font day + oddhero prints

Woohoo! I am so excited to start our second theme day this year: Font Day! From 8am to 1pm today, all of our posts will be dedicated to type, lettering, alphabets and all things font! We’ll cover great type in interior design, font-related home decor and 35 of my favorite fonts for web use. Plus, we’ll interview some of my favorite designers who work with type and lettering. So stay tuned, because it’s going to be a fun, font-filled day! xo, grace

*Please note, today’s usual columns (Living In, Biz Ladies and City Guides) will be running tomorrow rather than today.*

Image above: Aachen Bold font print from Oddhero, $189+


I am so excited that you’re having font day! As a graphic designer, of course I love your site but font day seriously made it 10x better!!


Woo hoo! I can’t wait to see all the font goodies! Such an exciting day.. :D

Kelly | Glamour This!

Exactly what Lauren said. Fonts for graphic designers is like chocolat icing on a cake. Can’t wait to see what else is in store.


I think font day should be a federal holiday! Let’s start a movement. So excited to see your favorites!!


I don’t mean to be picky, but since it is in the spirit of the day – the type-geek in me must speak up! A *font* actually refers to a specific member of a type family – so, for instance, Times New Roman Bold, or Georgia Italic. Each type family, or typeface, has multiple fonts. Since you aren’t celebrating one particular weight of one particular family in particular, but rather all things type-related, a clearer name for your day would by “Typography Day”.

My humble suggestion for next year. :) Okay, bring on the type-themed decor!

Suzy McQ

Typography seems to be everywhere these days, used as design elements on their own. I am a member of a non-profit dog rescue group, Havanese Rescue, and we just finished a new tee that reminds me of your first image of Subway Art and it’s motifs which are making the rounds in many of the crafter blogs.