sneak peek best of: bedrooms (part 3)

Today is the third and final installment of my “Best of Bedrooms” roundups (here are Part One and Part Two, in case you missed them). I had so much fun building this particular series because bedrooms, to me, are the most personal rooms a person can share, and I’m so grateful that all of these artists and designers were kind enough to allow us into their homes. Thanks, everyone!

Image above: I love D*S editors Ryan and Alissa’s chic gray bedroom.

Image above: Gemma Ahern’s sophisticated and dramatic English bedroom.

Image above: Angela Hardison’s bedroom features my favorite color combination: yellow & gray!

Image above: Olga Naiman’s Brooklyn bedroom. I love the cinder blocks as dual bed legs and shoe storage.

Image above: Dave Alhadeff’s pink Brooklyn bedroom.

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Image above: More of Dave Alhadeff’s pink Brooklyn bedroom.

Image above: Nina Gotlieb’s bedroom.

Image above: Jill and Jason’s green San Francisco bedroom.

Image above: Helen Palmer’s sunny bedroom.

Image above: Halligan and Adam’s Philadelphia bedroom.

Image above: Karen Gelardi’s bedroom in Maine.

Image above: A playful bedroom in Emily Henson’s home.

Image above: Erika and Patrik’s striped bedroom.

Images above: Bedrooms in Lynda Gardener’s Australian home.

Images above: Bedrooms in the lovely EmersonMade home.

Image above: A peaceful bedroom retreat in the home of John and Joe from RIVER in Connecticut.

Image above: Another beautiful bedroom in Helen Palmer’s home.

Image above: Ellen and Abbott’s Baltimore bedroom.


love, love, love the (kids?) room with the tree mural and bird houses. I also love the brown room below it which is totally different in style!

Alyssa / A Muse A Day

I’ve been obsessed with Gemma Ahern’s room since I first spotted it on d*s. The room is gorgeous, and I can spot my tube stop from when I studied in London next to her bed!


Did Ryan and Alissa ever get back to D*S about what paint color they used for their bedroom? I know commenters were dying to know when the sneak peak was originally published. I’ve gotta know where that gray came from!


Jess–I was admiring the {smith}, too! If you check out the post linked under the photo, they say: “Adam and I love to dumpster dive! We found one set of these chair arms to make parenthesis and our next-door neighbor found a perfectly matching set for us!” I’m totes going to try this when BF & I get hitched! :)


Hi Grace et al
Love your blog! Could we please have a best of curtains and a best of carpets sneak peeks? Just trawling through trying to get some good ideas for curtain headers that don’t darken a room –any ideas?!

ebru k.erman

they are the most beautiful bedrooms I’ve ever seen. I want to change my bedrooms like these rooms. they’re really creative and full of life. I’ll get inspiration by them! thanks..