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what’s in your pocket(book): jamie beck

by Grace Bonney

Today I’m excited to introduce a short mini-series of posts wherein we’ll peek into the pockets (and pocketbooks) of some of my favorite bloggers.

When Art House Co-Op advertised their Sketchbook Project on Design*Sponge last month, our readers instantly connected with their mission. Many of you expressed your excitement to see them on the site, so when they invited us to team up for their newest project, I was all ears. The Pockets Project is about celebrating the excess baggage we carry every day: keys, candy wrappers, pens, paper and those little odds and ends that pile up in your pockets. The Pockets Project is asking people to empty their pockets (and free up some mental and physical space) and mail the contents to their “International Association for Empty Pockets,” which will transform pocket clutter into a communal art piece in Brooklyn, New York. I manage to keep my pocket clutter to a minimum, but my purses are jam-packed with obscene amounts of gobbledygook that are equal parts inspiring and infuriating. In the spirit of celebrating pocked-sized inspiration (and avoiding my own mess), I thought I’d get a look inside the pockets of the people closest to me: my blogging colleagues!

Over the next few weeks, you’ll find out what these bloggers keep on-hand out of necessity and creativity. Today we’re kicking off the series with Jamie Beck of From Me To You, whose blog has been at the top of my favorites list for the past few months. Stay tuned for a new installment next week with a different blogger. Until then, I hope you’ll enjoy a peek inside Jamie’s painfully beautiful pocketbook! xo, grace

PS — Feel free to request bloggers that you’d like to hear from in the comments section below!

Name: Jamie Beck
Location: New York, New York, but born and raised Texan
Blog: From Me To You
Pocket/Pocketbook Essentials: I never leave home without my camera! Regardless of where I’m going or what I’m doing or how I look, there could always be a moment to photograph. The camera I take with me is the camera I took my first photograph with when I was 13 — it’s an extension of my arm and how I see the world.
What is your favorite piece of pocket-sized inspiration and why? I once saw a beautiful, small vintage monogrammed silver NYC subway token holder for a women from the 1940s. I like to think of the independent, stylish lady who used it and where she was going — that’s what I find very inspiring about it.

*Jamie added a beautiful note in her email to me that I had to share because it sums up this project perfectly: “There is something beautiful in the everyday life we decide to create for ourselves and the tools we carry tell a story about who we are. I’m glad to capture that simplicity.”

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