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sneak peek: jen altman {park slope}

by anne

We’ve already been lucky enough to feature the home of the talented Jen Altman twice (here and here). But this summer she packed up the family and said farewell to Omaha, Nebraska, to call Park Slope, Brooklyn, home. I must admit, I’m in complete awe that Jen was able put this place together in only four weeks (she can’t function if she doesn’t feel settled, which is completely understandable). Enjoy the full peek below, and don’t miss the wall of love! You can check out Jen’s work here, her blog here and her latest project, the Polaroid Portrait, here. Thanks again, Jen! Anne

Image above: Because we kept all of the walls white, I wanted to do something a bit more dramatic in the small entry way — we covered the door to the water heater with a velvet curtain and painted the recessed space where the entry table sits with chalkboard paint.

We have a long hallway that separates the bedrooms from the rest of the apartment and our old American flag takes up over half of it — it’s one of my favorite things in our home.

Art is the focal point in our new home — it is everywhere and helped make us feel settled in that much faster.

I loved the idea of keeping the artwork on this opposite wall black and white — I it think it adds to the drama of the small space. The table was an antique find and is paired with navy replicas and Starck ghost chairs. The fixture is from Ikea and I dressed it up with left-over crystals from a chandelier in our last home.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Jen’s sneak peek after the jump!

I also created a “wall of love” in this hallway, just outside the girls’ room. It features floor-to-ceiling polaroids of everyone they love; when they start missing family and friends, they go visit the wall of love.

Our bedroom has one piece of art — a 40 x 60 print of a statue of Athena that I photographed while visiting the Louvre this summer. Without room to house my jewelry cabinet, the jewels have lent themselves to accessorizing our room on their off hours. The oversized light fixture is another Ikea find.

The three girls share one room (I know!). But we embraced the small space — it’s full of light and color and the girls feel like it’s a secret fort.

We had gutted and designed our kitchen in our old home, so it was hard for me to get my mind around this stock space, but I find keeping it clean in color and clutter helps.

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  • Danzig’s pulling double-duty in this place. He seems to pop up in the most unexpected places.

    It’s great seeing the walls so adorned with art. It definitely gives it a personal flair!

  • I discovered Jen on your site. My grandpa gave me my first camera which was a Polaroid, and I knew I wanted to incorporate that special memory into my wedding. Jen graciously agreed to travel back to Nebraska to take our engagement pictures. She does absolutely fantastic work. We feel really lucky to get to work with her.

  • I love the idea of ‘wall of love’ … I even have right now some crazy thought – maybe I will name all walls in my apartment – ‘wall of travel’, ‘wall of sweets’, ‘wall of secrets’…;)

  • WOW. I’ve been in our home for 5+ years and it’s still a travesty! You did this basically overnight! Kudos to implementing your vision wonderfully and essentially overnight! It looks fantastic!

  • I love just about everything about this home, but the wall of love is pretty much the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I can totally relate to being unable to function until you’re settled. I moved into a new apartment by August 15th and had everything just about the way I wanted it by September 1st.

  • I LOVE the mermaid poster! Who is the illustrator? Thanks!

    PS: Overall great way to start the morning!

  • There’s so much to appreciate and love here. The gray curtains have jumped off the screen and caught my eye. So beautiful! What a great adventure to head to Brooklyn!

  • Such a beautiful home in such a short time! I just moved to Brooklyn too and I also can’t wait to hang that same Danzig poster by Micheal Micheal Motorcycle up on my wall! I like your taste!

  • Love everything! Would you mind telling me how you hung your flag? I have one that I have been trying to figure out how to hang.

  • .Love the whole place! did you buy the cushions for the navy chairs? If so, where? I have those chairs and love them…but they are cold in the winter. Thanks.

  • thank you for the love!

    rose – the mermaid poster is from a laura veirs show, the illustrator is diana sudyka.

    kim – i really did not like the look of a curtain rod and didn’t want to put big holes in it – so we used a staple gun – not totally kosher but the flag is not in perfect shape being 65 years old.

    dee – no cushions, but considering the mini grey sheepskins at ikea as the girls complain about them being cold ;)

  • bookmarking this for when i’m back from india and moving into a new place – so many great ideas! (and that bar cart is drool-worthy!)

    where are the curtains from?

    definitely one of my faves!

  • I love it, Jen!! So sweet and sophisticated. I also love the American flag as a centerpiece, especially cool that it’s vintage.

  • Hi Jen! Quick question- where do you get your large prints done like the one of Athena? Local or do you use some place online?

    Also, your new home is beautiful! I love that many of the photographs and some of the art is your own.

  • Just lovely. Love that your girls all share a room; that’s what siblings are for – appreciating one another and sharing!

  • Ooooh where did you get that “WE LIVE IN BROOKLYN BABY!” poster?? I love all the art in this home!

  • Ah, been searching for the right dining chairs and just found the inspiration I needed – thank you! Would love to know where they found the navy chair replicas. Have seen a lot out there, but none w/ the black seat.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • The little corner is sooo beautiful and her table is adorable! I think I want to have those colors for my child’s room. ;-)

  • Hi there!

    I love that giraffe print (next to the TV). Can you tell me where you picked that up, if possible? Thanks so much!

  • hi alison – that print is one of two {the other being a tiger} that my parents bought in a small gallery in san francisco in the 70’s. it’s a 2/125 litho by jacquie marie vaux.

  • Love your home, Jen!

    Really warm, artistic, stylish and inspring!

    Looking for AGES for a chandelier for my bedroom and love yours. Where is it from?

    Thank you.

  • The white statues would be fantastic in our mostly white kitchen. May I ask where they’re from? Thanks!

  • hi isabel – the bedroom chandelier is from ikea…

    hi dorcas – if you mean the bust in the kitchen, i bought her in greece.

    thank you again!

  • i’m a big fan of your blog and loved your home in omaha~but this takes the cake! congrats on the move ;)

  • Hi Jen! where is the swirly piped pillow from? Also loving the ink canvas in your living room!