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When it comes to all things audio, I relinquish any decision-making to our home’s resident audiophile, Aaron. My husband buys headphones like I buy paper goods (frequently), so when I built this office desktop speaker roundup for my guest series on MyLifeScoop, I felt like I was encroaching on his turf. Rather than attempting to capture all of the speakers he would pick, I chose to focus instead on what I love: desktop speakers as stylish as they are functional. This morning I’m sharing 25 of my favorite speakers that promise to rescue your desktop from a lifetime of boring black boxes. xo, grace

CLICK HERE for the full roundup and sourcing on MyLifeScoop.

Karen E.

Aaron’s annual guys’ stuff roundup isn’t too far away anyway — early December, right? I guess we can patiently wait for his two cents!


I’m in love with the dog speakers, although the black orbs are pretty rad – only hope I can convince my techie husband… He’s so far unwilling to compromise function for form, hence the ug black monsters marring our otherwise crisp white living room!


wow, those MUJi speakers are the best i’ve seen in a long time! To bad they’re only for computers, though the idea of wrapping up our hifi stereoset speakers in cardboard is kind of tempting now :)