fall roundup: inspired by apple picking

I’ve been reading about so many fall apple-picking trips that I decided I’d take my own (virtual) apple picking trip today: to pick out 40 of my favorite apple-themed home designs under $100. From prints and stationery to pots and cutting boards, there are so many ways to celebrate my favorite fruit this season. I love apple designs that look a little weathered, so I tried to mix in a variety of apple styles — from bright greens to soft yellows and reds. If you’re like me and can’t escape to pick apples in person, I hope this roundup will take care of your fall apple urges! xo, grace

*P.S.: If you love the apple notepad below as much as I do, check out this great DIY tutorial to make a similar sculpture from paper!

Image above: 1. Oh My Cavalier Apple Branch print, $30; 2. Apple enamel pot, $99.99; 3. Apple print sewing box, $30; 4. Mod Pomme pot, $48; 5. Apple bottle opener, $26; 6. Glass apple decoupage dome, $60; 7. Apple necklace, $97.32; 8. Apple paper clips, $6.99

Image above: 1. Apple box, $30; 2. Crocheted apple boxes, $7 each; 3. Apple a Day teatowel, $15; 4. Paper apple napkins, $6.20; 5. Bad apple rings, $12 each; 6. Apples and Pears mug, $16; 7. Lavender scented stuffed apples, $45

Image above: 1. Apple chromolithograph, $21.50; 2. Apple tags, $2 for 10; 3. Apple wall hook, $1; 4. Apple lamp, $49.99; 5. Apple glass, $2.95; 6. John Derian apple salad plates, $19.99 for 8; 7. Apple plate (comes with mug), $55; 8. Apple earrings, $39

Image above: 1. Apple fabric, $4 per yard; 2. Fruit slices memo notepad, $4.95; 3. Apple mugs, $13.50; 4. Apple tray, $31; 5. Apple chopping board, $38.50; 6. Apple rubber stamp, $4.95; 7. Apple teakettle, $29.99

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Image above, clockwise from top left: Big apple chalkboard, $36; Golden apple tray, $25; Vintage studded brass apple, $28 (love this!)

Image above, clockwise from top left: Antique apple print, $34.95; Apple terrarium, $79; Apple tablecloth, $63

Image above, clockwise from top left: Set of 6 vintage plastic apples, $14; Apple tea towel, $16.50; Red apple canvas, $79

Image above: Fruit letterpress notecards, $8 for 3


Yummy stuff, apple is a great form. I’m impressed that you weren’t tempted (just a little?) to include an iphone or two?



ha, i looked for apple-printed iphone covers but couldn’t find any. but just about every search i did ended up with a dozen laptops at the top ;)



very fond of apples over here at appleturnover ;) i adore the pink + red apple fabric, we made a couple of sweet children’s aprons using it, i shall have to post.
nice tutorial! x

Dawn Hearn

This is my first time visiting your blog…what a great refreshing experience. I am a fan and have already added Design Sponge to my bookmarks. FYI – My favorite is the apple bottle opener.

Amanda Swann

What a great post. I have to agree, that I LOVE the vintage brass studded apple. I also really like the blue plastic apples (I’m really into that color right now)


Loving these apple designs, especially the “Apple A Day” tea towel by Mary Fellows at Pintuck. A very nice lady, and we love her birthday cards too!


Grace, Thank you so much for including my letterpress notecards! I’m honored to be featured on your site. Thank you, kindly!


Thanks for including our cute Apple Print Mugs in your fantastic apple themed post. Feeling very Autumnal over here now!


(excuse me for me for my bad english!)
I’m a student from belgium and I have to make a task about this website! Our teacher gave us 3 websites (Amazon.com, this one, and a belgian one), which we need to compare. The thing is.. I have to compare the payment methods, delivering methods … but, am I right if I say that you can’t order something on this website?



nope, you can’t order directly through design*sponge. we provide links in each post where you can buy the items :)


Fashion Jewellery

wow! am loving the apple collection, i especially like the enamel pot and the vintage studded gold apple. they are so unusal. great article


Lovely suggestions. Love the apple tea-pot! Think I’m gonna buy it.

Maestra Cruz

As a teacher, this is a dream come true! The apple paper clips are a dream :)