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biz ladies: designing business cards + free card contest!

by Stephanie

Today’s Biz Ladies post comes from Rebecca Kutys of Moontree Letterpress in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Together with Breck Hostetter of Sesame Letterpress, Rebecca began a joint venture called “Brooklyn Social Cards” to create letterpress business cards for clients. In this post, Rebecca offers some do’s and don’ts to business card design. From the appropriate information, to the placement of text, Rebecca shares some helpful advice to creating a memorable card!  Thanks Rebecca for this great post! — Stephanie

**Rebecca was kind enough to donate business cards to one lucky reader! If you’d like to throw your hat in the ring to win 250 custom one-color business cards from Brooklyn Social Cards (they made Grace’s cards!), leave a comment below describing a situation in which you wished you’d had a business card with you and why you’d like a set now. Comments will close tomorrow at 9am EST**

UPDATE: Congrats to A. Krause who won the contest! Rebecca and Breck selected her comment below as their favorite. Thank you to everyone who entered!

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In my first year as a full-time letterpress printer, I got an early lesson in the power of having great business cards. I was struggling month to month, trying to drum up work wherever I could (on a very limited budget). So I decided to put some time into designing and printing really nice business cards for myself. I had no money for advertising or PR, but I figured this was my one slam-dunk marketing tool.

Image above: Chris Shiflett (www.shiflett.org)’s cards designed by Jon Tan

In those early days, I would spend one day a week pounding the pavement in New York City, stopping in at my favorite shops and leaving my business card at the desk. It didn’t matter whether it was a restaurant, salon or yarn shop, I would just leave my card and ask that it be passed along to the manager. One day I got a call from the owner of a high-end Soho stationery store. He said, “I don’t know who you are, but your lovely card is sitting on my desk. Tell me about what you do.” I went in for a meeting the next day and thus began a fantastic three-year collaboration.

Your business card is what represents you after you leave the room, so be sure it’s worthy of you and all the great things you have to offer. We used to hand out business cards so the recipient would have all of our contact info and clear idea of what we did. Before the Internet, you would likely have a hard time tracking someone down again if you didn’t get their card. But times have obviously changed . . . and I believe the key role of the business card is a new one.

These days, cards are no longer used just to provide basic information about yourself and your company. They are an invitation to look you up online and fine out more about you. That’s when the real magic begins. So make sure you design your card with that intention in mind. As for designing cards, here are some DOs and DON’Ts:


1. Remember that the character of your card should match your field. Creative professionals should have interesting and expressive cards, while more traditional fields (lawyers and accountants, to name a few) would do well with more conservative and tasteful cards.

2. Make sure your card matches the overall “brand” of your company and website.

3. Keep it in-check when ordering super thick, deluxe cards. I always hear people saying that they love their thick, 2-ply cards but can only fit three of them in their wallet at a time.

4. Remember that if you go with a delicate 100% cotton stock for your cards, they’re going to get banged up pretty easily in someone’s bag. Better to choose a slightly sturdier stock.

5. Make the info on your card clear and readable. Even though you want to express all your creativity in a small space, make sure you don’t over-design the look.


1. Have your cards made for free in exchange for an advertisement on the back. Believe me, I’m always thinking of ways to spend less money in my business, but this isn’t a great way to do that. If your cards are free they’re going to LOOK free.

2. Hand out cards with perforations still visible. This is specifically in the case of printing cards on your home computer. Office supply stores provide business card templates which are great and economical, but trim them down so the edges are clean.

3. Apologize when you give someone your card. You should love your business cards and feel confident handing them out. If you’re apologizing for how lame your cards are, its time to get new ones.

4. Be afraid to leave some information off your card. As long as it includes your website, the recipient will not have a problem finding you.

5. Cross off a phone number before handing someone your card. When any piece of vital information about your business changes, its time to get new cards.

Here’s a is a quick guide to the many different types of printing for business cards — any of these methods are available in local stores or online.

  • Offset or digital printing — regular flat printing.
  • Thermography — produces a raised, shiny effect through heating the ink.
  • Foil-stamping — looks like letterpress with an impression into the paper, but instead of ink uses foil. Can produce a shiny, metallic effect.
  • Embossing — creates a detailed raised image without the use of ink.
  • Engraving — produces a raised image with ink on metal plates, and can create an extraordinary amount of detail in a small area.
  • Letterpress — uses ink and impression to push image into the card.
  • Handmade — this is totally up to you and your creativity. Some of the best cards I’ve ever received were homemade. Have a rubber stamp or embosser made, buy some die-cut tools at your local craft store, sew a line or two of stitching on each one . . . the possibilities are endless.

Image above: Design by Erica Heinz (www.energy7.com)

I hope this article has made you think about what message your cards are sending and inspired you to take it up a notch. Thanks for your time — I’m looking forward to reading your ideas and feedback below!

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  • I just purchased business cards for my writing/editing life from moo.com and I was happy with the company’s service and the quality of the product.

    I would *love* to have business cards for my soon-to-be-launched blog (link above). We currently live in NYC but will be moving to Singapore shortly (a few weeks! eep!). I’d love to be able to walk around my new city and be able to hand a well-designed business card to all the new people I meet!

  • I would love to win these business cards! I’ve never had business cards and being able to hand one off to a perspective client would definitely help me be more professional! Instead of always scrambling for a pen and paper (most of the time napkin!), it seems like you’re more put together by having one in your wallet to pull out fast and instead of having an awkward moment!

  • i just recently started my own site & have been attempting to promote it a little. But honestly, i’m nervous about promoting myself to my friends b/c i’m scared really of them seeing everything i do all out there in the world. But i’m getting better, less shy! And have been telling my friends more and more about it.
    Recently, i was out with friends talking about my site and i would have loved to have some super cool business card to hand out to them. I doubt any of them remember, but had i had a card! Bam!
    (the site is about art, writing, and spirituality in the modern world)

  • Wish I had a card when that fur coat clad woman in NYC stopped me on the street and was interested in my sculpture I was carrying out of the gallery.

  • I just started freelance writing and I’m trying to spread the word. It would be amazing to hand someone a sweet card with my name, website and phone # on it :)

  • As I am in the process of starting my own business, 250 cards would be an enormous help!! Great tips, will follow to a T!

  • Oops, I didn’t finished answering! I was recently in a situation where a potential client was asking for my card and I had left them in another purse (the bane of the female existence, let’s be honest) and although I followed up with her once she gave me HER card, it could have been a lost cause. Always need to have those cards handy!

  • I’m a blogger and printmaker in my spare time, and I wish I had a business card that reflected my quirky creativity versus my current 9-5. I have some Moo cards, but they don’t really reflect my taste, style and nerdiness. I’m usually scribbling my email on a cocktail napkin.

  • I’m a busy mom and often don’t have time to exchange information…with anyone. I’m also a freelance writer so I interact with people everyday. When I have the baby in tow…it makes it hard to pass along my info. A business card would make my life SO much easier!

  • What a great post and so timely for me as I am currently trying to find the perfect cards. I continually find myself wishing I had a card for myself with my personal info (name, blog, twitter handle) and this would be perfect to get me started. Thanks so much Grace! xo

  • Everyday I wish I had a set of business cards for my blog! I often find myself walking into stores or cafes and wanting to do a post on something I see. If I had some business cards it would be so much easier and more professional. Especially if they looked like some of the beauties above!

  • I am venturing out on my own which can be scary, but liberating…I will need some new “confidence” in the way of spectacular business cards to really get my name and point of view out there. Thanks! -a florist in need :)

  • I simply adore letterpress, and alot of people don’t value the impact a good quality business card has on their brand. It is a direct reflection of your work.

    Great post, and would love to win!!


  • I am constantly making things, wearing them, selling them…and I would LOVE to be able to have a business card that goes well with my wide range of design:)

  • There are local ‘tweet-ups’ for small businesses on twitter in my city, but I don’t want to go without business cards, and I keep forgetting to have them made!

  • This past weekend while thrifting I met a woman who wanted my blog info. I could have given her a card if I had any. I ordered cards that afternoon.

  • Great tips! Thank you Rebecca! Hmm, I don’t know if I can pick just one situation where a business card would have been a great thing to have on hand. I can’t count how many times I’ve run into an old friend in the mall or the grocery store asking what I’m up to. Perfect time to pass off a lovely card. Adding a stash of them to my diaper bag is probably a good plan of attack!

    Beautiful works.
    I wanted to have letterpress business cards done, but it’s not in my budget. I just re-did my website and finished designing my business cards. I would love to have them letterpressed!
    Pick me! lol

  • I love business cards – the more interesting, the better. I’ve got pages and pages of different cards bookmarked that I just love to look at.

    I’m about to start redesigning my own cards after some changes to my business and this post is the perfect starting point. Thanks :)

  • I was part of a creative festival a couple of years ago and for some CRAZY reason, I forgot to bring my business cards. I had several people ask me for one and I felt ridiuculous telling them I hadn’t brought them.

    Now I always have a few with me, but my website AND email address have changed. Time for new cards, pronto!

  • Such a great article – people often underestimate the importance of business cards, especially in creative fields. I am desperately in need of mod new letterpress business cards – can anybody help a sister out? ;)

  • I wish I had a cool card to hand out to people I want to stay in touch with. The letterpress cards are so adorable!

  • I recently went to a few blogger meet-ups, and since I’m relatively new to the game with a one-year old blog, the thought of business cards never crossed my mind. Somehow, I thought the high-tech world of blogging would have done away with business cards by now. I was dead wrong and felt like a complete idiot and loser when everyone handed out and traded their business cards with their blog names, and I had to sit by idly and lose a perfect opportunity to make new connections and gain new readers.

    Since I’m trying to break into the blogging and photography business, a new set of gorgeous business cards would be perfect right now!

  • this summer, i saw a woman out in public and i really wanted to photograph her. i didn’t want to seem like a “creeper” by approaching her and asking. something about it just felt weird so i didn’t. if i had a business card, it would have been more appropriate and i’d have probably taken her portrait by now…

  • I’ve always wanted business cards to pass out during a networking situation and job hunting. Not the company I work for but a business card of myself.

  • Great post — the section that describes the different types of printing is especially useful.

    One thing to consider, also, is to have both sides of the card printed: I have the logo and url of my blog on one side, and my name, phone number (with international formatting) and email address on the other.

    That way, both sides are fairly minimalist, and depending on the kind of conversation I’m having with the person, I’ll present my card on one side or the other. (Though people invariably flip it over to see what’s on the other side!)

  • These letterpress business cards are so beautiful and elegant! Only last week I was asked for my card and I had to cross off my old phone number – this would be an awesome contest to win!

