sneak peek: kimberly cornelison & alfie ferreyra


Photographer Kimberly Cornelison and her husband Alfie Ferreyra call Minneapolis, Minnesota home when they’re not called off on cool photo shoot assignments for companies like Target and Crate & Barrel or various home and garden magazines. Their 750-sq. ft. home, shared with their Tibetan terrier Walter, is cozy and full of color and love. We hope you adore their home as much as we do! Check out the full post below, and you can find additional, full-sized images here. Thanks, Kimberly and Alfie!Anne

above: Entry hall was wallpapered in Farrow and Ball. Light fixture is from Artemide. Dresser is vintage.

Light fixture and table are from IKEA. Art is a collection of new and vintage . . . Center art and top center art by Jacqueline Schmidt of Screech Owl Designs.

The bentwood bench was a favorite antique that found a home in the dining area.

Living room area opposite the desk area . . . with built-in bookcases, radiator cover/seat, and library lights from Circa Lighting. The two chairs were purchased for $50 in a thrift store and were refinished and recovered with striped fabric. Rug is from West Elm.

Since our home is limited on space, a small office area shares the living room space. Library lights are from Circa Lighting. The bulletin board was created from a vintage picture frame with cork applied. Bookcases and a radiator cover/bench were built for more storage.

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The kitchen area, despite its small size, functions just as well as any larger kitchen we have had. Friend and photo stylist David Anger created the framed pegboard to add convenient storage.

The upper kitchen cabinets were saved from the original apartment. The glass was covered in paint and was striped; inside the cabinets were given a fresh coat of paint in blue and hardware from Anthropologie. The lower cabinetry was rebuilt to accommodate the new sink and dishwasher. The countertops and backsplash are concrete stamped tiles from Imports from Marrakesh.

Walter our Tibetan terrier napping . . .

We choose a cheery yellow wallpaper from Farrow and Ball to fill the bedroom with warmth through the cold winters of Minnesota. Desk is West Elm. Bedding and fabric selection by David Anger.


I love to see homes with beautiful radiators on display. The one in your bedroom is just great. Lovely home!


Yet again evidence of the difference of scale between the UK and the USA; our flat in Edinburgh, Scotland is 746 square feet and yet people regularly describe it as ‘huge’!

I love the use of colour in this flat (sorry, appartment!) although the first image does rather justify my boyfriend calling the lovely shirt I bought him recently his ‘wallpaper shirt’, tee hee!


I’m in love with this place–so cheerful! The entryway wall paper makes me weak in the knees. And the bedroom one is pretty rad too.


Can anyone tell me which Artemide pendant that is in their entry? Is it actually a gold finish, or is that a trick of the computer? Thanks!


i remember this house from country home (i think it was country home, anyway). i have a tear sheet of that entryway + the fabulous wallpaper somewhere in my stacks and stacks of paper. thanks for reminding me!


This is probably one of the most “cheerful” homes I’ve seen in a while. I love it…now to convince my husband that we need some wallpaper and fun tiling…


Love it! Very cheery, warm and cozy. It has such a happy vibe and is a nice mix.


So beautiful! Love it all…the blues and yellows are perfect. This is one of my favorites.


This “sneak peek” is a bright start to what promises to be a long week of work. How wonderful to come home to such a pretty place!


Am now off to Farrow and Ball website to look at wallpaper. I love how you made this traditional company’s products look so modern!!

Beautiful home – thanks for sharing. And I apologize for drooling on your kitchen counters. The tile is delicious!


I really like the style of this home – especially digging the living room chairs and the tile in the kitchen. It probably helps that I, too have a dog named Walter ;)


WOW! So, beautiful! I love the wallpaper treatments (the blue is my favorite), the bookcases, the kitchen…everything! And clearly the dog has it made. :-) They are such a cute couple, too!

kristy v

I remember when their home was featured in Country Home years ago. I still have it as it has always been my favorite EVER! So I was thrilled to see an updated Sneak Peek!!

Julia P.

Love it all, including the dog – colours are so refreshing and zesty.


Where is the rug in the dining room from, its exactly what I am looking for.


