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After last week’s top 50 wallpaper sources post, I started getting requests for all sorts of “top” lists for basic home resources. So today I decided to write one for my favorite design essential: fabric! If I had to give up everything in my home and only focus on one key design element, it would be fabric. Everything in my being responds to fabric — I love bright colors, playful patterns, and interesting textures. And man, find me a great striped fabric and you have a friend for life. So today I thought I’d round up my top 20 fabric resources, ranging from inexpensive and vintage designs to higher-end trade studios. I’ll keep it real and say that I am not a fan of trade-only designs. I understand why designers do it, but I only recommend trade-only fabric if I think it’s definitely worth the extra cost of hiring a designer or consultant to buy. So 99% of these sources will be open to the public because beautiful fabric should be available to everyone, trade or not. Have a favorite fabric studio or shop that’s missing here? Feel free to add it below! I’m always looking for great places to buy fabric. xo, grace

Resources are listed in no particular order.

  • Purl Soho: This NYC institution is my go-to shop for great fabrics online or in person. They have a phenomenal collection of colorful basics and imported designs from Japan.
  • Repro Depot: Repro is closed for the summer (due to open again soon) but when they re-open, they’ll resume being one of the best places to buy affordable fabrics and vintage/retro-style textiles online.
  • Ikea: The strength of Ikea’s fabric collection improves every year. Though the ease of procuring it in person depends on the customer service quality at your local store, you can often buy their newer styles online. Their modern florals are my favorite.
  • Marimekko: Marimekko’s bold designs are always a good choice if you need a strong dash of color and pattern.
  • Hable Construction: Ok, trade-only alert. Hable only sells their fabric design to the trade, but I’m hoping that if I keep begging them every year, they’ll eventually change their policy. They make my favorite pattern in the world (Beads in Green Bean) and are definitely worth the extra fee of hiring a designer or D&D building to order for you. Update: the Hable team told me that they now have “Hable Design Service” and can facilitate fabric orders and serve as your designer!
  • Skinny LaMinx: I’ve loved watching South African designer Heather Moore expand her collection of textiles over the years. Her playful style has a slightly retro feel but always comes in a modern color palette.
  • Studio Bon: Bonnee Sharp’s sophisticated patterns are in my top three at all times. They’re the perfect combination of fun and ladylike.
  • Mod Green Pod: Eco-friendly fabrics in playful patterns. Their “Aspire” pattern in grey is one of my current loves.
  • Ebay: Ebay is an endless source for amazing vintage (and new) fabric. Whether you’re looking for vintage Swedish textiles or discount patterns from contemporary designers, someone’s selling it here. (The craft section is great for inexpensive options.)
  • Just Scandinavian: If you lust after Josef Frank’s iconic patterns like I do, this shop is a must. They stock most of Mr. Frank’s patterns. (For the majority of Frank patterns, you need to call to place an order, but you can view the pattern, price, and availability online.)
  • Textile Arts: This great online boutique sells a nice selection of Marimekko, Ljungbergs, and Mod Green Pod fabric.
  • Imagine Fabric: A nice one-stop shop for fabrics from designers like Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler.
  • Hancock’s: Hancock’s may not be super cutting-edge, but they are a great source for basics like toile, plaid, and stripes.
  • Joann Fabrics: Ditto for Joann Fabrics. Not the “coolest” right off the bat, but they have a great collection of classic designs for reasonable prices.
  • Frelis: I love their basic linens. I’ve been dying to find a place to use their “Wasabi” linen.
  • Contemporary Cloth: This website could use a little face lift, but they stock a nice range of designer, organic, and simple cotton fabrics.
  • Modern Fabrics: If you like classic designs from companies like KnollTextiles and Maharam, this shop has you covered with sophisticated designs.
  • Rubie Green: Super chic fabrics (I have the zig zag fabric on my office chair) from Lonny Magazine‘s Michelle Adams.
  • Sew Mama Sew: A nice selection of small and large-scale prints.
  • Etsy: Etsy is a great spot to find up and coming designers. Some of my favorites are Kalla, Melbomba, and Frumafar.
  • Spoonflower: Custom printed fabrics at reasonable prices from new and up-and-coming designers. You can also print you own designs!

It should be noted that a lot of the fabrics from Repro Depot can only be used for personal projects, not for things that you intend to sell. Customers should be sure to check the policies on each fabric.


Ahh you made my day! Love love love fabrics! And this is such a great list. Purlsoho, modgreenpod and a few etsy sellers are on top of my list. They never disappoint.


This is so AWESOME! Thanks for posting! I’m always looking for a list like this!


Fabulous! I could spend all day on some of these sites. I see new curtains somewhere in my future with the help of DS and one (or several) of these sites. Thank you!!!

PS – Not to get all copy editor on you, but ‘world’ is misspelled under the Hable Construction graph.