  • Love these cards! I often wish I had business cards when I tell someone about the jewelry I make, or when I’m out and about and someone comments on a piece I’m wearing. Right now I cut out my own business cards one at a time…and they’re cloud shaped! **ugh, what a pain**

  • On a day when 3 different people approached me and told me I had great style! I should of had a card saying I do closet renovations and styling…

  • I love the advice that you should never apologize for handing out a card – with beautiful cards like their designs I would never be ashamed!

  • I love these business cards!! I’m obsessed with letterpress. I just started my blog and hope to build a business out of it…I wish I had cards with my blog name and web address to give to people I meet! It would be much better than just spelling it out or writing it on a scrap of paper :) business cards is one of the next immediate goals i have for my “brand.” These are so beautiful, I’d be honored to have a set!

  • These cards are almost too beautiful to give out, but would make such a great impression.

    Viva la letterpressing! x

  • Thanks for the tips on 21st century business cards!

    Sometimes I meet people that I would like to collaborate with (on films or writing projects) when I am just out and about and really wish I had my contact information on hand.

  • I certainly agree with all the tips you give about having the right card. I’m an artist and put pictures of my paintings on the back and often get positive responses as a result.

    I also liked reading about how you pounded the pavement when you were starting out; handing out your cards to various venues and businesses. That’s actually something I need to do myself but I totally feel confident doing that now with my rocking business cards!

  • I absolutely LOVE these cards! I’m working on branding myself and would love to have new business cards to get started :)

  • Beautiful work. Thanks for the great information on the cards. I would LOVE letter pressed cards for my new business venture which is geared to empower women athletes of all levels. I needed a card just this weekend when someone was so kind to compliment my shirt so – i didn’t have a card to give her — so i gave her the shirt, right off my back. cards…would be a little cheaper to hand out!

  • Just this morning as I was dropping my children at school a friend asked for a recipe and I wished I could have handed her a card. Even though my website isn’t a business yet (it’s a food blog) I find my self writing down the web address so often it’s definitely time to get a card. Thanks for all the tips!

  • What a coincidence – I was just shopping for letterpress business cards online now! My boss told me that I was not able to get business cards until I’ve had a promotion… but I need the business cards so that when I go out and do things to GET myself that promotion, I don’t look like a slouch. When I go out to speak to people, I look like I’m pretending to work – and that’s why I’d love some cards, even if they just say my name and have my contact info!

  • Thanks so much for this! I’m reaching the end of my first set of business cards and want to tweak them a little before I reorder. Better yet, a beautiful new set from Brooklyn Social Cards. I’m really bad for not bringing them with me places. Recently I was at a wedding shower where a friend of mine boasted to the whole party about my business! There were literally people begging me for my card and I was caught with none! Terrible. Maybe a snazzy new set would encourage me to carry them around more.

  • These cards are so classic and beautiful!

    Once, I was at a networking event and had run out of business cards. I was chatting with a fellow creative who asked if he could have my number, so I apologized for not having a card and wrote my info on a piece of paper for him. When he called I realized that he wanted to call me for a date, not for business! That’s DEFINATELY one situation I regret not having business cards for. I feel like that situation could have been avoided because believe me – I was not interested in a date :)

  • A time I wished I had a great business card was when I somehow got an amazing interview with a publishing company in Nashville, they flew me out and I had my portfolio in perfect condition but my resume and business card printed on this (cool wood grain) but nothing amazing paper. The president of the company came into my interview and asked for a card and I handed him a little flimsy one :)

  • such a nice post. i LOOOOVE embossed business cards… there’s just something about touching them that gives you a whole other experience than a regular one.

    what i carry are printed out cards from my house printer, but i do think i need fancier ones. the other day i went to an art gallery to deliver an order, when the owners introduced me to some of their art patrons. it would have been the perfect opportunity to give them a proper made, fancy cute business card… oh well. i’d love to win a set so this won’t happen again!

    xoxo & cupcakes,

  • AH! I read the business ladies posts religiously because I just started my own little LLC. As far as my creative side of things, I have it down pat (and ever growing!) I have a BFA, I am skilled, and a legal entity…But every time I try to figure out what to do for a business card, my brain recoils.

    Last week I was having dinner with some creative personas and they kept asking me about my website, how everything was going, where they can give me a call at?… and I felt so awful that I had to write it out on a piece of scrap napkin. As if to say: “Really you guys, I am legit, and I am talented! Disregard the ripped napkin with my contact information! I accept check or cash, even though how I’m presenting my contact info looks like I should be yelling “BIG MONIES-NO WHAMMIES!” Ugh. I need to get my act together!

    Please help me make a business card!

  • FanTAStic! These are absolutely stunning.
    I’d love to have some really fabulous, “wow” factor business cards with me when I am volunteering at my children’s schools — to give my “I work from home” some actual “street cred”. I have come to realize that when you work from home, it’s really, REALLY important to make it crystal clear that you *do* actually have responsibilities during the day – that it’s not all free time. (Not that being a stay at home mom is free time – I certainly know better than that.) People need to understand that my days do not always allow for situations where I can just drop everything. (Mind you, I do have lots of flexibility – but that doesn’t mean I can neglect my business. It directly affects our family pocketbook.)
    Anyway – love the tips here — all VERY valid. :) Thanks!!

  • gorgeous business cards tell me what the business is thinking. (and also how much thinking they’re doing.) love brooklyn social!

  • I would really love some beautiful letterpress cards! I’m a designer and love creating invitations and announcements for family and friends, but never have a business card when they want to refer me. It would be so convenient to have a card handy to take my passion and grow it into a successful business!

  • I’ve used word of mouth to get much of my photography business, but I was recently introduced to a lady who is coordinator of several local venues who asked for my card to hand out to potential brides. No card. Oops.

  • I went from flat, matte printed business cards to letterpress as a “splurge” for my business. The extra time people take to look at my cards and the subsequent “Wow!” they always get made the extra cost worth it!

  • I run a design business aimed at weddings, so whenever I meet someone who is engaged, I want to be able to hand them a super rad business card.

  • Great post, so helpful. Working on my own venture (like so many others)… would love to have great cards to hand out! Lovely.

  • Gorgeous cards, so simple and sophisticated. There’s been quite a few times where I wish I would have had a business card to pass on to someone to make myself look more professional – especially when talking to people who I might like to do business with one day or that would positively influence my blog.

  • These cards really are amazing-I’m just starting up a new freelance translation venture and have been going back and forth with deciding if I should create business cards or not. I was leaning towards handmade until I saw these creative (and beautiful!) cards-wow! I would love to be able to hand out cards that showcase my modern taste and creative spirit, as translators are often viewed as being a bit stodgy :)

  • This post was so helpful! I just quit my 8-5 job to become self employed as a freelancer. Pretty scary, but extremely worth it. I own two different businesses, co-running a small independent magazine where we have an established identity and I’m a photographer-where my sole income is coming from. But now, I realize I can’t combine both my photo business with the magazine-two very separate things. So when someone asks me about my work at events or when networking, I hand them my magazine business card, that does not have my photo website or anything related. Plus, my phone number changed, and I cringed at my desk when I read the “do not” section of crossing out your number. Time to get new ones and establish my identity as a photographer! Since I’m taking my career in my own hands and made the jump to create, this would be the best thing I could do for myself. Quality, care & style can all be established in that card, and a letter pressed design would evoke all of that.

  • I’m just starting a business and am desperately in need of business cards! It’s happened more than once that someone has asked for my card and I had to tell them I didn’t have any. I thought that I didn’t need them until everything was up and running – boy was I wrong!

  • I’m a young book publishing professional and I freelance a bit in social media as well. I am absolutely in love with the intersection of old and new–an e-reader next to a vintage first edition. This was a fantastic post. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I have been including little handwritten notes when I ship out a commissioned piece of artwork, but reading this article, I realize I should be slipping in a business card as well! I am planning on a gallery show early next year, I will most surely need cards then! Thank you for showcasing such a nice variety of styles – it has definitely given me alot of ideas on how to “invite” people to my shop……

  • Great examples of some letterpress work! I was out one night at a communal gallery event and I ran out of my apartment and forgot to put more cards in my wallet. Of course, I met one of the gallery owners and they were interested in rebranding their gallery. Nothing looks worse than saying “oh i have a card, just not on me”. The WORST…

  • These are beautiful. Whenever someone gives me a business card promoting their blog, I wish I had one to give them in return to promote mine!

  • I have a stack of cards for my business which are no more a representation of me or my brand, I said as soon as I finish them all I’ll invest in some great ones. I did some renovations and now a whole box of business cards have disappeared.
    I think it’s a sign!!

  • I’m a freelance medical editor and recently attended a party without my business cards. I was kicking myself when I was introduced to a department head from the local research hospital!

    I have business cards but would really love to upgrade to a higher-quality card and design. My clients love my work, but I know I need to portray that more in my promotional materials.

  • The end of grad school approaching means the start of a job search is even closer. Business cards could have helped with summer internships but will help even more for the legitimate job I will need.

  • I own a snow cone stand and would love to be able to hand out a fabulous business card when people are asking about the biz. Since we operate out of an airstream trailer, it would only be appropriate to have a business card that reflects our style. =)

  • Over the past year or so I’ve been refocusing on my fine art and would love to have cards available to promote my art work. And I really, really, heart letterpress.

  • I just made some prototype business cards for one of my Digital Design classes, and I would love to win a whole bunch!

  • i have been divorced for over three years and am still carrying around the old ones with the old number.

    i definitely need new ones! strike that, new BEAUTIFUL ones.

  • It seems like once a week I’m in a situation where I wish I had a business card. I’m a theater actor and teaching artist for a local Shakespeare company. I work freelance as acting coach Last week, I was at a post-rehearsal party for a play my boyfriend is scenic painting, and I actually heard myself promise to look a new acquaintance up Facebook. Yikes! Then I got into a great discussion with the artistic director about the importance of holding acting classes at the theater, and I could only lamely mention that he should check out my website. Later in the evening, a local director mentioned that he’d be directing a staged reading and said he would get in touch with me though the artistic director of the theater. As nice as that was, I know how easily I forget new names, especially after a glass of wine. I actually thought, “How great would it be to have a classy business card to give to this person so they wouldn’t forget to look me up in the morning.” I have headshot postcards and 8 by 10s with a lovely photograph, but whipping those out a casual gathering in a town that isn’t New York or LA, I might as well shout, “I’m pushy and desperate for work.” I’d rather say, “I am professional, savvy and organized” with a chic business card.

  • I am an interior designer that has recently started doing floral design for wedding and events! I have wanted to create and get business cards printed and have to hand out when needed. I would love the opportunity to win 250 of your beautiful cards! You do great work!

