weekly wrap up + llubav felt pillows

Aaron is out of town so I’ve got a busy weekend of super girly activities planned: cupcakes, bike rides and all sorts of crafty fun around the house. Before I dive in and drag out my container of stamps and craft supplies, I wanted to share a beautiful pillow from Llubav Choy Duerr. Llubav makes amazing handmade ornaments, garland and ring pillows using Hungarian felt (she made our ring pillow) and she recently branched out into custom pillows. If you’re looking for something special to add to your couch or favorite armchair, click here to contact Llubav about a custom order (pricing varies depending on size and design). Also, if you want a close look at Llubav’s Brooklyn apartment (that shot above is in her living room) click here to check out her Sneak Peek. Photos by Abdi Aminlari of 3 Photographers.

I’m off for the weekend, but I’ll see you on Monday with a great week of posts! We’ve got a fun DIY video with Erica from P.S. I Made This coming up and some seriously gorgeous homes. See you then! xo, grace


Riding a bicycle is “super girly”?

Why the need to unnecessarily gender activities?



the combo, not bike riding itself. also- it’s a weekend plan, not a political statement.




it’s a vintage chair from llubav’s home. i’ll ask her if she knows any details on it…



love the pillow, but i absolutely adore the skeleton keys on the wall. i have a whole bowl of vintage skeleton keys that i’ve been collection and this inspires me to get ‘em out and show ‘em off!


Thank you for the beautiful posting Grace!
Dee, I found that fabulous vintage chair in Detroit, MI a few years ago – Lots of great furniture there.


I just want to say that (a) I love the keys too, now I must look at the pillows! and (b) I really enjoy how you structure your blog with the great links below the feature post. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow it some, as it was useful for me! Cheers! – L


I have seen Llubav’s work in person and the amount of detail and amazing use of color is so inspiring!! This pillow is gorgeous!


Amazing ! J’adore ces fauteuils “crapauds” avec des petits coussins tout mignons adorables… Un vrai petit moment de douceur…