under $50: desktop organization + tech

good morning! i’ve been trying to get my desk in order all weekend so i thought i’d kick things off today with a budget-friendly roundup. i’m coming to the end of my guest blogging stint at mylifescoop and today i’m focusing on desktop organization and tech accessories under $50. if you’re like me and could use a little help getting things together on your desktop, i hope this roundup will help!

CLICK HERE for the full roundup on mylifescoop.



yay! thanks so much for featuring the dotw’s with this incredible lineup!
i just followed your tweet to check out the post : )

I am just in love with that broccoli letter holder and humongous pencil sharpener cup!


nice round up. FYI – mylifescoop in general is not so great – the advertisements are too intrusive.


Those cute little magnetic birdies… yep. SUPER IRRITATING after a while! I had to move, and it chirped all the way to our next place from it’s position in the moving box. ;) There is NO way to turn that little guy off. They chirp when tipped and if on an unsteady surface, they will be chirping a LOT.


grace, not sure if it’s just me, but your images look like they get cut off on the right side of the mylifescoop page

otherwise, thanks for the scoops!


These items actually make me want to work.;0) It’s always a great idea to have your workspace look pretty. It motivates us whether we know it or not. Thank you for posting such unique finds that are economical. I always look forward to your posts.