  • Oh, my! Such beautiful cards-so very charming! I would love to have a set of these for myself!

  • I’m an actor and a blogger, and I have acting cards, but they’re not quite appropriate for getting the word out about my blog. So many times I’ve missed an opportunity because I haven’t had the right type of card to tell someone about my blog. I would LOVE some of these gorgeous cards to pass around town — I think I’d have to stop myself from giving them to every person I meet, they’re so cool!

  • I am constantly making indiv cards to attatch to handmade items, while very personalized, its not too practical, and these ones look so fabulous!

  • I ran into an art collector who was interested in my work. I didn’t have a card to hand out and ended up writing my info down on a napkin. They ended up buying a few pieces but I felt so silly handing over a scribbled napkin… what can I say, I’m a starving artist.

  • i have just recently launched a small design studio and i’ve been asked for my business card lately, but i have really taken a step back at producing my own cards at home because I can see where the quality is definitely lacking. it would be nice to have them done professionally!

  • Breaking into the creative world is tough! I am about to launch two different services involving videography and drawing. It is really important to me that people can easily access more information about the services. I haven’t had a situation yet but I can foresee how vital it will be that potential clients can easily reference my website or call me to chat. Oh the idea of having Rebecca design a card for me just makes me want to squeal!

  • Gosh, I can’t tell you how many times I wish I had business cards for my side photography business… I just don’t want to be one of those people who give out awful cards!

  • This article is so timely – I was going to go to an office supply today to see what choices were out there for printing cards. I have been unemployed for awhile now and keep busy working on my painting and design at home in between looking for jobs. I would love to have a beautiful simple card to hand out to people. I know I have kept and used great business cards that I have gotten even if I didn’t need them immediately and I hope someone would do this with mine also.

  • Great post! I wish I had a business card with me the day I went with my first bride to try on dresses at a bridal shop. The owner asked me if I would like to display my cards in her store. I did not have any, so I was not only embarrassed, but disappointed because I missed out on that great opportunity. ~Thesha, Wedding Director

  • I would love business cards on so many levels. I started my business as a side project and have been shocked by how it exploded. Knowing there is a need for what I do is really priceless. But in my scramble to get myself set up for running a real business, not just a side project, I have neglected many things, one of the biggest being business cards. So the last time I wanted a business card was this morning when I met with a client and she asked for one and I had nothing to hand out. Not very professional at all. So it is now at the very top of my to-do list. Thanks for showing me the cards don’t have to be boring but they can be beautiful!

  • After loyally working 20+ years for 2 departments in a University, I’ve decided it was time to expand my creative horizons. I’m currently seeking a new job as well as promoting my free-lance work. Since I’ve mainly done print — because I love paper and always will — your letterpress cards would be my dream business card! Winning it would be another push towards my new adventure. Thank you!

  • Those are amazing. Nicer than any I have ever seen! The card stock looks high quality which I think is really important.

  • What FANTASTIC ideas! thanks DS for posting. Would be an honor to carry these in my wallet.

  • Swoon! These examples are all so beautiful — I draw in public places a lot and people ask me for contact info all the time. I never have anything to give them! A letterpress card would be perfect! Plus, I’m a big letterpress head! ;)

  • I think an amazing yet simple business card is the key to standing out in the crowd [or pile of other business cards].
    I wish we had an awesome business card period, we are now almost out of our old ones and in need of fresh, beautiful, impressing cards. ASAP or else we won’t be impressing anybody anytime soon :)

  • After getting caught in a rainstorm last week, my entire bag was soaked, including my wallet. This weekend I met some people from Etsy and all I had to give them was a soggy card from my ruined wallet…I could definitely use some new cards to promote my business!

  • Starting a new business is a ton of work, and while I’ve designed my business cards, I’ve just been printing them as I need them on my ink jet, and sometimes running out before I get to it. I would LOVE to win these cards!

  • We call them visiting cards here in India where I run a voluntary organization for kids with special needs. I have a lovely card with our logo and I almost always have one on hand – you never know if the guy beside you on the train will be the next big donor.

    But those children jumping rope! That’s the sweetest little card I’ve ever seen. Long may you endure. Lovely, elegant work, with a beautiful heart shining right through every pressed letter.

  • Lovely article, and the card images used to illustrate it are so charming!

    After 6 years, I’m in the process of revamping my sustainable interior design business, in order to focus more on teaching, speaking, writing, and consulting – so I am going to need to convey this new direction with new business cards. Especially since I’m already doing the dreaded “crossing out” of information on my current ones! Simple, beautiful letterpress cards are definitely the way I want to go.

  • I would love to win some beautiful cards! Instead of doing full-time, I’m doing part time to allow myself to pursue makeup artistry. I am a registered nurse. Makeup art is what I love to do! It’s such a creative outlet for me that my fiancé says my face lights up when someone asks me about it. I get stopped on the street about my makeup and never had cards to hand out. I’m in the process of making my website right now. Some beautiful cards would complete the venture!

  • I’ve been meaning to have business cards made for my blog for some time now. I’m always the blogger at meetups who never has a card on hand so I need to remedy that!

  • Last year I started making my own jewelry, and one day I was sitting in Starbucks making a pair of earrings. A woman asks me what I’m making, and as I’m describing it to her and she is seeming more and more interested, I thought “I seriously need some business cards.” This woman definitely would have ordered something if I could give her my information in a professional way, but instead I wrote my etsy account on a piece of scrap paper, and who knows if she ever even looked at it. If I had some beautiful/creative cards such as these, I could include my etsy shop, blogs, phone numbers, etc. and it would be another tool to get my name out there.

  • I have used Moo cards for my business cards, and although they are cute, I have always wanted “real” letterpress business cards. I am currently on deadline for my first book, and what a great gift it would be to have professional business cards to hand out at the launch!

  • I recently moved and ran out of cards at the same time. Because my address was in flux, I decided to handmake cards and use a rubber stamp with the basic info (website, phone number etc.). They have the tactile quality that I like, but I am a professional landscape architect and some people give a funny look at the’ temporary’ feeling they make. I’d love to have professionally made cards that feel ‘real’ while still conveying my creative skills.

  • I met a writer at one of my favorite magazines last week, and I would have LOVED to have had a card to give to her (also a website, but that’s the next step!)

  • I am terrible (repeat: terrible) at promoting my own photography. And in the last year getting married, relocating, and now having a baby any day, it’s been difficult to drum up work. Especially since I rely too much on word of mouth. After a year I’ve finally gotten some bites after doing some favor work for friends but of course didn’t have cards or a very current website. Things are going to be harder than ever with another move and a baby but I’m determined to get it right this time and get myself out there. This post has given me some ideas and lite a fire under me. So now to get new cards and update the site!

  • I use a bulk amount for my main business, but sometimes I want something just a tad fancier for special clients & local galleries who I’ll be in contact with a lot. Business cards are infinitely useful.

  • Wow, what a great giveaway. I remember visiting the Moontree ladies when I was an intern in Dumbo back in the day. Beautiful work!

    I’m blogging and doing photography right now and would love some cards to give out to potential readers/clients. Theses cards are pressed in such an elegant way that I know it would send the right message. Thanks!

  • Rebecca and Breck, I am a huge fan of your work. Thanks for this great post. I am a Senior graphic design student at Texas Tech and I am getting ready for the “real world” – yikes! I finished my portfolio website last night and would love some awesome business cards for interviews. Happy Monday :)

  • I’m a graphic designer and much like the shoemakers children are often without shoes I am without cards at the moment.

  • *letterpress* sigh, be still my heart…so lovely!

    I just (as in last week) gave notice at my desk job to leave and pursue freelance work full time (photo styling and event design) I currently shoot and blog on the side, but i’m learning that i’ll need a whole new identity to incorporate these ‘new’ elements! i end up chatting with a friend-of-a-freind-of-a-friend quite often here or there and I wish i had a saavy business card to hand out so they remember to check back in with me when they need the services that i can provide :)

  • i’ve used moo cards because they’re cheap but would love to have something better for buyers/clients etc.

  • I was just at a market on Saturday and handed out my card, but some of my info has changed and I had to write it on the back. Eek! I need new cards and would love to win! Thanks!

  • I am a wedding photographer, and am constantly handing out my cards! I ran out in the middle of an event recently, and of course I was asked for my information constantly for the rest of the night. Wish I’d had more! Not to mention, I’ve been designing them myself for so long…it would be a dream come true to have some elegant, letterpressed cards to show off!

  • i would love these letterpress cards one because they are just stunning and two i think they are memorable and would peck someone interest after i met them.

  • Just the other day I wished I had business cards – I was at another business and thought they could use monogramming/embroidery. Thanks for the chance!

  • Gah! I need business cards desperately! I am moving to Haiti in November to video-interview NGOs about their strategies and challenges to share on my new blog. As you can imagine, this is all networking and connecting people. Plus, I’m moving in with my boyfriend who has been there since February so I fear I will be known as “Eric’s girlfriend-whatshername.” I need to make them do a double take when I hand people my card.

    Pick me, pick me!!

    But thanks for the lightbulb moment, either way!

  • The style and design of all the cards is unique and eye catching. I’m recently married and have been in the process of trying to design a new card for myself, with my married name, since January. Its so hard to come up with something that represents who are are (film maker), gets your information out there (easy to contact, but still interesting), and looks professional (not only do I know what I’m doing, I’m also an artist!) A business card is like a signature – it should be unique and represent who you ARE. Of course, 250 new business cards would be AMAZING (letterpress takes it to a whole new level, yes?) Thank you for the comments on design; dos/don’ts. I’ve been thinking about many of these exact issues as I design.

  • Haha, I work from home so much that on those rare occasions when I get out, I’m forever meeting people who want to learn more about what I do! I loooove Brooklyn Social Cards. Thanks!

  • Lovely cards! I feel like I have become a paper junkie after my wedding (where I discovered letterpress invites for the first time) and now I pick up cards at craft shows and such and always feel the paper, going “oh, that’s a good weight”.

    I am turning into my mother, who thinks that the cardstock choice conveys how much you care about what is printed on it. Flimsy paper, lightweight invite/business.

    So besides satisfying my mom, I would love to have cards for my new business – handmade wedding accessories – that reflect the personal touch that I put into everything I make.

    The most recent time I wish I had a good card was in at a friend’s wedding reception (I made her bouquet, corsages and such) and someone asked for my details after seeing the pieces. I had to use a tacky “free” card that I designed before I moved to NYC 7 years ago (random shoe logo included, when I thought I was going to be Carrie Bradshaw). The fact that I still had some left meant that I was embarrassed to give them out! Save me from using those again.

