top 15 tile resources

by Grace Bonney

The prison-gray tiles that cover our apartment’s bathroom are the bane of my existence. More than our slanted floors or oddly cut-up rooms, those tiles torture me on a daily basis (they make every color look depressing). If we owned our apartment, I would have ripped them out long ago, but we’re renting, so as nutty as I am about house things, it’s not worth the hassle. But a girl can still dream, right? Today I thought I’d share my favorite go-to resources for amazing tiles. Over the past six years I’ve been helping readers pick out tiles for their kitchens, bathrooms and floors (and it’s been so fun to live vicariously through them) so these are tiles and companies they’ve trusted, and confirmed, are worth the investment. There are great new tile studios starting all the time, so if you have a favorite (or know of a new one) please feel free to share it in the comments section below. Happy tiling! xo, grace

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  • Popham Tiles: My favorite tiles on the market. Hands down. Their lantern and zigzag patterns are like art for your floors and walls. That’s their work in the image above.
  • Ann Sacks: Ann Sacks penny tile is one of my favorite tile styles around. You can make amazing patterns with it, or just enjoy its cheerful round shape. Ann Sacks’ colorful collaboration with designer Angela Adams is a favorite, as well.
  • Habitus Architectural Finishes: Habitus makes an amazing line of cork mosaic tiles (made from the refuse produced by cork bottle stopper factories) that are available in natural cork colors or a wide range of custom colors.
  • Heath Ceramics: Heath’s collection of handmade tiles is perfection. Their rich, earthy-colored glazes are stunning and I love their “Dimensional” collection tiles with raised patterns. Be sure to check out their Overstock and “Seconds” collections for discounts and their collaboration with Dwell for new patterns.
  • Filmore Clark: Filmore Clark’s tiles are so detailed they remind me of wallpaper. If you’re looking for elegant patterns and artisan quality, these tiles are perfect.
  • Subway Tile: Okay, so this is more of a tile type than a tile brand, but I can’t get enough of it. I can’t tell you how many emails I get each week that ask “What do you call this tile? I love it and want to use it in my kitchen.” The answer is always “subway tile.” And several places have great subway tile: Subway Tile, Home Depot, Modwalls and The Tile Shop (I love their Carrara Marble subway tile).
  • ModCraft: These handmade tiles have a warm glow. I love the mix of glazes they use and their arts-and-crafts meets midcentury-modern feel.
  • Home Depot: Just about everyone has a Home Depot in their area and they carry a nice range of affordable styles like penny tile and subway tile. The color options can be a bit limited, but if you’re looking to save money this is a great option.
  • Edgewater: I love their water-cut patterned tiles, which are a nice way to bring pattern into a room without going overboard.
  • Bisazza: Hello, tile heaven! I think of Bisazza tiles as the supermodels of the tile world. Fancy, high-design and pricey. But if you’re looking to create a show-stopper tile arrangement, Bisazza is your company.
  • Artistic Tile: These tiles always feel fancy-pants to me, but they have some really stunning colors and patterns available. They can be pretty pricey, but if you’re looking to invest in a real statement piece, these tiles could be just the ticket. Check out “Chateau,” it’s my favorite ladylike pattern.
  • Waterworks: Waterworks has a great collection of classic tiles, but I love their “Vintage” collection the most. Their slightly crackled finishes look perfectly aged.
  • Modwalls: Modwalls’ glass tiles come in a nice range of modern patterns. Their collaboration with Paula at Henry Road is beautiful.
  • Saint Tropez Stone: Talk about patterns! Their Moorish tiles are too gorgeous for words. If you’re looking for something exotic and colorful, they’ve got you covered.
  • Build It Green: If you’re in NYC, Build It Green is a great resource for affordable new and salvaged tiles.

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  • Do you know where we might find old fashioned pink and white 1 inch square tiles? I can’t track them down anywhere and I am trying to match them to what we already have.

    • hi rachel!

      i bet a salvage shop could help you- those sorts of 40s/50s tiles are often available at salvage places (i love build it green) for a real steal.


  • I’m a tile fanatic. Even if I have no project in mind, I’ll grab a couple just to display on my mantle when I see a nice piece. I wanted to throw this hat in the ring for my fav art tile source, Motawi Tile: http://www.motawi.com/?module=Home I’ve visited their studio and own several of their pieces. Love love love.

