw this. Thanks for making my day.

The Prippy Handbook

One of the greatest movies… with Grace Kelly’s wardrobe definitely playing a supporting role!

I love how you a knife and saw mixed in with all the lush items. Too funny.


My dad took me to Rear Window when I was 10 and said – “This is a classic thriller!” I loved it! When we asked to see a horror film he rented “Rosemary’s Baby”.


I have been looking for a copy of Jeff’s Tissot watch for years. I have several that are similar, but not exact.

But the camera? A Holga? A $30 plastic camera for a professional photog? Really, now. It was an Exacta Varex VX. $150 to $200, probably, but I’m no expert.

Were you able to source a tube radio like the shaving neighbor uses?

The Beauty Philosopher

Love this post! I love Hitchcock but only saw The Birds for the first time about a year ago. I think that is the scariest Hitchcock film for me as I shortly after I seemed to develop a sudden fear of low-flying birds which still persists! The first Hitchcock film I ever saw was Psycho.


A couple of my favorite things from the movie are the wonderful charm bracelet Grace wears and her Mark Cross overnight case!

Farmgirl Susan

I LOVE this movie! Thanks for the reminder that I haven’t watched it in years. One of the best parts is when she unpacks her itty bitty overnight case. :)


What a great idea to include adoptable animals! Keep this up, I’d love to see more this kind of thing on here. =D

Cat K.

I love this movie, and I love all your ideas. Too bad there’s no way to get Grace Kelly’s dresses, or a wasitline to fit them.

Can we make requests? If you need another spooky flick for next week my fave is Audrey Hepburn’s “Wait Until Dark.” It’s so classy and creepy and perfect!

I also think you should do “I Capture the Castle” sometime. Really hard to find but an AMAZING movie, lots to pick out, and available on Netflix instant play. Thanks for the awesome posts!


I am a complete scaredy cat when it comes to thrillers… Vertigo and The Man Who Knew Too Much give me chills, and not just because I may have a minor crush on Jimmy Stewart… I think you have convinced me that Rear Window will have to be my “Halloween” movie this year.

Colleen O'Reilly

Genius film. Having bit my nails through The Birds at 13, I realize now that it’s no wonder exes that fell asleep during Rear Window just weren’t meant to be.

There’s a short documentary on the making of Rear Window out as well. Thanks for including this gem.


Genius putting in the knife, pulley, saw, rope and touch of fun the back scratcher-great idea and great fun!

Haley Collins

i LOVED that movie. I watched it so many times with my mom when I was little. Have you seen ‘the birds?’ Hitchcock was seriously great! :] Creative angle on the story!


Loved this post! Please consider doing a Living In for Pillow Talk next time–My all time favorite movie!!!

Steven Reeves

I’m new to this site and love this idea as friends and I have had conversations about movie decor and what films we’d like to live in for years. I love that this site is introducing its readers to so many films that they otherwise might miss. I have to laugh because I think of a film to suggest and then bang! there it is. Like this one, which is definitely one that my friends and I have put high on our lists. I’ll be back to add some suggestions after I’ve explored further to see how many of my choices you’ve already posted!