  • I have long daydreamed about having letterpress business cards because they are always, well, gorgeous. The look and feel of cards from a press just can’t be faked… yet I never seem to dedicate enough resources to having something like that for myself. Things like self-promotion are always the first thing that falls by the wayside when I check my bank balance, so I’ve never splurged on something like beautiful business cards of my own.

    The gift of these cards would be like a dream come true in a completely non-melodramatic way.

  • What a great article! I have never had business cards and would really like to get some made. I guess you don’t have to a business to have business cards. As professionals we could all use a little card to leave behind as a point of contact.

  • Every time I see beautiful letterpress like this, it makes me seriously consider getting an MA in printmaking (something I consider all the time anyway). Beautifully done, with such a nice use of whitespace.

    I’ve been recently laid off, and starting my own etsy store as well as a consulting business- aka I’m building a brand! I’d love to have some polished cards that are memorable and make me stand out in the field. You have so many great people to choose from- good luck!

  • Gorgeous cards! I have several side hobbies and frequently when I bake for people/parties I get asked for my information. I would love to have beautiful cards on hand to give out! Thanks!

  • I am living in Dublin, Ireland at the moment where we are in throes of or about to emerge (so we are told) from a recession. I re-trained in medi and journalism and have started freelancing as a copywriter. Writing is what I always wanted to do so I am seizing the opportunity of this current climate to launch myself into it. No excuses!

    I am renting a small office part time in a media centre which actively encourage interacting with other companies. As far as I know I am the only copywriter in the building and how I wish I had some cards when I first moved in!

    My website is in the early stages and if I had some well designed, evocative business cards to hand out it would be an amazing start! I need to get my name and brand out there to as many people as I can.

  • I was chased down in a grocery store because a lady thought she knew me. Then she proceeded to say ‘oh man, you two look so much alike…but now that I look closer [other girl’s name] is much thinner.’ HA!

    She wanted to know if I had a business card so that she could contact me to
    1. get some coffee sometime
    2. have me sneak into her work to pretend i was this other lady
    3. possibly design her a website

    Even though I wasn’t sure if I *wanted* to give my business card away at the time, it didn’t matter because I didn’t have one. So she asked for my phone # instead.

    I’ve always something/anything letterpress. Now that I’m going out on my own…a business card wouldn’t be a bad idea!

  • Hi! I’m starting a new business and would love letterpress business cards – what a great way to represent a creative business with such beautiful cards. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a biz card that could be inserted into your iphone and all the info ending up in the address book…?

    In the meantime, I’d like a clean, professional card that the recipient will never want to throw away, even when they stop liking me.

  • This is such a great post. The tips are fantastic and it’s a good reminder to quit talking about it and just get the business cards done. :)

    I would’ve loved to have a lovely business card to include in an art project I shipped recently.

  • I remember meeting another vendor who happened to be a public relations expert at my very first street fair in Los Angeles back in May. She and I totally hit it off and she was really interested in helping me get some press for my candles. She wanted to exchange cards and when I didn’t have one, she chided “Your card is your name, and not having one is like walking into a room and introducing yourself as “No Name”. No business cards usually means no business.” To date, never has such a simple statement rang true. No way I’d miss an opportunity because I didn’t have cards again-I ordered some as soon as I got home. I’ve recently gotten married though, and really could use some with my new name.

  • You never know who you might be speaking to and what connections he or she may have, so I would love pretty cards for occasions big and small. I am far too shy when it comes to promoting my wee creations, and a set of lovely cards would certainly help.

  • I’m trying to build up my base of freelance copy editing work…and beautiful business cards would REALLY help. Like that time I was ended up at that dinner party with a magazine editor…and I had nothin’.

  • I work non-profit in mentoring college students. I’m constantly meeting new people and needing a card to give away. One of my besties gave me some for my birthday – it was a perfect gift! But now I’m almost out and need some more!

  • I adore this post. I would love to win these cards because for once I want to be the person who hands out their business card and has people exclaim, “Wow! What great cards. Where did you get them?” I have a “thing” for paper products and my current cards aren’t a true expression of who I am and what I offer the world as a female business owner.

  • Wow. This post could not come at a better time. I am actually working on my business cards now but cannot decide what design I want.
    I am starting a new business and have been in soooooo many situations in the past couple weeks where I wished I had my business cards complete. Winning these would just put the icing on the cake!

  • I just moved to a new city and have am freelance blogging and have started my own blog. Every week I go to a networking happy hour called “Drinking Liberally” and meet all kinds of wonderful people. Every week I wish I had business cards because I know that people I meet would be great contacts to have.

  • I’m at a crossroad, just got laid off from my day job and taking this opportunity to meet new challenges as a free-lancer. I recently crossed path with the director of a label I really like and introduced myself as I was leaving I realised I had no business card to give him, so no potential reference whatsoever, just my phone number and address scribbled on a piece of paper… lame!
    I would love to have an embossed one… totally love it…

  • Hi! Your cards are absolutely delicious. I’d love to have one of your business cards to hand out when I find myself unexpectedly in a conversation about yoga (I’m a yoga instructor), like at a wine tasting. I’ve procrastinated on business cards because I want ones that stand out, and I’ve lost at least five opportunities to market private sessions in the last month as a result. :(

  • I recently republished my book, Point Well Taken, which was a huge seller before I had kids. Now, with 3 kids, I don’t have time to go to the big sewing markets and self-promote as I did in the past. I had made a flyer to email and mail out to shops, and I was honestly surprised that in 2010 store owners were asking me for a Business card. Guess I really do need these! With kids, keeping up with Facebook and Twitter promotions, and trying to self promote in other ways, I don’t have time to think about getting new ones printed, much less, what they’d look like. There’s so much to do!

  • I just launched a new jewelry line & while testing/wearing one of the pieces a few weeks back, a lady complimented me on the necklace I was wearing and I so wish I had some biz cards! Unfortunately mine just ran out & I’m in dire need of some new (and awesome) ones!

  • I needed a unique business card to stick in with my finished products (commissioned funky children’s portraits) I did for a few mamas. All I could do was cutely sign the canvases, mention my desire for more work and “Oh, come visit my blog”–then kick myself for not already having a card designed and in their hands!
    Love your work–and would be happy to advertise for you by flashing my cute cards around! ;)

  • I have had numerous experiences when I wished I had a card for my blog. I write a blog about infusing kindness into public service/workplace and the importance of embracing a compassionate, kind and generous life. That said…I want a card that reveals my quirky sense of humor. right now I have Moo cards that say things like : be kind…but…I don’t hand them out very often because I just don’t feel connected to them. But, I meet people almost everyday that I could pass my card to…and I should pass them out more.

  • I guess I’ll throw my hat in the ring for the business cards as well.

    I was living in NYC and designed a card with my name and contact info on one side and a one sentence on the other — I get stuff done. PERIOD.

    Of course, I think this could only work in New York and now that I live in Seattle, I need something that’s a little classier and still conveys the fact that I’m the Get It Done Diva!

    I was at a Start-up networking event the other day and was chatting with these two women that were PRIMO potential clients and possible partners of some kind. Of course, I haven’t had cards made because I’m still figuring out how to market to Seattle when these ladies say, “we really just want someone… I don’t know… that just…GETS IT DONE. PERIOD.”

    I nearly fainted! I wish I had had the guts to just stick to my guns, have an extra set of my old cards made and do what I do best! LOL

    So here I am… I love the design of these cards and I’d really enjoy having cards that are lovely and still sell the point.


  • What gorgeous biz cards! Simple yet impactful. I’m a blogger/ designer and would love a set of business cards to spread the DESIGN word to the world!

  • Love the work – very creative.

    I was photographing a friend’s child’s first birthday when the Grandma came up to me and asked for two of my cards to pass along to two other mothers at the party. To my shame, I pulled out old cards, crossed out the outdated info, flipped the card over and wrote my new info. Ouch! …and I wonder why I haven’t heard from either of them.

  • My husband keeps bothering me to get business cards and after reading some of these comments I can see why.

    As for me, most of what I blog about involves taking pictures. I always ask permission, if I’m at an antique market say, before taking a photo, and I explain that it’s for my blog. More than once I’ve been asked for a card so that the person can check out my blog and I DON’T HAVE ONE TO GIVE THEM. Shame on me. And more than once my request to take a photo has been turned down because I don’t have a card. Whoops!

    Thank you for the great suggestions.


  • I am a graphic designer at a small design business in Massachusetts, but I do work for friends and other acquaintances on the side (mostly for something different to put in my portfolio). I would love to have a card for personal use for situations outside of work.

  • i can’t even tell you how many times i’ve missed the chance to send new readers to my blog by not having business cards! it’s been on my to-do list forever but i still haven’t managed to figure that one out — had i a lovely set of cards, i’d probably pass them out to everyone i met on a daily basis to show off my fanciness!

  • I’m a freelance reporter. Recently, after answering a series of my questions, one of my sources asked, “So is this some sort of school project or something?” Perhaps a nice business card (and maybe a more put-together look) would have given me some more clout and saved me the embarrassment.

  • A beautiful letterpress business card will make people think warmly of my design work. To hold such beautiful paper in your hand and feel the love and care of the printed text reflects the love and care I put into the work I hope to do for them. There is no substitution in this digital age.

  • I get asked all of the time what I do and when people find out that I’m an artist they ALWAYS ask me if I have a website. These cards are beautiful and I would love to have some!

  • I travel a lot for volunteer work in the summer. I am always meeting new and interesting people. It would be great to have an opportunity to share information for easy contact with the people I meet to build connections. As a teacher, I do not currently have a business card :(

  • I am starting up a software company and don’t have business cards yet. Yours are lovely, and I would love to have them when I meet with new potential clients!

  • One day I was standing in line at my favorite coffee shop and I was talking to one of the numerous baristas I know about a project I was doing in which I was designing interpretative panels for display at a Girl Scout Camp. Everyone in the line heard me talking about the project and as I walked away with my 12oz coconut americano with cream it was like a tidal wave of people accosting me for my information! Unfortunately, I am a poor recently out of college student who can’t afford business cards even if my life depended on it.

    So please, emblazon that humanitarian streak and help me become a less poor recently out of college student.

    PS- The actual reason I deserve some business cards is because I am a badass :)

  • Wish I’d had a business card on me all those times when someone stopped me to ask where they could find the fabulous necklace I was wearing.

  • I am a yoga instructor and just about to make the leap to teaching yoga full time. Business cards are a must have for an independent contractor!

  • I have been thinking for weeks about getting business cards. This post is just the push that I needed to get “convinced”.

