Pattern YYbag


Wow I am gooing to try this , fantastic Cica South Africa


cannot see the pattern :/ but would really like to make this! when will it be back up?


Jess, just click on the (Pattern YYbag) above to download the pattern. Hope this helps :)

Cynda Smith

What does scale 1:5 mean? My daughter loves this bag. So I want to make it for her birthday. Also where did you get the leather for the handles?


I’m not able to download the pattern for some reason. Have tried in IE and Firefox. :*(


it is a beautiful and esy bag I l love it




I saw this wonderful bag and I’m going to make it in leather and sew it in my singer heavy duty 99k machine. This bag looks so nice & stylish! thanks!

Stephanie Ardoin

I tried to download the template pattern for the yin yang tote and was unsuccessful. I tried in on my PC and tried it on my apple through safari. I also tried the additional link in the posts but was again, unsuccessful. Just curious why I can’t seem to download the pattern. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Rose McGeeh

Would like the pattern if possible…I love love this bag….Thank you


The link to the template results in page not found. :(


I finally got it. I clicked on the little tiny “Pattern YYbag” above the facebook icon. Good luck!


HI there. I’m having the same problem as every one else. Just a suggestion, but maybe a “user friendly” pattern might be helpful. i.e. Imperial measurements for your mostly North American audience.


It’s really easy to get the pattern, as mentioned in the comment 2 above mine. Click the little “Pattern YYbag” link above the facebook icon. I can’t wait to make this. It’s a GREAT pattern. Thanks for sharing!!


Gorgeous bag! I can’t wait for a bit of time off work so that I can have a go at making it, thank you for sharing. I had no problem getting the pattern :)


could I get the pattern by e-mail?
Tryed and it doesn´t work =/

Caitlin Kelch

Hi ewelina! The link is working for us but we’ve sent the pattern to your email address :) Enjoy!

Joyce Pleier

Would it be possible for you to email me the pattern? I’ve tried to download it to no avail! Love the look of this bag. Would really appreciate it if it would be possible for you to email the pattern! Thank you!


Any chance I can get the pattern emailed to me as well? I’ve been planning on making this bag but I can’t get the pattern to download…says the webpage is not available. Thank you so much!


Sorry to pester with another template request! The link isn’t working, would it be possible for you to e-mail me the pattern, as well? Thanks SO much for sharing this!

Grace Bonney


I’m afraid we don’t have the template- I emailed the maker when I got your first request but have not heard back.


Barb smith

would love the pattern to be emailed to me as I can’t get the link to work. Thanks a bunch in advance


Hi there, am having the same problem downloading the pattern for the yy bag; would it be possible to e,ail the pattern instead, as I eally love this pattern, and would love to make it as a present.

Many thanks



I am having the same problem unable to get the pattern, has anyone been able to download it? Would love to make this.


I would also like to make this bag but there’s no “little icon” above the Facebook link, so I would also appreciate it if someone could send me the pattern. Kind Regards….Yvonne

Betty Wind

Response to Yvonne – there are several comments above yours that give a link to the pattern for this bag. I had the same problem you did, but found and saved the above link. Good Luck!