Rarely comment on these, but I loved this house. It looks so comforting & happy.

Laci Jean

<3 the cheery vibe and colors!

The teal damask wallpaper is my fav! lol

Katie (australia)

Love the unexpected colour combinations. You guys are super stylin’.

girl*in*gear studio

Simply gorgeous. I absolutely adore that blue and white wallpaper in their entry hall… And all of this fabulousness in only 750 square feet! Wow! This really makes me think about what I could do with my own home. :-)


please please open access to flickr images – it is set to private. this is an ogoing issue! please fix guys!


sorry guys- we won’t be using flickr anymore after the re-design goes live next month so this won’t keep happening ;)



In the second photo from the top is a painting of white birds against a blue background. Is it possible to find out who the artist is? Thank you for sharing this home with us – it’s lovely!


love the style! I love using color and making spaces fun but sometimes I’m afraid it might be too much, but this article just proves how wonderful it can all look

Vincent Sandoval

This is great! I live in a very small studio that I am getting ready to decorate (after all it has been 3yrs since I’ve moved in). Great to see some great designs in a smaller space.


Gorgeous! But I have to know, where is the white side table in the living room from? I’ve been searching for months for something similar! Thanks!


So so good. Varying shades of blue and yellow will always be a favorite of mine! I love how homey this place feels without the “homey” clutter that I see a lot in similar house tours. My favorite is seeing all the pieces that have been collected! Nice work. :)


I love this! I am always amazed at what people can do with small spaces. It is very cheerful!


Hilovely home but where are the shoes from in your last photo? They are perfect shoes… :)

Sara L.

Love this house! That bedroom is so amazing, makes me want to put up some yellow wallpaper. And I have a Tibetan Terrier too! Aren’t they the best dogs?


I need a gas stove like that!! I tried looking at the photo in a larger size but cannot see the make. Anyone know where I can get it??


Does anyone know where they got their table runner? It’s really beautiful.

Kim Cornelison

Hi everyone – Thanks for all your kind comments!
I will try to answer as many questions as I can.

The wallpaper is Farrow and Ball
The headboard is West Elm
The blue and white bird art is vintage
The Artemide pendant has a goldish yellow finish
The table runner is vintage
The white side table is Bungalow 5
The gas range is a Five Star
and the shoes are borrowed from a good friend! :)

best to you all!


I love this place! Where is that beautiful desk from? The one in the living room, please tell me


The kitchen is my favorite room, it is so functional yet clean, crisp and still beautiful.

A bit put off by the yellow in the bedroom but other than that I’d happily live in a house like this!


This is just lovely. Such a cozy space. I’m wondering where the kitchen island is from. The tile is incredible in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing!


Wow, this home is beautiful. I love the color throughout and the modern/traditional style. I have that ubiquitous Ikea table (love it, but it does wobble) and I believe I have the kitchen island (also from Ikea!) and she painted hers. I think I may be doing the same! Love it!


Lovely home! I’d love to know more about the desk in the living room as well. Thanks!


Beautiful, bright, and happy! Such wonderful inspiration for my home, and what I hope to achieve for my 925 sq ft cottage! And I lovelovelove the turquoise wallpaper!


¡Que preciosidad! me encantaría decorar mi apartamento así. Realmete precioso en su conjunto y en cada uno de los detalles. ¡Todo!

Vintage Simple

Such a fun apartment and cool couple! This one’s been on my magazine files dog-eared forever. Love the way color and pattern work beautifully here. Gorgeous work.


Patricia Wysopal

I recently bought that exact wooden mirror from that first
photo of the entry-way at a garage sale. It was only $2 and I was
immediately drawn to it’s shape so you can imagine just how far
down my jaw dropped when I saw this photo. Does anyone know
anything about this mirror? Perhaps where it’s from originally or
how much it costs? I’m dying of curiousity! – Patricia


I’ve looked at the Farrow & Ball wallpaper samples online but can’t find one that looks like that color…wish they would give color.


Awesome works in interior design, we enjoy so much your publications, we are interior designers from Panamá and this work are good for inspiration