living in: beetlejuice


Beetlejuice is now my ultimate fun Halloween flick. I honestly hadn’t seen it in 15 years and had only a vague recollection of stripes and the Day-O banana boat song. Silly me — I’ve been missing out all this time. This goofy mix of New England farmhouse meets Tim Burton kitschy kook is pitch-perfect for Halloween shenanigans.

1. Wide-Brimmed Hat, $31; 2. Model Trees, $23; 3. Mechanic’s Beacon Light, $148; 4. Country Church Wooden Dollhouse, $159; 5. Snake Toy, $15; 6. Antique Key, $23; 7. Woolrich Buffalo Plaid Shirt, $49; 8. Diana Parisian Camera, $65

In Beetlejuice, a recently deceased husband and wife test their spooky skills in order to rid their house of its new owners. Hilarity, of course, ensues when they hire bio-exorcist Beetlejuice to aid in the fright show. An adorable Winona Ryder plays Lydia, the misunderstood daughter. Bonus: Lydia Deetz is an epic Halloween costume. All it takes is a big black hat, black dress, black shoes and an old camera. Poof! You’re practically a Halloween legend already! — Amy M.

1. Striped Jacket, $120; 2. Betsey Johnson Stud Earrings, $36; 3. Marquee Lighted Arrow, $176, 4. Tulle Poof Clip, $45; 5. Antique American Rocking Chair, $445; 6. Belle by Sigerson Morrison Studded Oxfords, $250; 7. Shaker Box Kit $45; 8. Alkemie + Snake Earrings, $140


Oh, favorite! I watch it about thirty times a year. That’s all. ;) I love that you included the Shaker boxes. lol. Good roundup!


Ummmm, a $45 hair clip?! That you could buy in a thousand places for under $10?
You’ve got to be kidding.


Yay hooray for Beetlejuice! I used to try to dress like Lydia everyday when I was 15!


I was so excited to see this! I LOVE Beetlejuice, even though it’s one of the few Tim Burton movies w/o Johnny Depp… ;) I’m constantly comparing things I find to the movie (anything black and white stripes is Beetlejuice-chic) ha!


Awesome! I love that I’m not the only person who refers to “Tim Burton” as a design style, as in “Whoa! That black and white striped rug is too Tim Burton for this room.”



nope, not kidding. if you’d like do make your own DIY version for a cheaper price i’m sure you could. i haven’t seen this same version in any other stores for under $10, let alone 1,000 stores.



Thank you for picking Beetlejuice! It was my absolute favorite movie as a child. The combination of Winona Ryder and a movie that took place in my home state of CT…it was the best!

Piper M.

Lydia is totally on my list of go-to Halloween costumes. Beetlejuice has been one of my favourite movies since forever (I was raised on Tim Burton)!


Also a huge fan of this movie and you did a terrific job channelling it. I especially like the first b/w assemblage. My favorite Halloween post yet.


This is genius. Heading to UO now for that red arrow marquee!

And watching Beetlejuice once again this weekend! Thank you for this one!


this was my favorite movie as a kid. this post totally made my day.

Prudence @ Flotsam Friends

Oh yeh, the best Halloween film ever!! My boys (6 & 9) adore this movie. It’s so special. Brilliant acting and fabulous set design… They’ve even downloaded the Harry Belafonte “Banana Boat Song”. Pruxxx


Great Living in! As a kid, you totally miss how hot Alec Baldwin was! That alone demands an adult re-view!


this one is REALLY good. might i say falls in the top 3 best?

good job! and thanks for including my childhood fave, now if you will only do La Bamba….. ;)


exquisite post! i used to fear watching that movie but nowadays it’s become near and dear to my heart :)


This is one of my favorite movies of all time– love what you did with this post!


I always adore your “Living In” posts, but I think this one is my all time favorite. Thanks for all the cool stuff you do here!

Lydia Joy

Love this movie! Loved the cartoon when I was little as well.

I’ve been working so hard on trying to figure out a costume. I ‘m leaning more toward Lydia Deetz as opposed to a female version of Beetlejuice. (:



So creative!!!! This movie makes me smile and reminds me of why I love Harry Belafonte so much…”Shake shake shake Senora…”

XO Valerie


I adore this movie! I always wanted to live in that big, crazy white house on the hill. I was so disappointed when I learned it was actually just a shell they built for the film!

Anyways, great post :)

alex sunday

love this movie! michael keaton is so brilliantly funny and scary (to the little me) all in one. thanks for reminding me about it. :)


I hate to have to point this out, but the “title” character’s name is actually spelled Betelgeuse!

Annamaria Potamiti

What fun! Yay !!for Halloween-which is embarassing for me this year because my eight year old wants to wear my dress from my first *long* dress which I got when I was sixteen…Am I *vintage*now?…;-)

domo arigato

you read my mind, i have been itching to watch this movie all month!


Funny, I just wrote at the daddymodern blog about how that original Harry Belafonte album “Calypso” makes great kid’s music! Didn’t even make the halloween connection.

I want that rocking chair on my front porch.


LOVE!LOVE!LOVE! This movie!!
Another great selection of cool items inspired by the the film.


So glad you posted this! I’ve been a lurker for years. I’m a design student at UNT and your ideas are always so fresh! This movie has been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl!


Oh beetlejuice. It’s so classic without ever becoming cliched. I loved your choices for this wonderful film… Also glad you chose a TB movie for halloween. One of my all time favorite movies… As always, nicely done…

Also, that camera is fab!

Karen Longo

Thanks for this; I love anything and everything Tim Burton! What style he has! And, I actually liked the Deetz’ version of the house better than Adam and Barbara’s! They were a bit too ‘country kitsch’ for me. I love the style of Otho and his dinner guest, as well (the one who is mad because “they dropped a house on her sister”!)

ps – Would love to see a post on “That Thing You Do” – Liv Tyler’s 1964 wardrobe alone is worth a post!


Great post! With Winona in mind, I’d love to see Living In Heathers! I was Veronica Sawyer for Halloween a few years back and revisiting that movie was amazing! {: