before & after: austin’s barn wood wall + bear’s chair

When I first laid eyes on this project, I went absolutely cuckoo bananas. What I wouldn’t give for a blank room in my home to install a salvaged wood wall! This lovely version was made by Austin, a photographer living in Nashville, which explains the lovely, well-composed “after” shot. Austin saw a similar installation in a recording studio using new lumber and he decided to make his own out of reclaimed barn wood. I highly approve of Austin’s decision: the reclaimed boards have so much character and beauty and they look wonderful with his furniture and styling choices. But how does he get any work done? I would spend all day just gazing at this loveliness. You can see more of Austin’s lovely photo work on his blog. Thanks for sharing, Austin! — Kate

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I’m really excited to post this project, not only because it’s inventive and lovely, but also because I was dying to type the words “Bear’s chair.” What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good rhyme! Actually, Bear’s chair wasn’t a terrible specimen to begin with — I could see the camel leather and the mid-century frame dropping straight onto the set of Mad Men. But admittedly the pale, solid upholstery was a little bland. The linen fabric and stamped text add a lovely rustic touch and definitely make the chair more of a stand-out piece. Great work on the chair, Bear! Okay that’s the last time, I promise . . .


AWESOME!!! what a great idea! i will have to store that in the back of my mind for the day i own a house. love it :)

sara @ the by & by

that wall is just out-of-control!! seriously, it’s so fabulous and cool i think i might actually turn green with jealousy. that being said, if you’re ever in dallas and come across a girl who resembles a green smurfette, you’ll know you found me.

Jen Dean

I simply love this room. That wall is absolutely fantastic. I love wooden features in a room and this really does the trick with the reclaimed barn wood. So inspirational. This goes in the “maybe someday” file, for sure.


I found the wood on Craigslist! Just searched ‘barn wood’ and ‘reclaimed lumber’ & came across a guy that sells it for a living. I went to his property & got to pick exactly what I wanted. Kid in a candy store – most definitely.


I’ve been wanting to do that to a wall in my house and thought I was crazy cause I couldn’t find any pics of someone who had done it. LOVE IT!


i LOVE your before and afters. SO inspiring! I am amazed by peoples creativity and vision!


I’ve been semi-stalking Austin’s work and twitter (he’s hilarious!) and I was so excited to see this here! It really is a beautiful wall.

Barb Peden

I like the character of your wall. thank you for being adventurous. I own a 100 yr old home and when renovating i found barnboard on 2 inside walls — i love it.. and i am in the process of freshening them up. I was fearful of what they would look like, and had no idea as to clear coat or stain. Now i feel anything will look great..HEY its real wood–right :)


Nice contrast with the lumber widths/textures/colors – not sure I love the crown moulding with it, but very creative work!!

Robert Staab

Very nice job, I reclaim old barns and sell the wood but hardly get a chance to see someones finished project. well done


Does anything need to be done to the barn wood before installing? Like sanding, washing? Concerned about termites.. thanks