  • Fireclay tile is my absolute favorite! They have handmade tiles that can be painted in any combination of colors. Plus they have a boneyard of extra tiles at huge discounts and it’s a blast to browse through.

  • I love your blog but one thing really stinks on this list. With so many amazing local sources available for tile, why recommend Home Depot? I work at a small tile and stone boutique and we sell a huge range of price points from 2.00/sqft to 300.00 +/sqft. Why have Home Depot as a go to when you can support local, small businesses?

    • meredith

      in reality, a large portion of our readers don’t live near these shops or won’t be able to afford the price per foot for some of these brands. while i’d like to recommend all indie all the time, not everyone can live that way. my experience with home depot has been that they offer some totally decent tiles (like their subway tiles) at really affordable prices that are great for people working on a lower budget. home depot is the only listing out of 15 that is a chain so i don’t think it negates the fact that the rest of the list is about great independent companies.

      the point of these resource lists is to recommend the places and brands that i love for specific materials and products. if i listed every single local tile shop across the states it would be an endless list. so instead i’ve focused on the shops i’ve worked with before and trust. home depot being one of them. i always think people should check out what they have locally, but this list was designed to be an edited, curated list of the places i think are doing the most interesting work in tile design right now. and while home depot isn’t breaking any ground in the area of design, they’re selling products that are on-trend and make it easier for young homeowners on a low budget to get some current looks in their home without spending a fortune.


  • I’m bookmarking this post! I’m sure I will find original and perfect tiles for my next mosaic projects. I hope all of them have a discount and small quantity section! Thanks for the info.


  • If you are in the pasadena, ca area there is a great tile shop called mission tile west…I am a renter and cannot retile our bathroom or kitchen but their tiles are so gorgeous that sometimes I just go in there to look ;)

    here is their website

  • Last summer I spent 3 weeks in Cuba. Almost every floor there (and lots of walls!) are tiled in amazing vintage tiles with lovely patterns. I took tons of pictures of the tiles and when I came home I looked for a resource for similar tiles and was delighted to find Granada Tile. Their new cement tiles are based on vintage designs and are handmade in Nicaragua.

    They don’t have the world’s best website, but their tiles are lovely (click on the “about us” section for a little slideshow of some of their tile).


    Thanks for putting up this resource, Grace. Someday I’d love to remodel an older home and use lots of tile floors both indoors and out.

  • Not sure if I agree with everything present but for the most part you are dead-on. This is something my husband is interested and I want to have him to read and comment on as well.

  • I work for a local Kansas City tile store and we just recently acquired Bisazza Glass. Talk about amazing. They are the creators of glass tile and they make some of the most beautiful murals. They even do custom deisgns and pictures. There is actually affordable tile in their line as well. I would definitely recommend checking them out!

  • Thank you for sharing this post. These tiles are really so pretty and they will certainly make homes more beautiful. I am a interested at the cork tiles because I have not seen one in any homes in our neighborhood. Thank you again for this.

  • Tile & Stone Warehouse is a great place if you are looking for great quality tile and stone at great prices! They are loacted in Merriam, KS at 1-35 and Antioch. Very helpful staff! I love this place!

  • Knowing the right place to get the tiles for your home or business establishment provides you with the assurance that the materials that you will purchase are of quality. You have provided us with a great list for tile sources, thanks!

  • I have a collection of approximately 20 Arts and crafts tiles. Most are small 6×6 or 4×4.
    I’d like to display them on my wall but don’t know a good way to do this. The only option I’ve seen is to arrange them in a large repurposed, rustic wood frame. Any suggestions are welcome. Thx!

  • i have artistic design for wall & floor size 2×2, 3×1, 3×3, 1000 x 1000
    i m serching buyer for mah designs…….

  • Hi,

    I would really appreciate some advice on good websites for historic tile styles (particularly colored bathroom tiles, hand-painted, colored accent lines and bullnose tiles from the 1930s). For instance, with respect to colored bullnose and 1/2 inch accent lines. Are these only available in black? Do you have to find salvaged tile in order to find historically-appropriate items? In particular, we’ve got a kitchen and bathroom with lovely vintage tile and we’d like to replace the backspace and move things around a bit. Are we stuck being unable to change anything because we can’t find appropriate matching tile? Any recommendations would be appreciated.

  • Design of your tiles are very much attractive and the way you describe about tiles is very helpful .Thanking you for sharing your information