dressed for dinner

I’m a huge fan of Marianne Van Ooij. Her work is always creative and I still consider turning her cute chair pillows into chair covers for events. How fun would they be at a wedding? Marianne explained that she needed a break from pillows, so she decided to explore the idea of dining with a new ceramics collection. Dining can be about so much more than food, and often comes with the excitement (or stress) of figuring out what to wear to dinner. So Marianne decided to combine the idea of eating and dressing into a new series of plates and bowls that feature details like shirt sleeves, straps and zippers. I would love to see these as fun serving bowls at a fashion event, but I’d be just as happy to use them as bowls for things like cufflinks and jewelry.

Marianne is still working on the prototypes, so they’re not yet available for sale, but as soon as they are, I’ll update this post with retail information. In the meantime, I thought they’d make a perfect piece of food-inspired eye-candy for recipe day. xo, grace

Christina S.

I like your idea of using these for jewelery, cuff links, ect – because they don’t look practical at all for food. Maybe finger food. But definitely not something you’d need to use a spoon or a fork with!



agreed- i love the zipper bowl but my mind immediately thought of soup spilling out of it. blech. best for party snacks ;)



I love these! They are so fun and unexpected. Plus they would look great paired with my Alyssa Ettinger knitware ceramics.

Paulina J!

These are soooo brilliant. I feel so “uncreative” when I see things like this.


ah! these are great!!!!! i love anything white these days. it brings out the texture of the material so well. feathers, bright cement, paint, cotton, the list goes on. these are so wonderful because they have such a timeless feel in their subject matter, but a wonderful modern touch in their execution. They remind me of Segal’s sculptures. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


has this dishware selling anywhere yet? Just want to make sure I know when they are!