under $100: entryway accessories

Here on the East Coast, where we’ve already had a little taste of fall, coat weather is most definitely on the way. Which means we need a place to hang them! Following on the heels of our Best Of: Entryways post, I thought it would be fun to assemble some budget-friendly finds that will add personality to your entryway (including plenty of hooks for all those stylish coats!). — Amy A.

Images above: 1. English Tavern Coat Rack, $99; 2. Buffalo Boot, $60; 3. Brass Horse Head Hook, $11.50; 4. Chalkboard Message Board, $18; 5. Bridle Hook, $6; 6. Chemist’s Jar (for change!), $28; 7. Wire Cube Wall Shelf, $89.95; 8. Hammered Brass Door Knocker, $38 and Hammered Brass Hook, $12

Images above from left: Horseshoe Wall Hook, $17; Block & Tackle Key Chain, $25 (I am so in love with this key chain!)

Images above: 1. Entry Butler, $20; 2. Color Spectrum Stick Umbrella, $40; 3. Glitter Bowls (for change), $26; 4. Mail Holder and Hook, $4; 5. Rain Boot, $60; 6. Spot Bowl, $28; 7. Wire Organizer, $49; 8. Swim Locker Basket (for shoe storage!), $34

CLICK HERE for more entryway accessories after the jump!

Image above: Canteen Hook and Knob, $39 (each)

Images above from left: Arrow Hanger, $44 and Coin Storage, $37

Images above: 1. Bamboo Wall Panel, $100; 2. Spot-on Magnet Hook, $9; 3. Thelermont Hupton Hooks, $34–39 (each); 4. Wallter Key Rack, $22; 5. Design Glut Hookmaker, $30 (each); 6. Spike Hook, $30 (set of 3); 7. 2d:3d Coat Rack, $88

Coat racks from left: Coming and Going Coat Rack, $68; Coat Tree, $59; 10 Degree Coat Rack, $39.95

teresa Grow

the coming and going coat rack will be mine just as fast as i can pull out my wallet :)

thanks for this post! re-organizing our entry for the change of season as we speak!



aren’t those bridal hooks the best? amy has a major love of horses and always finds the best horse-related decor ;)



The entry butler is really neat and my sister would love the horse shoe hook. Now that I’ll be wanting to dump my sweaters and coats on the couch I should start thinking about organizing my entry. :)


I love cast-iron hooks of all types, spray painted jewel-tones. I have them throughout my apartment to give my bags and jackets a place to “hang out.” Also, don’t forget to decorate your entry with pictures of family and friends that give you joy, so the right tone is set when you walk into your space.

See “monkeyandsquirrel” on etsy for ideas.

Cait @ Hernando House


They are absolutely the best! I have all my old horse figurines that I just HAD to have when I was younger displayed around our house, so the idea of adding other horse-related decor sounds fantastic.


Go into Urban Outfitters to see if they are having a sale. I bought my Coming and Going rack for $10.


If you look quickly, the block and tackle key chain looks like an oval hostess cupcake! Either way, it’s very cool.


The block and tackle keychain is now sold out! It was still in stock when I checked this afternoon, so I think the sell out was due to you, Amy. Now I’m so bummed that I decided to wait until tomorrow to visit the store (it’s only a few blocks from my apartment) to buy one for myself!


I love changing out decor for the seasons. .. what a nice fresh idea for autumn. Reminds me of riding horseback in the Smoky Mountains. Oh.. the crisp air!

austin Marsh

oh no!
the link for the horseshoe wall hooks does not work! I would appreciate it so so much if you could post the link once more!
thank you!


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