hardware roundup: 40 of my favorites

Oh man, I am finishing up this guide at the last minute because I had such a hard time editing things down! Last night we had a loud rain storm in Martha’s Vineyard that kept me up so I was working until two or three in the morning picking out my favorite knobs, pulls, door bell buttons, and escutcheons to put in today’s hardware guide. Years ago I did a hardware roundup for Domino‘s website but I figured it was way past due for a new one. So I hope you’ll enjoy this selection of stylish hardware for your home! Hardware is one of the easiest (and often cheapest) ways to update your room or furniture, so I hope you’ll find something here to inspire an update! In terms of pricing, almost everything here is under $25, but I’ve included a few splurge-worthy items like blown-glass doorknobs and vintage designs if you’re looking to make a real statement with your hardware. Enjoy! xo, grace

[Image above: 1. Golden Forever Knob $12; 2. Calico Owl Knob $12; 3. Interlaced Twig Handle $18; 4. Sly Fox Door Knocker $24; 5. Woodpecker Door Knocker $40; 6. Octopus Pull $39; 7. Owl Hook $20; 8. Floral Knob $43; 9. Coiled Rope Knob $10; 10. Twig House Number $12.51; 11. Bronze Egg Knob $100]

[Image above: 1. Prospect Hill Doorknob $260 (I think these are worth saving up for); 2. Pottery Exchange Knob $8; 3. Bubbled Glass Knob $8; 4. Prospect Hill Draw Knobs; 5. Out of the Blue Door Knob; 6. Out of the Blue Door Knob; 7. Ripe Melon Pull $6; 8. Urchin Test Handle $18; 9. Jeweler’s knob $6]

[Image above: 1. Crystal Knob with Victorian Plate $121; 2. Aleksey Knob $8; 3. Antique Brass Door Buzzer $90.95 ; 4. Out of the Blue Door Knob; 5. Swedish Escape Knob $10; 6. Mercury Glass Melon Knob $8; 7. Victorian Style Door Bell Button $38.99; 8. House Tool Knob $12.75; 9. Secret Key Handle $18]

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[Image above: Heart Escutcheon $5.15]

[Image above, clockwise from top left: Brass Lock $92; Brass Butler Bell $155; Black Mosaic Door Knob $7]

[Image above, left to right: Red Striped Knobs $15; Spotty Knobs $15]

[Image above, left to right: Brass Thistle Escutcheon $9.50; Bronze Pear Drop Escutcheon $20]

[Image above, clockwise from top left: Ebonised Wood & Brass Beehive Escutcheon $11; Rust & Porcelain Cabinet Pull with Petal Backplate $15; Solid Brass Cabinet Knobs $9; Large Nickel Circular Beehive Escutcheon $12]


I could look at hardware all day. Thanks for sharing some very cool options. Now, to find something to attach it all to…


know of any place to get good lamp finials? I’m having a hard time finding good web sites…


Love this! I never realized what a difference hardware makes until I recently put a Moroccan-style shell pull from Anthropologie on my mom’s antique pine breakfront. From country-style to country-chic in no time!


I got a card for 15% off at Anthropologie for my b-day so I went and got some knobs I’ve been wanting. I got #7 and the knob version of #8 (urchin) on the Color board. The urchin pulls would look perfect on my old dresser, but at $18 bucks each, I can’t afford 6. I love the shape of the Ripe Melon Pull. Ikea’s Edland furniture has a similar pull and I wish they’d sell it by itself cuz I love it.


Um Octopus Pull for the win! That thing is amazing and I want it! Thanks for this totally fun round up.


Excellent roundup as always. Of course my favorite piece of hardware is the one with a pink rose painted on it (#2 in the second grou). I wonder if I will ever stop being so girly! xo, A


You knocked it out of the park. Splendid! And what, pray tell, is the function of a “swedish escape knob”? I think we all need one of those, by the sounds (and looks) of it.


Love, love, love! We just moved and I am looking for some little touches just like this. Thanks for sharing!


I spotted that foxy door knocker a few weeks back in an antique shop for only $12 and had it in my hand to buy, but wasn’t sure if it would fit my door, so I put it back. I still love it.


I LOVE that octopus pull! Now I need to go find something to put it on! I love pretty hardware so much. After about ten years of pushing her, I recently got my mom to buy new hardware for her kitchen. It’s such a simple way to give great new life! I want the blue Jeweler’s knobs for my kitchen but there would be no point to attaching anything that pretty to my (literally) moldy old cupboards. Can’t wait until I can save up for a kitchen remodel even more now!


I love the nature inspiration. Any ideas where I could find faucets & accompanying knobs in the same vein? I am searching for something along the lines of a whimsical bird for a bathroom faucet. Thanks!


It is nice to see unique hardware coming back. I am positively so tired of the boring satin nickel bar pulls. Unique hardware creates personality!


love it! thanks for sharing! i’m in search of the perfect one to add to my future DIY small side table.


Just redid my kitchen with all new cabinets. Was going to use the old knobs and pulls (recycling is a good thing), but saw some really styl’n pulls that match my basket collection. A big win. Thanks for showing how much impact you can get from new hardware!

maggie @ sidebysideblog

lovely post!!! accents like these are perfect for new home buyers who love beautiful things, but don’t have a lot of cash. {someone like me!}
i want those twig house numbers! {#10 from the first round up}