    The cards are beautifully made. There’s a certain earthy and thoughtful aspect of letterpress that is really difficult to achieve with regular printing.

  • I NEED business cards!! I currently volunteer for an organization (through Americorps), and so my budget is super tight. While I’m spending my time volunteering, i’m trying to start my own business as a doula in an area where most people have never heard of a doula and look at me like a weirdo. I often get the opportunity to talk about what I do, and why it’s important, and why every woman should have a doula, but then when the conversation is over I have no “here, let me give you my business card” so that we can follow-up, I could so, so use the buisness cards not only to get my feet off the ground (and into people’s back pocket) but to help my community become more informed about birth and how it affects their families.

  • Would love to have some stylish cards for my husband’s production company! We just moved from Brooklyn to Philly and are always looking to build contacts. Thanks for the offer!

  • Because I fell into my career in creative marketing/promotions, I feel like I haven’t had the time to sit down and actually build my business. My projects take up the time I would have designated to my own marketing (a little ironic). Every time there is a break in work, I regret not taking the time to print beautiful business cards. I would be extremely grateful for this little boost!

  • I have really beautiful letter pressed cards for my business and can tell you that they make a HUGE impact when I hand them out. I always hear how beautiful my cards are and have had several shop owners tell me “I’ve had your card up in my office…”
    It is a really important first impression and one that you should not be afraid to spend a little bit of money on.

  • I’ve been out shopping for pieces to makeover for my new apartment that I”ll share the final photos of on my blog (www.trimmedandtaylored.blogspot.com) and I’ve had other shoppers ask me about my plans! I wish I could do more than just mention the name of my site. It would be great to have something to hand them!


  • My 11-year-old son made me a birthday card today with “To Momy” on the front. My 7-year-old son made me a birthday card today with “To Mamy” on the front. I was thrilled…

    But….if I had beautiful letterpress business cards, I could have my title of Mommy spelled correctly on them, though my boys know I’ll come running no matter how they spell my name! And what a birthday gift these cards would be for this freelance writer! All the best…

  • I think business cards are a quick and easy way to promote your project, brand, company whatever, in an inexpensive way.
    I recently started a lifestyle blog. I ran into this woman on the train a few weeks ago who I thought would be great for a profile on the natural hair care and beauty section of my site. Her hair was beyond amazing and healthy! It’s hard to pitch someone about a profile you’ like to do on them on a 5 minute train ride (I was only on for 2 stops). Had I had a professional card I could have told her my idea and asked her to log and give me a call if she was interested. Instead I asked my friend to give her my URL and number on a sheet of paper. Obviously, I never from her. I probably would not have called either but I know that situation would have turned out differently had I had a great card!!!

  • I can tell you I got so, so tired of writing my phone number and email out when I was looking for work right after graduation. I now have a job, but I still don’t have business cards. If I ever decide to do any work on the side, or even just give my contact info to all the new people I’m meeting in my new job, it would be AWESOME to have some business cards. Or calling cards, if you rather, since I wouldn’t be using them solely for business.

    I can just see them now, ironically monospaced type advertising my role as a computer engineer/programmer.

  • As a massage therapist and avid people watcher, I always wish I had business cards with me to hand out to people who I notice have terrible posture, or just need to relax. My creative side of me won’t let me buy the “run of the mill” business cards, but my budget doesn’t allow me to invest in the kind of cards I want.

  • while i was travelling in new york last month, a woman in a bookstore asked me about the bag i was carrying – and where she could buy one! i made the bag myself – and am would love to sell them (to folks other than local friends). i was sad that i didnt have a professional card to hand her – and the opportunity to sell her one of my handmade bags.

    the Brooklyn Social Cards are stunning – and would help me promote my equally fabulous creations!

    thanks for the opportunity!

  • i am currently a health professional but ITCHING to jump ship and do something creative…perhaps even start my own business. I’d love a new set of business cards to help push me in that direction. :)

  • gorgeous cards! i just launched an event design business (link above) and my current cards (made for job hunting!) don’t have all the pertinent information. i’d love to have some seriously creative + cute cards to hand around town to promote my new venture.

  • I’ve started job searching recently and attended many networking events. It would be VERY helpful to be able to provide my new contacts with my card, instead of having it being a one-way exchange. In addition, Brooklyn Social Cards have the right type of quality that I’d want to emphasize with the “me” brand.

  • I’m just on the brink of getting my website and blog up and running for my style studio. Brooklyn Social Cards is just the unique, quirky look I’m going for. They’d be perfect to launch myself onto the style scene. They’re so different from anything anyone has seen here in New Zealand!

  • I love simple sophistication, and that is exactly what these cards deliver! They look great by getting to the point. As a blogger I am constantly talking about my blog but with a name unique to its cause it is not always easy to remember. A business card would be great to have handy. My information is right there and the overall tone of my site would be conveyed from the get go. It is the ultimate first impression. This would greatly help with my current problem of underexposure.

  • These tips from Rebecca were wonderfully helpful – thank you! I’m starting over after being laid off from an advertising agency and would love gorgeous new cards to start off on the right foot! Having worked in the print industry and having seen numerous cards and collateral over the years, I truly appreciate a gorgeous letterpress b/c! Fingers crossed and thanks for the chance!…

  • Fabulous! I am a student and a stay at home mom. On top of it all I am starting an online shop for some of my handmade goods. I meet people all over the place and just realized that even though I don’t work in an office environment, I am still in need of a great calling card! I love the point that it should reflect who you are and what you do… and I can see how a great card can result in more contacts, well, contacting!

  • Love what you had to say about not being afraid to leave things OFF. I’ve just launched a blog (Momsicle), and I’m going to start building a freelance editing base soon. With so many email/webpage/social-networking accounts, I wasn’t sure WHAT to put on a card. Thank you for the advice and the visual candy!

  • I would have loved to have business cards when I went to Fashion week. I met so many bloggers and important people, and the best I could do was scribble my blog’s name on a piece of paper, while I accepted their streamlined, beautiful cards.

  • Your cards are beautiful!

    I’ve recently started an organizing and editing company. Since I live in a moderately small town, I’m constantly running into people I know as well as potential clients. I was at lunch with a client when a friend of his walked up. When my client introduced me, the friend said, “I’ve been wanting to meet you – I have a possible project.” I had to write down my information on paper from a Hello Kitty pad tossed in my bag. Fast forward five days. I run into my client’s friend *again* at a party, where I had to repeat the Hello Kitty info exchange, as she had lost the previous paper. When we finally met, she referred to me twice as the Hello Kitty girl. Not cool. If nothing else, I need these cards to get my name back!

  • I’m about to launch my site, I’m upping my search for freelance design work, and have been cruising the networking scene. Personalized business cards would be a treat.

    I wish I had some last week at the Social Media Breakfast as well as this weekend as I was talking to a potential client and all I had in my pocket was chapstick!

  • There’s been a few times I’ve been at trade shows for my day job, where I’ve made a contact that might be good for my freelance/night job. I don’t have any business cards for my night job, so being lucky enough to win some would be excellent.

  • i have run into people several times and when they find out i do photography on the side, they always ask for a card and i never seem to have one on me. i would love to be able to give potential clients a beautiful letterpress card. they are so classy.

  • Living in LA you pretty much ALWAYS are wishing you had a business card…but one time I really wish I did was when I got into a conversation with the man standing in front of me waiting to go into a movie screening. He was just starting up a web series and was looking for CGI / animation staff, and I was (am!) and unemployed artist. He asked for my card and, not having one, I ended up ripping off a piece of paper from my sketchbook and writing my name and e-mail on it. As you can imagine, I never heard from him. I would love to have some gorgeous cards like these to help me network a little more professionally!

  • Have had BSC on my radar for over a year now – have wanted to get some cards from them. I currently have business cards that I made/designed myself…they are cute….but NOT all the same size! I play it off as artsy…but would love to hand out some beeeautiful perfectly cut and same sized professional biz cards as I start growing my photography business.

  • Thank you for mentioning that it’s ok to leave off certain information. That’s one thing (as a designer) I have a hard time convincing others to do. We’re currently working on our new system and your work is an inspiration!

  • I’d so much love to win cards! I ordered some quickly when I switched from full-time work to consulting and while I don’t apologize each time I hand one out, I cringe a bit internally.

  • I would love to have business cards as I emerge from the student world into the professional world.

  • I am a photographer and I never have cards around when I need them. For some reason they always get left out of my purse when I’m off gallivanting around.

  • I would LOVE to win a set of business cards. I designed some earlier this year, but the printing didn’t catch a subtle background detail. Rather than continue to apologize for the look of my cards, I’ve had to retire them. I was recently at a meet-up with other bloggers, and I wished I had a set the entire time!

  • I can’t think of a time when I HAVEN’T needed a business card…especially a business card as extraordinary as these! I love every single design on the website. And I REALLY hope I win!!!

  • When a guy asked for my card, and I said I didn’t have one, he graciously said, “There’s something to be said for being under the radar.” Nicely put. Let’s just say I am trying really hard these days to be ON the radar. Business cards would help.

  • I was at an art opening and a gentleman came up and liked the necklace I was wearing, which I had made, and instead of handing over a well-designed business card, I ripped out a piece of paper from my agenda, wrote all my information on it. He never rang!! Now I am a recent grad and need to put my big girl shoes on and really start my business, so business cards would be crucial!!

  • Hi there!! I am a mother, cook, wife, housekeeper, part time insurance broker & freelance knitter! It has happened on several occasions where I’ve sat knitting in a cafe & I’ve been approached by strangers admiring my work! If only I had a business card! Cheerio, Jackie (across the pond in Ireland)

  • I once repped paper lines including a very special letterpress card line…The samples had arrived on my birthday back in the year 2001 and i sat on the floor oohing and aahhing over the samples all afternoon thus beginning my love for letterpress.
    I just adore the heavy cardstock and the impressions left for the recipient to FEEL THE DIFFERENCE…your sweet designs would make me the happiest girl and come at the perfect time.

  • After taking a flower class a year ago, from the lovely Sarah at Saipua, I decided to bring the magic to Austin, TX and have just started a floral business here. Had the perfect name picked out until I found out *gasp* it was taken. Today, I was delivering flowers to someone, and a woman in the elevator commented on how much she loved them. Without a biz card all I could do was shrug my shoulders and sheepishly say, “Hey, thanks.” With a biz card, I could have turned that compliment into some coin. Please pick me so I can have some on hand until I get my new name/brand launched properly!

  • I’ve been on the hunt (or rather, wishing desperately) for new business cards. this article was the proper pep talk in pushing that hunt further. thank you!

  • I’m a private tutor and I always meet parents and have no cards to give them. I’d love to get some cards that combine playfulness and professionalism.