Jenny Sun

Thanks so much for including Modern Fabrics, I have been searching for a Maharam resource for a while! This is a fabulous list!


I am so amazingly grateful for this info along with the wallpaper one!!! I have been looking everywhere for this info. Although I will still miss touching the fabric before purchasing, I definitely need more choices then my local stores can provide. Now all I need is a good re-upholster vendor in RI! Anyone?


Britex in San francisco has a vast selection of fabrics – not cheap, but if there’s something you need, they likely have it, along with much in the trimmings section also, some vintage.

ruth ann

i second Hawthorne Threads. They have beautiful fabric online and if they are out of a pattern, they will email you as soon as it comes back in stock.


Wow, thank you SO much for this post, Grace! I’ve actually been scouring the city for some great unique fabrics for my upcoming wedding. Thank you so so much!

I’d say that Purl Soho is my favorite, their presentation is fan-tastic, not to mention their selection!

Anyone else know where else to find Liberty of London fabrics?

Barbara for the budget-minded. $5 shipping and a friendly return policy.


I agree with the lady up there that said… Great prices and you can’t beat the free shipping > $35 (who buys less than $35 worth of fabric at a time)… I once snagged 20 yards of a GORGEOUS black Lycra spandex from them for $100 – the same fabric was selling at JoAnn’s for $12.00 a yd…..

Mood’s in New York is the bomb – as is the Spandex House (I think they’re on 37th Street)…I do a lot of underwear type pieces and they have the COOLEST prints (I’ve never seen so many different camo prints in one place and I’m ALL about the camo!)


If you are in Oregon, the Mill End store in Portland (and apparently there is one in Beaverton too) is a great source. You have to look through a lot to find what you want, but man, that store is HUGE.


If you’re in the Philly area you can’t beat jomar for a good deal, and a lot to choose from (an entire room dedicated to $1 yard), though the atmosphere might be a little dodgey.


I had some great luck stumbling upon I purchased some beautiful discontinued Herman Miller upholstery fabric from them at an amazing price! They were excellent to work with and will send sample swatches of fabrics you are interested in. Wonderful resource for fans of Mid-Century Modern design.


i love buying fabric on etsy! thanks for the store suggestions- i’m always searching for more!


I love Pink Chalk Fabrics. They have a great selection, something amazing is always on sale, and the owner is super nice about sorting out any confusion on your order.


If you’re in Los Angeles the absolute best fabric store is Lincoln Fabrics in Venice. It’s not a pretty store but it’s got EVERYTHING! And the owners are really nice. But unfortunately you can’t buy online form them.

Another great place that does sell online and sells beautiful 100% linen in lots of weights and colors at really great prices, is

David Grossblatt

Was running thru antique shops looking for the perfect chair–when I found the perfect fabric instead! Dallas does NOT have many fabric options, so I was all aflutter going thru shelf after shelf of killer vintage fabrics (appeared to be 1930/40–1970’s), Verbena and Hortense (dealer 036), INSIDE Forestwood Antique Mall, Dallas,Tx, 972-661-0001.

I love the furniture redos on this site, and purchased some killer 1960’s mod cotton for when I find that chair…..

Jessica Maas

Great list, so much fun to browse the internet. If – after these great tips- you are still looking for the sustainable and eco thing, take a look at


I LOVE these lists – I hope they becomes a regular feature! As a new homeowner (who can finally paint her own walls) your site is SUCH a great resource for someone just starting out with design!


Thank you so much for putting this together. Here are some I have tried that I also like.
I second other other readers recommendations of Pink Chalk and Liberty of London. Fabricworm also has a large selection of quilt fabrics and since I love Japanese fabrics I go to fabrictales a lot! Thanks again.


Dharma Trading sells un-dyed natural fabrics at great prices, as well as dyes & dye-related supplies.


Love the list. Thanks!
If you’re ever in Tokyo, you should check out Nippori Textile Town where they have tons of outlets all on one street. Tomato is everyone’s favorite.


omg thank you grace. I was about to ask if you knew of any fabric resources but I guess you beat me to it! I’m working on redoing some things in my new home and can’t wait to check it all out.

heather Moore

Wow, I am honoured to bits to have my little company included amongst that list of luminaries. Thanks so much for including Skinny laMinx, Grace. I often ascribe the growth of my brand largely to the amazing exposure and kudos resulting from a Design*Sponge endorsement. Much appreciated. xx


This list is GOLD!! I’m copying and giving it to my upholstery classes. Just got back from NY and a trek to Mood Fabrics–Upholstery. Nice selection and good prices. There was so much to look at, I decided to fly home and look at their website when I could calm down from fabric design overload.
My online video upholstery classes will be available soon.


Thank you, Grace, this list is priceless. Some of these wonderful sites are new to me.


Thanks, Grace – I don’t often get into NYC, so it’s nice to know where I can get Liberty fabrics when I’m there! I do like shopping in Liberty’s, though…something about the way they display is really special. I like going in just to wander around and see how they’re displaying things when I’m in London. (Especially at Christmas!)

