dexter posters + artist gets a walk-on!

It’s no secret that I’m something of a TV-a-holic. I’ll give any show a chance if it looks half-way interesting. One show I had to be convinced to watch, but then fell madly in love with, is Dexter. I loved it so much that I bought the Season 1 DVDs for my family, who have all ordered Showtime just to watch the show. We’re big Dexter fans in the Bonney family. So when I heard from Ty Mattson about his Dexter prints, let’s just say he had me at “So I made these Dexter . . . ” I know the posters have made the blog rounds a bit, but I was excited to post them because of this update from Ty: he got to visit the cast on set (see him with Michael C. Hall below!) and . . . they are giving him a walk-on role in next year’s season! If that’s not the greatest prize for a show-dedicated piece of art, I don’t know what is. And now the prints are available on Showtime’s website! If you’re a Dexter fan, or just a fan of beautiful prints, click here to check out the full selection and shop online ($49.95 each). xo, grace

Barb F (Australia)

That’s so weird! I literally just switched off the telly from watching three episodes in a row of Dexter Season 2. I love it! Wanted to watch more, but I really have to get to bed…and then I saw your post.

Oh – and love these posters too. Will be keeping an eye out for Ty!


love the opaque white with the red on the dark stock. I’m dying to know what the paper is.


I also love Dexter and think this prints are really well done, although I can’t really imagine decorating my home with imagery of a dead woman in a bath tub. That’s just me though.

I’ve been wondering though, what restrictions are there for creating art that makes a profit off of a TV show, movie, song, etc? Showtime has definitely embraced these (smart, I think, as they’re awesome), but could Ty Mattson have gotten in trouble for selling these on his own? I’m just curious about where copyright laws draw the line. (And if this sounds accusatory, it’s not. I’m really just curious.)



im not sure to be honest. i would assume it would fall under the fan tribute art category, which seems to be allowed as long as official logos and phrases aren’t used. but i’m not 100% sure…



these are terrific! my boyfriend and i love this show. they would be neat to have in a study/office, i think!


Cool! They remind me of my Almodovar movie posters for Pepi Luci y Bom y otras chicas del monton!

I hope you have a walk-on…and walk-off role…don’t wanna end up like that guy in the … (Won’t spoil anything for anyone!!)


P.S. Dexter terrifies me so I always have to close my eyes or pause watching til I can build up courage to see!!

Meg - White Nest

I’m obsessed with Dexter too! We keep ordering Showtime just in time for Dexter every season because we crumble…love these posters! Art about Dexter…I’ll take it anytime!

* Ashley Terese*

Ah I just linked this to my boyfriend too.. we love Dexter!

kate hart

Love it! Ironically, I just finished season 4 last night (!)… it is a seriously addicting show. Very cool prints!


Wonderful! I am completely obsessed with Dexter, and these prints are very arty and cool! Thanks for posting :)


He’s such a beautiful man. I have dreams about Michael C Hall


I just finished season four, too — and I’m going in with a friend on a Showtime subscription because neither of us can wait for the next round of DVDs. I know what I’M doing this weekend!


Oh, do I love me some Dexter!! My husband went on a business trip to Miami about a year ago. Everyday when he would call, I asked him if he saw Dexter today. ;-)
The artwork captures the overview of the show very nicely.


Ty Mattson is awesome. Everything he touches turns to gold, he and his design team are just that talented. If you didn’t already know, he did that same fantastic thing with “Lost” – creating several posters which were sold on the ABC website. I’m holding out for him to create something for my favorite show, Mad Men. It seems like such a natural progression (OK, that was begging if you didn’t recognize it)


Holy moly! These are awesome! I love Dexter so much, it’s so awesome that they’re letting him have a role next season!!


I’ve been debating about watching Dexter on our netflix for a while, I think I’m convinced.

Michael Matthews

Love the black and red posters, however I’m a little worries about Michael C Hall, he’s looking a very strange color. Live action version of The Simpsons anyone?


Thank you for posting about this! My bf and I love everything about Dexter, and this was just icing on the cake. Made my day!


I LOVE Dexter! It’s the most well done show and cast on TV, hands down! How cool that he got to meet him and gets to walk-on role! So wait – I didn’t think it was official that Dexter was renewed for next year (a sixth season). I know people are assuming it is but there is no certainty yet. Does this mean it IS?? I’m crossing my fingers!!


i love dexer! thanks so much for this post ~ i clicked on michael c hall’s link and only just found out he’s married to jennifer {deb} ~ wow!! what a great couple!


Somebody should do a study of the use of color in Dexter. For example, Dexter’s old apartment = tidy, crisp, cool colors, simple and mid-century leaning. Rita’s old house before they married = bright but fussy, with slight kokopelli leanings, possibly a subtle mockery of her character. Anybody else notice Rita wearing the wrong color of blush, but just for the last season? Was that foreshadowing? Foreblushing? Anton’s apartment = spicy bright and bohemian. Anyway, it’s just really cool how well the styles reflect and enhance the characters.


Those are awesome – I have to own them!

My husband and I don’t really watch TV, but we buy Showtime just to watch Dexter – that show is great.

Heather Whaling

My husband and I just started getting into Dexter. We borrowed the DVDs from my brother and we’re addicted. :)

Thanks for sharing these prints — I hadn’t seen them yet. Not sure I’ll decorate my living room in them, but they are really creative!



“He’s such a beautiful man. I have dreams about Michael C Hall”

…. sigh… me too. haha

Gareth Coxon

Such an excellent series well captured and illustrated
here. Hard to believe it’s a 3 colour print as they have used the
colours so well.


I remember *accidentally* watching the 1st episode the first season and was totally hooked. When I would tell family and friends that they *had* to watch this show and went on to explain the plot, they all looked at me weird and thought I must be crazy. Of course, they’ve always thought that anyway. But, in the end my opinion and recommendation prevailed and everyone I told were soon Showtime subscribers (if they weren’t already) and hooked on Dexter.