have your say in helvetica

I remember when Helvetica came out in 2007 and every graphic designer I knew went bananas. Each email I received read some variation of “OMG have you seen Helvetica? What? You haven’t? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?” So when I saw these new cross stitch kits, I thought to myself, “Well, I know what I’m giving those designers for the holidays.” These new cross stitch kits from Tamara Maynes come in three color combinations and let you say whatever you want (using an A to Z letter chart) in Helvetica. Just pick your letters and stitch them into your fabric to create a custom wall plaque, pillow front or anything else you can imagine. Click here to check out the full kits and order online ($30). xo, grace


I’m not a fan of Helvetica, but I’m loving this idea…putting it on my Christmas wish list right now. Thanks :)

judith b.

This is adorable! But, ahem, and I hate to be a smarty pants, Helvetica was designed in…1957. It’s one of the old classic sans serif fonts, very Swiss school, always modern, always legible! It must have had (another) revival in 2007!


That’s hilarious.

Judith, I had the same thought at first, but then I moused over the link and realized she meant the movie.

judith b.

I stand corrected! Thanks Grace, now I really wish I had kept my comment to myself, duh!

Jocelyn Edin

Ok, I have to be a snooty designer. Helvetica in cross stitch is not really Helvetica. It’s more like the ugly pixelated version seen in a PC browser! :)


My first reaction was the same. Didn’t know there was a movie, but it sent me right back to an art class in college. Someone in the class had mentioned she wanted to design a t-shirt that said “to hell with helvetica.”

It made me laugh.

Detailing Life

Aww, so many new project to put up on my ToDo-list, this is just awesome! I can’t wait to make gifts for people this year!