moonstruck chocolate packaging

Normally, I start each morning with a bit of eye candy and today I’m especially delighted to start with some actual candy. Well, candy packaging to be precise. These beautiful new chocolate bar wrappers were designed by typographer Kate Forrester for Portland, Oregon chocolate company Moonstruck. Kate just launched her new website and it’s chock-full of beautiful hand-drawn lettering and packaging work.

Speaking of sweet things, we have a great day of content lined up, starting with my top 20 list of fabric resources (coming up next)! After that, stay tuned for a new city guide (here’s a hint: Opa!), a biz ladies post about understanding web analytics, a past & present with a fun DIY project, and a living in dedicated to a film with one of the most famous diner scenes ever. See you in an hour with my favorite fabric resources! xo, grace


If this means ‘When Harry Met Sally’ I am SO excited.
That is my favorite movie EVER.
If it is not that, I am sure I will love it as well. :)


I think kimberly cornelison & alfie ferreyra need a little tray of these in their entry hall. They totally go with that beautiful blue wallpaper!

Alison Becca

Not only is Moonstruck’s new design gorgeous, but their chocolate is just as amazing :) I haven’t lived in Oregon for 5 years but my Mom is always sure to bring me Moonstruck every time she visits. Now I’m REALLY excited about her next visit!


I am definitely a sucker for beautiful packaging and this basically is amazing!


I love the Moonstruck line! Each one of their bars is wrapped up like origami on top of the pretty packaging. And the chocolate’s good too!


1. Stunning.
2. Now I’m hungry.
3. You know it’s good product packaging when I order some online before I even finish reading the post.

nom nom nom…

Eric DeRoos

The design actually includes 3 PMS colors, emboss, foil, spot soft touch varnish and spot gloss varnish. It was printed multiple passes on a KBA 10C perfecting press. I did all the prepress work on it.