I agree with people who mentioned, too — I’ve worked as a theatre costumer and owned my own design and sewing businesses since I was 18, and was def one of the places I’d hit often when I was making Irish stepdancing costumes. Great sales!


This is so great! The fabric choice in Canada isn’t the best, so I think I really need to hop over the border soon to check out some of these stores in person! I’m going through all the shops listed in the comments now. A couple people have mentioned Hawthorne Threads. I just wanted to say that they have a colour matcher – it lists all the colours in the fabric and when you click on one, it will find any fabrics they have that have the same colour in them. It’s a fantastic feature that I have never seen in any other online fabric stores. I also ordered from recently – they often have great sales.

Leslie Quenneville

Les Fabriques, in Charolottesville, Virginia has tons of awesome fabric. They carry Liberty of London, Michael Miller, Alexander Henry, Betsy Johnson, Armani silks, etc. They also teach classes in house for all ages and cool ones like Project Challenge, Camp Stitch, Vintage Reconstruction, etc. They are very resourceful and have been in business for 33 years. They have a website but it is in the workings I think


Jessica Coello

I am an indie designer on (as Kiddins) and love the selection of designs that I see each week. It is constantly growing due to new contests and creative artists. Also, when I do need something locally… I second that Britex in SF is grate. if you are on a budget, big cities often have stores that offer closeouts only… There’s a few in SF. My mom is a sales rep for Blank Quilting Fabrics and often visits these stores with the lower priced fabrics. Please support the DIYers on Spoonflower… It is made in the USA by artisans :) You can’t beat that!


Oh boy….

Now WHY did you have to go and do this??? I have a feeling this spells trouble for the old pocketbook. *wink*


Lynn Taylor

I am loving fabrics from Europe lately, especially Westfalen fabrics.
The selection of European imports at is amazing, plus they have a great selection of notions as well.
The owner is super nice and shipping fast.


Not a national source, but if you are in the DC area, you’ll fall in love with G Street Fabrics. A local chain with 3 stores in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. LOVE.


Thank you so much. I’ve been looking for fabric resources forever. Now I can recover the chairs I’ve been collecting. :)


Thanks for this! Is there any way you could do one of these on BEDDING?


This is post is awesome, great resources here. I have been to Ikea several times for fabric, love their choices. Have you you guys ever been to They have a large selection of Fashion and Home Fabrics.


Great list, thanks so much for the resources! One of my absolute favorite sites that I don’t see on the list is …they sell fabrics and pillows and other accessories. Beautiful designs and colors!


If you’re in Dallas check out Murray Goldberg/Golden D’or, and just down the street, Best Fabrics. Both on Harry Hines Boulevard.
I’m also a fan of
Thanks for helping me find more ways to spend money on fabric!


Sooo true about the Ikea fabric thing. I can never get the fabric I want cut because there is never anyone over there to help me. I thought it was just my Ikea.


Don’t forget we carry 100,000’s of cut order fabrics for the home. We can beat anyone’s’ prices on cut order fabrics. I agree with Vanessa this is a Shameless plug but can’t hide the truth! This is a great web site! Glad I found you.


LOVE your choices,but you are missing one fabric company that is amazing they always have inventory in house and they ship right away


Does anybody know of a place where you can find vintage fabric? Or a good place to learn more about it?

Donna Gelgur

You left out fox fabrics in Los Angeles. Alexandra Corwin is an incredible rep with a sharp eye for fashion . Contact her. 213-489-1777


i’m searching everywhere for some versace fabric in australia with a quick turnaround……. navy / blue / golds??? can anyone help me?


We provide largest collection in Scandinavian Decor simplicity and uniqueness in style, including home, office restaurant, kitchens and bathrooms.


Hello. I’m trying to figure out what manufacturer makes a particular fabric sold by Century Furniture. I want to make a couple pillows and my local furniture store quoted me over $600 for the fabric. I’m using two fabrics and one of them I found online for $15/yard, and they want to charge me $190 for three yards so I know they seriously jacked up their prices. The other fabric (which is more expensive) they want more than $450 for three yards so I want to shop around for it. How can I find out what manufacturers make their fabrics? I’ve been looking online all day until I’m practically blind and cannot find the fabric anywhere except on the Century site. Can you possibly help? If I had a list of the manufacturers they buy from I will comb them and see if I can buy in for less somewhere else. Thanks for your help!!!

Grace Bonney

hi brenda

i’m afraid without the name of the maker and pattern, i can’t find the source. if you have a picture of the pattern, you could try a reverse google image search to see if that brings anything up?


M. Manuel

Hi Brenda, I’m looking at finding a market for my fabric swatches as well as wanting to collaborate with designers. Any suggestions please? In the meantime I’m looking at the sites above. Thanks.