  • I’m currently in my senior year of college — It would be incredibly helpful to have impressive business cards in my job search! I’m in marketing/photography, so a plain-looking, ordinary business card doesn’t really seem appropriate..

  • I would love to win! I’ve been thinking about what kind of business cards for my new blog! It’d be great to be able to hand them out instead of having to jot down the URL on the back of a napkin!


  • I got a last minute invite to a networking event – it was kinda like speed-dating, but with slightly bored professionals who basically checked-out as soon as they found out I didn’t have a card. What’s the point in going to a networking event when you can’t network…? I really could have used a card that day…..

  • My husband and I are newlyweds and have recently started a wedding photo & video business together! We’ve been so lucky and have already had a few jobs together- he shoots video and i snap the pictures. We both know that being seen on the job at an event is the best form of advertising, and it was so embarrassing to have wedding guests approach us about their upcoming wedding while we have no business cards to give them! What an easy way to loose a potential job! We both love designing and wish we had the time and resources to print our own cards, but we’re just too darned busy. We have a few weddings lined up over the winter and would *love* to have nice, professional cards to give out that reflect our services and love for the arts.

  • There have been many times I wished I had cards — and I work as an editor at a newspaper. Now that I’m going to start some freelance writing and I started a blog, I’d like to have cards to hand out at networking events and just to trade with other professionals I come in contact with.

  • i went to blogher this year and had no idea that everyone would bring piles of business cards… i ended up making my own out of torn up pieces of notebook paper. i would have LOVED business cards as beautiful as these to represent myself and my blog. oh, i hope i win! :)

  • Wow…I am all over your “do not do” list! Lol, I designed my cards online …some crazy $12 for 500 cards deal…which would have been great, but when they arrived, the computer that took my order decided to print my horizontal cards vertically- cutting off my phone number! So I have 500 useless cards that I’ve written my phone number on, and sometimes (apologetically) hand them out….not exactly good for business :S I’m a piano teacher, so I’d love to have a funky card I could hand out with confidence!


  • Twice this year I have donated an item that I made for a charity auction. Both times, people have asked where they can buy something similar and both times (aargh!) I have not had anything to give them other than a scap of paper with my phone number scribbled on the bottom. I would really enjoy having a beautiful card that puts my business in the best light!

  • I’d love to win the chance to make letterpress business cards. It wasn’t that there were times I wish I had cards to hand out, but times I dreaded how ugly my cards are. Having beautiful cards definitely helps giving a great impression and to stand out from the pack of all the boring cards out there.

  • Well one would think that because I’m in the design field I would be able to create a decent business card, but the reality is, my lame attempt at graphic design makes me realize that I need a professional help. I’m an architect, and I love to hand out business cards, (you never know where your next commission might come from), but when it comes to graphic design, that’s another story. So please, help!

  • I recently met one of our mayoral candidates. I suggested that when he wins, he hire me as his personal assistant. I had to give him my card provided by my current employer. Uncouth.

  • Gorgeous business cards! I am just about to finish up grad school and they would be perfect!

  • Would have liked to have a business card when I was asked about the cards I make. I was not carrying any at that time. I have since made on on the computer but would like to tweek it.

  • I’m not kidding, I was finishing up my design for my business card this morning when I read this post.

    After many years of planning, I’ve taken the plunge and started my own business. This would be the perfect opportunity for me :)

  • i wish i had had a lovely business card to hand out when travelling and meeting people from all walks of life, from a myriad of countries. instead scraps of tickets with scribbled email addresses had to do.

  • I must say that these cards are short and sweet and pretty great advertisements! I currently work as a designer for an architectural company and have our companies standard (boring) card. I would love to have a separate set of cards to advertise myself for solo projects in the illustration and architectural design realm. Something whimsical and smart, would be super awesome to help show what I can help people with.

  • I’m a new college grad, and I’m quickly learning how important it is to express yourself (especially as a shy girl!) while job searching. I’d love to have my own gorgeous business cards to show off my personality and confidence to potential employers!

  • A couple months ago I was at the Lady Gaga concert in Tacoma, front row. All of a sudden a man in a blue plaid shirt and old man glasses walked by holding camera. Before I knew it the words “Terry Richardson” escaped my mouth and sure enough, Terry Richardson turned around.

    As a recent fashion design graduate in the midst of a famous fashion photographer, I couldn’t believe I didn’t have a business card with me!

    Please prevent this from happening again, thank you.

  • Beautiful work. I’m an art director and designer and I would love to hand over a business card and have it go something like this…

  • I am expanding my fashion/home decor business to include three other women as an inspired collective of our individual talents. We all agree letterpress business cards would be just “the ticket” for our shared vision. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • I have a lot of jobs, interests, etc, that I need biz cards for. I’m a flutist, a dancer, a yoga instructor, and I’m soon going to start selling some of my handsewn goods. And, even with all that, I am broke. SO, in short….I always am in need of business cards!

  • I would love to get some business cards. I recently launched a little vintage store online and people are always interested in what I do-handing a business card would really help in those situations! {Lovely letterpress!}

  • I wish I’d had business cards at the Rue Magazine launch party and the blogger-filled taping of The Nate Berkus show two weeks ago. I met so many wonderful people and had lovely conversations with many of them but there was no way all of them will remember to check out my blog since I didn’t have my link on a business card to hand out to everyone! Next time :) Thank you for all the helpful dos and don’ts!

  • ummm, i would have loved to have had a card on hand every time i was asked for one! i guess my homemade ones don’t feel legit so i always forget to bring them with me but these cards are so beautifully made that i may just have to wear one on my forehead!

  • These are gorgeous cards! I just started law school and recently attended a networking event where I really wished I had business cards on hand, especially since I’m constantly on the lookout for internship and job opportunities. These would be wonderful – they’re unique, professional, and would be an absolutely perfect asset for starting a new professional career.

  • My mom and I are just starting a blog together. I’m also starting an Etsy shop! Our whole business (Etsy, blog, etc) is all going to tie together and we need to get the word out! :)

  • hello! i recently made the move from full time attorney to start my own floral and event design business. i love letterpress and would love these beautiful cards.

  • These would be so helpful! Thanks for the chance to win. We recently moved and I would actually use them like calling cards when we meet new people/neighbors so we can make some friends.

  • Thanks for your helpful tips!

    I definitely understand the need for business cards! During the spring I spent a few weekends selling my hand-painted greeting cards at a local farmer’s market. It was great getting positive feedback from people, even if they didn’t actually need anything at the time… but it would have been even better if I’d had a business card to hand them– and nudge them to check out my etsy shop when they were in need of cards. Oh well, next time I’ll be more on top of things!

  • I recently opened my own Etsy shop and it would be super helpful to have these at craft fairs and hand to people when I’m talking about it with website details, etc.

    This article was great! It’s so true that business cards are more than just contact information, it’s an extension of your brand. And I love letterpress!

  • I recently rode Amtrak from Flagstaff to Chicago to attend a conference. On the train I was seated next to a great guy and we talked, laughed and ate dinner together. He got off the train at a stop before mine, I was too shy to ask for his contact info. If only I had a classy letterpress calling card to hand him. Could he have been “the one” and I let him get away?

  • I recently rode Amtrak from Flagstaff to Chicago to attend a conference. On the train I was seated next to a great guy and we talked, laughed and ate dinner together. He got off the train at a stop before mine, I was too shy to ask for his contact info. If only I had a classy letterpress calling card to slip into his pocket as he got off. Could he have been “the one” and I let him get away?

  • I just (as in, today) launched my new website, logo and brand. I’ve been humming and hawing over business cards for over 2 years!! I know, what’s my problem?! I find it much easier to design for others, but when it comes time to commit to a design for myself I get all squirrely.

    I was at a craft fair this past weekend, and of course, sans biz cards.

    I would love a set of letterpress business cards because I know that they would be beautiful, make a statement and I would be so proud handing them out.


  • I would love a set of business cards! This is so funny…I spent the better part of last week working on my own to no avail. I, like many people posting here, am a blogger looking to promote my goings ons.

    But these cards would not only benefit me, oh no! They would benefit the embarrassing number of people who have a difficult time spelling “twelve”. Yes, twelve the natural number. Not even “twelfth” the cardinal number. My blog title has “twelve” in it, and it’s bad out there, folks. Bad. Help!

  • Many times when I go out with the hubby – I usually switch from my “everyday bag” to “evening bag” …only to realize later that my biz cards are in the other bag (doh!). Of course, these are the times when I need them most!

    Although…winning fabulously chic letterpress biz cards would be wonderful …and I’ll be sure to stash a few biz cards in each bag for emergencies! :-)


  • I so love the quality of letterpress, and you can see that in the photos you provided – they are truly beautiful. You can see the softness of the paper and the impression of the printing! Fabulous!

    I have a business and am always struggling with the amount of information to put on the card versus having a striking design. I want the information to be useful, but also to capture the recipient’s attention and imagination… I’d love to have some cards like that.

  • Yay letterpress! Love Sesame Letterpress (by sister’s wedding announcements were printed by them… I gush over them daily as I have one on my fridge).

    These cards would put me over the top when pitching my biz!

  • I have a small business that I started just before my first child was born. 7 years later, I still haven’t made a single change to my website and my now 3 kids (!) found my business cards and labels and did a fun “project” with them. Hence, I’m scavenging through my workshop and rummaging through my purses for whatever crinkly old ones I might find. Heaven forbid I pass out a business card with purse lint and a crusty old raisin stuck to it!

  • A business card is like the most delectable of fishing lures. Except the fish are awesome people you might work with/for.

    I live in Beijing, China and not a lot of people speak English here. Exploring a new gallery district called the Liquor Factory, I came upon a small illustration gallery/shop. The owner was there, and spoke nearly perfect English; I told him I was interested in possibly exhibiting, or even simply being involved in his business and his first question was, “you have a business card? a website?” I had the latter, but a card was, alas, nowhere in sight. Scrawling down “www.artswan.com” in my messy handwriting on the back of a Korean BBQ menu is hardly the choice of a professional creative. Anyway, you get my drift–I need nice cards!
    Thanks for the post,

  • I’ve been doing freelance design for several years and still haven’t done a business card for myself! It’s a task that’s way past deadline, don’t you think?

  • Just two days ago I quit my corporate job to go out on my own as a contract accountant. The first time I talked to a potential client about my new venture, all I had to give him was my old business card from the job I just quit. He looked at me skeptically, and I wished more than anything that I’d had my cards printed before I had even quit!

    I want to do accounting for the creative folks out there, so I need my cards to be both traditional and artistic. Letterpress would be oh-so-perfect!

