pumpkin pancake breakfast + label download

For the last few weeks, I’ve been walking past my neighborhood Starbucks and audibly groaning “Noooo! I am not ready for Pumpkin Chai weather!” I’m still holding on to the last bits of summer (and my beloved iced tea), so the idea of fully transitioning to hot drinks has me bummed out. But when I saw this cute harvest brunch event designed by Victoria at City Cradle, I thought to myself, “Ok, these are pumpkins I can get behind.” Victoria created this sweet fall harvest brunch for a friend’s engagement and made delicious pancakes (recipe here) that were tucked into carved out pumpkins! We’ve posted our own version of a pancake breakfast on Design*Sponge with Emily and the Once Wed team, but this was too Fall-fantastic to pass up. I mean, the Bundt cakes hanging in hat boxes from trees and the tiny thread hearts topping the pancakes? Adorable. Victoria was kind enough to share a download of the pumpkin labels she created for the event and you can read more about the brunch on her site right here (including the pancake recipe). [Photos by Carly Taylor] xo, grace

CLICK HERE for more images from the pumpkin brunch after the jump!

Piper (DailyDivaDish)

Our weather just started cooling down about a week ago…so I’m ready for all things pumpkin and spice. Love the presentation of the pancakes in the pumpkins. It’s perfection!
XO Piper

Kim Schweitzer

It’s photos like these that leave me with high expectations of how pretty my life should be. Sadly my son and husband just don’t share my vision.


What a lovely brunch…And who says you can’t have iced tea once it gets cold? :D In these parts we drink it all year ’round.


Wow, this is so beautiful, and I love pumpkin! I would love to be at this breakfast :)


Grace, thanks so much for the lovely feature!
Your comments make my heart happy & Caroline, you should give these pumpkins ones a chance, they might just change your mind about pancakes:)

Pennie Rhodes

Am I the ONLY person who wonders how the guests are supposed to actually physically EAT the pancakes that are served sitting inside hollowed out pumpkins? Its cute, but not practical.



they’re on a plate- you can use a fork to take them out of the pumpkin and put them on the plate beneath.



I also get what Pennie Rhodes is saying, and I think most people as they carve out their pumpkins this year will also get it – you know the stingy membrane and seeds.
I also get that this is a very pretty photo shoot. May I suggest dining wise if the pumpkins were cut in 1/2, and baked with say a strudel topping, then have the pancakes served on top.


These photographs are absolutely beautiful! The details were captured and have a glow to them, like just looking at them you can feel the warmth. Makes you want to be a part of it all. Love it!!


Oh so pretty! I love the bundt cakes :). Does anyone know where that green and white dress is from?


Katrina, the dress is from Anthropology although I believe it was a sale dress last spring.

Also, to answer the pancake questions- Yes, most of the guests simply used their fork and plate to eat, the pumpkin was mostly for a beautifully table setting. Although we did have one guy (groom to be) who used his pumpkin as a syrup bowl and dipped his pancakes in which he swears was the best use of the design:)