paige russell for fossil

good morning guys! i have officially made up for all of the sleep i’ve missed over the past few months of book work and i am finally feeling rested, ready to work and back to feeling like myself! the d*s site re-design is just around the corner (i’m so excited!), i just hired a fantastic copy editor to help us improve our writing and i’m working on some few new columns to start this month. so we’re hitting the ground running in september and i couldn’t be happier. before we dive into today’s regular posts (we’re merging monday’s posts into today- so stay tuned for sneak peeks!) i wanted to start with these beautiful new stoneware planters from canadian designer paige russell. paige created them as part of fossil’s new “long live art” program, which asks artists to create a vintage-inspired piece that illustrates what the phrase “long live vintage” means to them. paige’s planters are available right here for $50. click here to check out fossil’s “long live art” program and the other artists participating.

Jose Lopez

Hi Grace,

I get it. Hand made. One of a kind. Art. Pieces instead of mass-produced. I apologize if I was hasty in my criticism. I approached it from a HOW CAN A TINY FLOWER POT COST $50? point-of-view and not from IT’S A BEAUTIFUL HANDMADE OBJECT point-of-view. My apologies.