  • I’m a photographer who recently quit her full time job with bennies to move West and stay home with my baby. Not long ago I was having dinner with a friend and his clients, I was chatting them up about my freelance photo aspirations when my friend’s client asked me for my business card. I had nothing to offer, her and I haven’t heard from her since. I felt so lame. Having a business card makes you legit. Who knows how much business I lost that night.

  • What gorgeous card examples!

    I would LOVE to win! :) I’m planning on having my logo redone here soon, so, I’ll be needing to get new cards! :)

  • I would love some business cards. Despite running a small one person studio (me!) for the last two years, I still haven’t gotten around to making myself a card! Between a full-time job and my studio projects, I’ve neglected probably the most important aspect of running a business. I would love the opportunity to work with Brooklyn Social Cards to create something special, and avoid any future missed opportunities.

  • There’s no classier way to exchange contact information with someone than a good “old-fashioned” business card, and I can’t quite seem to ever have one at the right time–partly because I’ve never had one I loved. Instead, I’ve embarrassingly written names and numbers on scraps of paper or napkins. Not the definition of professional or organized.

  • Letterpress is Lovely!!!!!!!

    Just shifting my business a bit and would love to get some new cards!!!!!

    Thanks for the chance!!!

  • My best friend’s husband had business cards printed for his wife as a Christmas gift that read: Macy and Drew’s Mommy. I love it! What a great way to celebrate her most important job.

  • hmmm… there are so many reasons why I would want business cards.
    1. to appear to others and myself that I am indeed a Super Young Professional, not to be messed with
    2. I get this all the time, ” wow, thanks for the help! do you have a business card?”
    3. I am trying to raise money for “malaria no more”. A fun business card to remind people to donate money would be nice.

  • I’ve always been a believer that the right font makes all the difference. Your work is beautiful and I’d love to have your buisness cards to hand out as I’m just working on getting my craft business started.

  • i started my own editorial and public relations business in March and STILL don’t have business cards. the really lovely ones (letterpress are actually my favorite look) are pricey and i haven’t been able to bring myself to “splurge” on any yet, although i really need them. especially since my business is growing nicely, i’d love some letterpress business cards to show for it! thank you in advance!!! i’m also newly preggo with my first baby, that’s why i started my own business in the first place so i could be home with my little one, so maybe the free business cards can be like a little “new mommy” gift!! ahh! i’d love that!

  • i am at the beginning of the (scary, exciting, hope-bestowing) process of jumping and starting a creative business with my boyfriend. we are using every penny we have saved to buy a house to do it. every day for the past number of years i have wished i had a business card to give to people when they asked what i do, because it would mean that i wouldn’t have to say “wait tables”. now, soon, i will.

  • All my work is done online or via e-mail (I work from home), so I never think I need business cards…until that company dinner two weeks ago where I looked like a chump for not having any business cards to give to prospective collaborators. Oops.

  • These are so beautiful! I was just with a group of people the other day and tried to tell them about what I do. I told them they would get a good idea by going to my website. Without a card to hand them, it is hard to remember the URL.

  • I am just starting my blog and find myself telling people about it, knowing all the while that they won’t remember the website. As I develop my site more and start to take myself more seriously as a writer, I think a business card would help solidify that image in my head. As a matter of fact, I just looked at MOO card designs this weekend and agreed to take on a special order knit to purchase them. This would be a most welcome prize.

  • What a dream! Business cards would make me feel like my hobby and passion could be turned into a real career someday!

  • Thank you so much for this post. I am a psychoanalyst, and have been without cards for a year, because I want only letterpress cards, but can’t figure out how to have the card represent me and my approach to my work. Most analyst’s cards are sleep-inducing, and I want much better than that! You’ve given me food for thought.

  • In 2011, my first cookbook will be released (yay!). I would love to start my official “author” career with something sassier than sheepishness and stale contact info, because:

    Yes. I’ve been toting the same, sad Kinko’s-brand card that i printed four years, three apartments, two cell phones, and one email address ago. Don’t ask me why I’ve continued to pull this disgrace from the darkest corner of my wallet–none of those great potential clients (writing/recipe development & editing) could track me down if their lives depended on it! For the last year, when people ask, I feign absent-mindedness and say I “forgot” them at home. Ah, the shame.

    Also, I must confess that I have fallen in love with the whisk image in your catalog. It’s pretty wonderful.

  • Pick me, please! I’m unemployed and networking. These beautiful business cards are exactly what I need to jumpstart my next adventure! ;)

  • I’m doing a redesign of my online vintage store, and while attending art openings and social events, I’ve longed to have a business card that will both help make a connection while imprinting a positive first encounter. I have a desire to get involved in cross-collaborations with professionals in other mediums, but I don’t have a calling card for myself. I think when you have something to send away with the person, they’re more likely to remember you and it shows that you take opportunities seriously. I’ve been working on my own designs, but letterpress is obviously on another level!

  • I would love some new business card designs! I am a textile artist and always feel like I need something really colorful and memorable to hand out at the market. Just haven’t been able to come up with something I like and really can translate my textiles to my customer! I hope to win this opportuity, I know my mom needs some to hand out for me as she talks about my artwork all the time. I have the best mom ever, best PR rep ever!!

  • these cards are all so great. would be nice to win such a high-quality card, since i sure couldn’t afford to buy them! what a difference a beautifully crafted business card makes, in the days of one-hour digital printing.

  • I am just on the verge of attempting to start my own business and boutique (still in the planning stages), and I would love to have a business card to start spreading the word and creating some hype! I’m pretty shy but I think the cards would give me a little more confidence through that concreteness of those beautiful little squares of paper!

  • Because my “work”/fun times stuff that I get paid for is so all over the place, I have a hard time articulating in five-ten-whatever seconds what I am about. My written communication, and my website, are much more concise, and I would greatly appreciate having a card to hand to interested persons.

  • I’ve just started my new website and blog last week, and I need new business cards! Thanks for the tips

  • the more letterpress business cards in the world the better! And I wish every day that I had letterpress cards.

  • I really wish I had a business card pretty much ALL of the time…why? because I have never ever had one. I know it’s ridiculous, I am in my 30’s, I have a business, I really need a card because it’s just insane not having one. Winning these cards would help me deal with so many situations, at the monthly business associations meetings I attend, the numerous film festivals I show up to and miss contacts because I only get cards but don’t give any, ugh…ok I really need to get cards, the situations are too numerous to mention.

  • These examples are great! I’m in the same boat with a lot of other commenters. Providing a piece of physical trace would be a good reminder for those potential clients or “people who know people.” I always think that with the invention of smartphones, we won’t need cards anymore.. but it’s just not the same! I’ve either given info electronically and wasn’t contacted or have been empty handed when others pass me their cards.

  • I was at happy hour one evening with a co-worker/friend of mine. And my friend noticed a professional looking woman’s fingernails were painted with purple or green french tips. My friend said to me, “I know that lady is a creative professional.”
    So we struck up a conversation. Turns out she was leaving her company to start her own business in high end horse accessories and was actually looking for some graphic artists to join her. She asked for a business card, but embarrassingly I only had an old, dirty card that had been in my bag for probably a year. Too ashamed to give her that one, I opted to just exchange emails with her.
    The whole thing ended up not playing out, but I wonder now if my card (had I had one) would’ve made any difference?

  • As an owner of a new of a new business business cards are next on my list of things to do. I have old ones and have been doing one of the donts above! time to get professional

  • I was having a working lunch with one of my clients last week. We were pouring ourselves over the blue prints of her historic home renovation. We were so focused and in the zone we hardly realized where we were. Next to us were 2 ladies who stopped us wanting to know what we were doing and what we were working on. After much musing together one of the ladies asked for my card. Turns out she was a real estate agent and was looking for someone to help her stage her listing. (just so happens I also stage homes) It was at that moment that I went to reach for my card that I realized I had none! My client ended up taking out one of her cards and on the back wrote my contact info. How lame was that! I just sat down at me desk with my cup of coffee thinking/remembering that I needed to resolve my “business card” issue. And there you were… please help me. My job is so amazing! I am invited to enter into peoples’ homes to create beauty, order and hope in this crazy world. You cards would be such a lovely extention of what I do.

  • When someone asks about some jewelry I’m wearing which I’ve blogged about… I would love to hand them a card and tell them that I found it in my research!! (I learned that technique in the BYW class!) :)

    I absolutely LOVE letterpress!! It really makes a huge tactile difference when you hand it out. Beautiful work & really informative post.

  • Letterpress is a new obsession of mine after seeing the work by a company here in Charleston – Sideshow Press. Beautiful paper – almost too nice to give away!

  • I recently changed the name of my freelance design studio and have yet to design/order cards. I LOVE letterpress, I’d love to have beautiful, letterpressed cards.

  • I am a visual artist and am looking for a way to have a professional looking card that reflects my work-here is the caveat-using images of the limits me to having cards for specific bodies of work. Would love to find a way to communicate my creative work without being tied to what I happen to be working on at the time!

  • As a mom and a business owner, I am often at kids events (where there is a great market of potential clients). I’m often asked for my card, and most of the time, I have one that’s covered in goldfish crackers at the bottom of my purse and that’s it. I think a stock of beautiful letterpress cards would enable me to make a better effort about presenting a good first impression to potential clients.

  • I’d like to use these as old fashioned calling cards.

    You see I’m a single lady and when I go out I think it would be fabulous to be able to slip a gentleman a card with my phone number and email address.

  • Fantastic tips, especially as I’m planning new cards very soon!

    Oh dear, a time when I wish I would’ve had a business card on me is when I was at an NBA basketball game & lucky enough to sit courtside. I ended up chatting with the woman next to me who was a book publisher & interested in handmade craft ideas…she said she’d love to see what I make. I reached in my bag & fished around for my handmade card case wallet….nothing. No card case, no business cards. What a lost opportunity! I’ve vowed, never again :)

  • i am beginning to start my career as a freelancer and designer and have come across too many opportunities where i should have had business cards on me!

    i would love to win this set! and the letterpress cards are gorgeous! :)

  • I’m a fairly recent transplant to the UK and am an academic, an artist, and a writer. I haven’t had a chance to get cards made yet–but the number of times I’ve needed one, I can’t count. Conferences, parties, anyplace where someone asks, ‘So–what do you do?’ and I explain, but then lack that little ‘aha! here!’ that a business card provides. Most recently, I did the flowers for a friend’s wedding–but had no professional card to give her friend who asked me about doing flowers for her. I’d love to have cards printed by you (along with all the others commenting here)!

