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living in: when harry met sally

by amym

There is something about fall in New York that triggers visions of When Harry Met Sally for me. Chilly mornings, tweed blazers, walks in Central Park, the impending doom of spending one’s life alone . . . you know, the usual. Facing this fall less attached than in years past, I’m feeling the urge to snuggle up to a dreamy early ’90s version of singledom in New York.

Images above: 1. See by Chloe Blazer, $242; 2. Christys’ Bowler Hat, $285; 3. H & H Bagels, $14/dozen; 4. Outdoor Lamp Post, $302; 5. Little Black Book, $20; 6. CZ Solitaire Engagement Ring, $117; 7. Marigold Leather Watch, $55; 8. Cheap Monday Driving Gloves, $72; 9. Woven Wool Throw, $29; 10. Glycerin Preserved Leaves, $19

When Harry Met Sally gets New York and all of its quirks just right. Perfect date spot? Egyptian Wing at the MET. Perfect date sandwich? Katz’s pastrami. Perfect movie to cry yourself to sleep to? Casablanca. Perfect day to fall in love? New Years. Perfect romantic comedy? Absolutely, hands down, 100%, When Harry Met Sally. — Amy M.

Images above: 1. Arched Mirror, $150; 2. New York Skyline Set, $14; 3. Kitchen Clock, $28; 4. Casablanca DVD, $8; 5. Drinking Bird, $6; 6. Katz’s Deli Pastrami, $23/pound; 7. Push-button Desk Phone, $35; 8. Katz’s Deli Half-Sour Pickle, $1; 9. Diner Coffee Mug, $5

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