2011 calendar: a year in caps

Good morning! Fall has finally arrived, along with the cold weather, so I’m starting to believe 2011 is right around the corner. I was fighting off doing too many calendar posts, but now that it’s officially tights-with-boots weather, I’m ready to embrace the end of 2010. This new calendar from Heather Lins is actually a series of 12 sustainably-harvested birch veneer cards, with one month on each card. “A Year In Caps” interprets each month as a different typeface, with small details that indicate the season or holiday within each month. If you’re looking for something colorful but still simple and modern, this calendar might be just the ticket. Click here to check out the calendar in detail or pick up a set for $32.


Finally, someone else who loves calendars as much as me. I absolutely have to have a planner also that I carry around with me everywhere. Last year I picked one up from Papersource.com.