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sneak peek: ulrica wihlborg

by Amy Azzarito

ulrica wihlborg and her husband craig forrest live with their two sons, axel, 3, and gustav, 1, in los angeles but for five weeks every summer, they escape to ulrica’s homecountry of sweden to this beautiful property in the southern town of esseboda. this peek makes me vow to eat outside as much as i can before the cold weather makes it impossible!  (see the full flickr set here!) {thanks ulrica, craig, axel, gustav, solgerd and lars!}amy a.

[This house, which is a property with several houses and buildings on it, is named Villa Solgärdet. It’s named after my amazing mom – Solgerd Wihlborg –who created this beautiful place out of her imagination. My mom and my dad, Lars Höglund, own the property together.  When they bought it, the house and its surrounding buildings were in complete ruins. The main house was built in 1886 by a well-to-do farmer and his family, but hadn’t been taken care of since the early 1900s.  The houses and the surrounding barns were beyond teardowns, and the grounds contained about 7,000 pounds of rusted steel and metal farm equipment. Still, the house was located in such a special place – it was sitting on a sunny hill (sol is the world for sun in Swedish) overlooking forests and meadows – that my mom decided to restore it from the ground up and make it into a small “pension” where people could come and experience beauty and nature.  My mom describes it as a place where you “can hear the silence.”]

[image above: My mom also made all the bedding herself, from the sheets to the bedskirts to the pillowcases, as well as the curtains in all the rooms in the house.  It’s heaven sleeping there, because all the sheets are pressed and the pillow cases are ironed by hand – everything is done with so much love!  The white bedspreads you see in a couple of the photos of the rooms are vintage and made by hand.]

[image above: The décor also reflects the era during which the house was built. The majority of the furniture pieces and décor details are from the early 1900s and were picked up at local antique stores and flea markets.]

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[While restoring the property, my mom and dad found a lot of interesting tools and original details that they repaired and used as decorations in the house.  The idea was that, even though they basically rebuilt the house from the ground up, they wanted to infuse the home with its original soul. The purpose was to reuse anything that could be reused, both for historical and environmental purposes, but also to “bring back the soul” of the home.  For example, one of the original kitchen chairs was turned into a coat hanger in the hallway, and all the original doors were refurbished and painted.]

[image above: My mom is an amazing carpenter, so a lot of the architectural drawings and carpenter work was done by her with the help of my dad, a former test driver for VOLVO in Phoenix, Arizona, who now works fulltime at the company locally. My dad restores classic cars, and he owns a Dodge from 1931 and a Chevrolet Bel Air from 1951, which is the car above. He’s amazing!]

[image above: The cows are Scottish Highland Cattle. There are three of these cows on the property! They are pretty majestic!]

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