  • These business cards are amazing! I would love to have a set that shows a little more fun and creativity for my freelance writing work. I’m a reporter with a business publication, but my freelance work on the side needs to show I can branch out beyond the corporate mold. Thanks for considering me! These would be a real treat!

  • I once went to a paper show and every vendor (and several other graphic designers) wanted my card, but I didn’t have a business card or even a website at that time! While I am still developing my website, I do keep running into freelance opportunities where I wish I had some lovely business cards. *wink wink*

  • A few weeks ago, I tagged along on a dinner party with a dear friend of mine. The guests were some past acquaintances she hadn’t seen in years, and she wanted to introduce me to them.

    I found myself talking to an older man about my education (about to graduate university) and plans for a career. Turns out, this man is the senior lecturer at a renowned university and has decades of experience in my field. He’s a well respected figure in the industry and wanted a way to get in touch with me to pick my brain about my future. I went to get a card…. turns out I didn’t bring any! I had to write my information on a cocktail napkin. Your cards would help a young professional like me really play the part!

  • Fantastic post, thanks for the great tips! I’m in the process of trying to define my personal brand, and this is something I’m thinking hard about at the moment.

    I tend to keep business cards in my wallet of restaurants I really enjoy, so I can remember to go back there. I still have a couple in my wallet from Melbourne restaurants I visited 2 years ago, so I can find them each time I go back! I think once someone is connected with you online, they probably don’t hang on to your card like they would have a few years ago, but they are still important in setting up that initial connection.

    Thanks again for bringing up some great points!

  • These cards are sooo lovely. I’ve been a sucker for letterpress greeting cards for years. They are so worth the money.

    I’m a blogger who’s looking forward to getting out and meeting other bloggers and food writers in person over the next year. I need a card to hand off to people so they can look me up later.

  • Great do’s and don’t’s. Honestly, sometimes I don’t think about the consequences of having some of the don’t’s. Great advice. Thanks!

  • I graduated last year doing jewellery and after a year of saving I am finally in a position to start making pieces.

    Because I do one off pieces I’m scared my business card will date quickly when I put my jewellery on it.

    First Impressions are everything and I think Im just scared to get it wrong and doom my business forever!!!!!! dum dum duuum!

  • As a freshly graduated interior design student trying to break her way into the professional design community, a sharp and memorable business card would be invaluable! A business card for someone in a creative field not only provides the receiver with necessary information but it also gives a first impression of design quality and creative understanding…again, invaluable! I was recently at a networking event and found myself without decent cards…I avoided handing out my ugly cards (back-up) and instead took down emails for follow-ups. Not an ideal connection! I could definitely use those cards!!

  • Just today I went inside a toy store and while looking at some of the fab toys they had there, the owner started chatting with me. Turns out she is looking for an illustrator to create some images for a series of children fabric books. So I reach inside my bag, and realize, I HAVE NO PRESENTATION CARDS WITH ME! I gave them all away, it seams, so I really need new ones. I’m an illustrator who lives in Italy, and I’m starting my freelance career. I usually make my cards my self, but I’ve seen the ones on the post, and I think they could be something very beautiful. Thanks!!!

  • Hi, So I am a singer, actress, journalist, PR guru, hostess and full time student that REALLY NEEDS AND WANTS A BUSINESS CARD! Essentially I am in so many different places and at different times and I wear so many hats that it is essential that I have a great card. I have tried to make myself a card and it is just not panning out. As an artist myself, I appreciate that its just not something that I am good at and would love the opprotunity to work with a true artist that can help me make a whimsy, professional and thoughtful card. Also big problem: money. Sadly, I don’t really have it, but I feel like if I had a great card it might point me in the right direction. It would be really a great jumping off point for me to ahve the opprotunity to recieve some cards.
    Starving Student Liz

  • A month ago I took the plunge and resigned from a stable but unrewarding day job to pursue my own business. Since then I’ve been telling people about it, trying to get some clients and I wish I had the perfect business cards (I adore lettepress and ultimately would love to get a set) to leave with people. Letterpress is, to me, exquisite and just right for the style and image I want to leave with people. Pardon the pun, but I think it will leave a wonderful impression.

  • I recently started my own interior design firm. With all the expences I have not been able to get business cards made. I know there are plenty of sources to get free or near free cards but none of those look professional. I am focusing on high-end clients in a luxury / traditional market. There have been a number of times when I was at an event or industry gathering where I would be promoting my business to people and they would always ask me if I had a business card. To be honest, the first time I had to say “no” to someone it felt aweful and more than marginally embarassing, these feelings have not gotten any better with time. Interior Design is, for the most part, an image based business and that image can be immediately dashed without a proper business card.

  • These business cards are stunning!
    I graduate from college in December and these would be a lovely addition to my job hunt!
    Crossing my fingers :)

  • i have business cards for my “real” job but there have been several times where i wanted to do freelance work and it wasn’t appropriate to hand out my real job card.
    i would love to have some thing with my blog/portfolio/twitter name on it so that in a situation like that i have something.
    plus… those cards oare so lovely and fit the aesthetic that i am trying to portray!

  • i’ll totally admit to being guilty of a few of those dont’s! storebought/self printed/perforated edges.. eek! i carry them around but i’m definitely not proud of them. would love a new set to go with my new found confidence in finally being able to say confidently.. “i’m an artist” :)

  • I’ve always, much like many people, have been meaning to rectify my business cards situation. Currently I have ones from my the firm where I work but I’ve always admired the concept of social cards especially when traveling about.

    I was in Hong Kong last week without a computer, meeting so many amazing people. Tearing sheets out of my journal and writing my contact information wasn’t the best way to go especially with my piss-poor handwriting..

  • I just made the move to New York after finishing college in Iowa and am starting my career as a writer. Now diving into the ever-important world of networking (I’m hitting a fashion event put on by a potential client this week), but am too embarrassed to pass out my “Writer/cocktail waitress/volunteer/dog walker,” card. I know I’m a “brand” (though that always sounds hooker-y) and I need a sweet card like these to reflect how capital awesome I am/my work is. Did I mention I’ve been eating only eggs and bread the past two weeks? (I don’t care, I love New York!)

  • I’m a photographer & recently had the opportunity meet a much more accomplished photographer that inspires me & was able to show him my portfolio. He loved it & asked for my business card, which I had unfortunately left at home. Drat!

  • I quit my job as art director and went out on my own a year and a half ago. At first I didn’t have cards because I was too busy with client work. Then because I got engaged and I knew my name and URL would change. I’m all settled now and still don’t have cards! There have been too many situations where I either walked away feeling dumb for having to say no I don’t have a business card or just never spoke up and offered my services to someone who needed a website because I didn’t have a card to hand them. I felt particularly embarrassed when the rock star that my hubby works for asked for my card and I had to say I didn’t have one. I think it’s particularly unprofessional for a graphic designer!

  • As I do a lot of work from home, I usually rely on my website to sort me out. From time to time though I’ve been caught off guard whilst working in town, it’s pretty embarrassing.

    I knew I should’ve had a card with me when there was a competition at an art show where all you had to do was put your card in a vase and I didn’t have one.

    I could really do with winning this competition to make sure I don’t lose any other ones!

  • I’m preparing to make the jump from an in-office, agency designer to being a freelance designer working from home. I’m in the process of creating a brand for myself, so in a few short months, I will be in desperate need of business cards. I’ve honestly always dreamed of having letterpress cards, and while I’d love to one day make the investment to owning my own letterpress, hubbs and baby and I currently rent a townhouse and don’t have the space (or the finances).

  • These business cards are absolutely gorgeous! As a yoga teacher and writer, there are so many times I wish I’d had a business card when people inquire about what I do. I currently have two blogs up (that link to each other) along with an Etsy shop and having a business card to get the info out will be wonderful for my online business. Keep up the incredible work. I’ll likely buy from you regardless. These are fabulous!

  • I just started my business a few months ago and got some pretty simple cards just to get by, but the business is really taking off and the way my card looks now is not the proper reflection on my business. There have been numerous times I’ve been without cards but probably the worst was at an industry workshop! I was surrounded by others in my field with a perfect opportunity to network and I plum forgot my cards! I would really love to win them, and they would not go to waste…trust me!!

  • i am a stay at home mom, but i am also busily attempting to build a strong foundation for my own photography business, which is set to switch from part-time gig to full-blown career next fall. lately, i have been asked for my business card quite a bit….but hadn’t thought of myself as the kind of person who needs one. obviously, though, i do. I’ve been getting so many jobs lately. I would love to have beautiful cards like these from Brooklyn Social Cards.

  • I would love love love some letterpressed business cards to get my name out there and my foot in the door a little more being a junior graphic designer.
    I would love to have had beautiful letterpressed cards when I had my graduating exhibit to hand to potential clients.
    Letterpressed cards give that extra something that make people take a second look, and they have that modern-yet-timeless feel to them. A worthy artform that delivers beautiful results.

  • It’s nice to have business cards for networking. I wish I had some at the Martha Stewart Bloggers event, and the Nate Day event!

  • I’m about to graduate from interior design school and move across the country to Seattle, and thus am in DESPERATE need of a set of business cards! There have been entirely too many networking situations where I lamely rip a page out of my planner to scrawl down my info-now that I’m just about finished with school, that absolutely won’t fly anymore!

  • I started my own company as a freelance eriter and I’ve been so busy with clients that I hanent had time to research collateral. It’s hard to network without a business card and a website these days!

  • I work on Wall Street but dream of making a living through my writing. I took an amazing writing class in my free time and ended up having to hand out my corporate schmuck cards to my fellow writers rather than something really creative and personal. There’s no way they’ll remember who I am by looking at the cards I handed out. Any advice for those of us living double career lives? Is it best just to have two different cards at the ready?

  • I wish I had a business card everyday and every time I go out of my comfortable home office. I am a graphic designer and illustrator – and typographer wanna-be. Being a letterpress freak, I feel sad to be living in a country – Brazil – where this technique is totally forgotten. I want heavenly tactile letterpressed cards!

  • I was just recruited to be a mentor for a chairty marathon-training program; some sweet new business cards sure would be a nifty tool!

  • Never thinking of myself as potentially connected much less a connector because I generally dislike interacting with people, but to be really honest I’m just awkward. Since I’m loathe to express myself immediately upon meeting, a business card that captures my cheeky humor and personal aesthetic could have come in handy many times.

    OK, it’s not a specific instance. Whatever. Don’t judge me.

  • These cards are beautiful! The 1 time I wish I had a card was when a cop in Ft Lauderdale asked for one. I didn’t have anything to provide. Luckily, another filmmaker with me had one!

  • I always carry cards with me, but what a treat to hand someone a luxe letterpress printed card. I think that always makes a nice impact.

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