sneak peek: best of play rooms


wouldn’t it be great if we stopped calling our work spaces offices and started calling them play rooms? today’s collection in our on-going “best of” series is devoted to our smaller counter parts and is a good reminder of the importance of play in the everyday. below are 25 great rooms from our sneak peeks, devoted to fun ideas for children’s play rooms (or play areas in their bedrooms) with inspiration for function and fun at the same time! -anne

[image above: jessica helgerson uses a great vintage school desk]

[image above: sara hicks malone creates a space to inspire imagination]

[image above: jesse whitney chamberlain proves kids can have style]

[images above: more from 3potato4]

[image above: tent and trunk from the home of 1973]

[image above: cara of ore studios coordinates with color]

[image above: zoe of cloth clothing‘s fun chalkboard storage wall]

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[image above: betsy maddox mixes kid + adult in one]

[image above: angela liguori reminds us that children do have toys]

[image above: words say it all for helena amourdedieu]

[image above: fun touches by hetta]

[image above: jack & lulu‘s place]

[image above: always in style with 3potato4]

[image above: fun walls from jill dupre]

[image above: joy thigpen gets practical and pretty]

[image above: work and play space by lotus bleu]

[image above: pat of fossil‘s pops of orange]

[image above: funny creatures from nicky of pulp creative]

[image above: fun map in the home of rion nakaya]

[image above: french stylist sandrine place painted mis-matched dressers]

[image above: creative drawers by famille summerbelle]

[image above: for dave and surya books are key!]

[image above: swissmiss‘s daughter says organized swiss-style]

[image above: thomas wold‘s daughter enjoys one of her father’s magical creations of found furniture]

[image above: keeping things organized with whimsy & spice]

Decor Girl

Excellent pics! Great inspiration for children’s rooms. They can be fun, cute, design oriented and user friendly.

Great storage at kid level is a key element. Plus many of the rooms have focus, in other words not so much eye-candy a child can’t play.


great post! i’m going to be working on our basement this fall and am trying to get inspiration for the play area. thanks!

J Is a Bird

Great inspirations here. My son and daughter each have their own room. I’ve often thought of bunking them in together and using the other room as a play room. I can’t get my husband on board with that idea however:(

Cait @ Hernando House

Haha I totally vote for calling offices spaces play rooms! We just call ours “the art room” (well, when we aren’t calling it “a mess”). It’s starting to get organized though!


Can anyone tell me the where the ceiling lamp in the first picture is from? It looks a little like a lamp by Le Klint…


What a fun post! I especially like the washed rainbow-color wall. Many of these rooms look so alive. Thanks! :)


all colors are amazing! it really fits on children, and most importantly the place are well organized


Wow! I don’t have children, but right now I’m seriously considering displaying a collection of toy animals in my livingroom, like in Angela Liguori’s playroom.

Jetsetting Joyce (MEL: HOT OR NOT)

Has anyone else noticed how often the IKEA 4×2 shelves turn up? I have myself, now I can convert it for use in the playroom!

The post is very inspiring, I hope I have as much fun planning my nursery/play room.


Loving all of these rooms, so inspirational and perfect timing. I’m designing my daughter’s nursery. I’m Danish and most of my furniture is mid-century, was looking and looking for something that would flow with the rest of the house and yet be fun and eclectic…THANK YOU!!