living in: when harry met sally


There is something about fall in New York that triggers visions of When Harry Met Sally for me. Chilly mornings, tweed blazers, walks in Central Park, the impending doom of spending one’s life alone . . . you know, the usual. Facing this fall less attached than in years past, I’m feeling the urge to snuggle up to a dreamy early ’90s version of singledom in New York.

Images above: 1. See by Chloe Blazer, $242; 2. Christys’ Bowler Hat, $285; 3. H & H Bagels, $14/dozen; 4. Outdoor Lamp Post, $302; 5. Little Black Book, $20; 6. CZ Solitaire Engagement Ring, $117; 7. Marigold Leather Watch, $55; 8. Cheap Monday Driving Gloves, $72; 9. Woven Wool Throw, $29; 10. Glycerin Preserved Leaves, $19

When Harry Met Sally gets New York and all of its quirks just right. Perfect date spot? Egyptian Wing at the MET. Perfect date sandwich? Katz’s pastrami. Perfect movie to cry yourself to sleep to? Casablanca. Perfect day to fall in love? New Years. Perfect romantic comedy? Absolutely, hands down, 100%, When Harry Met Sally. — Amy M.

Images above: 1. Arched Mirror, $150; 2. New York Skyline Set, $14; 3. Kitchen Clock, $28; 4. Casablanca DVD, $8; 5. Drinking Bird, $6; 6. Katz’s Deli Pastrami, $23/pound; 7. Push-button Desk Phone, $35; 8. Katz’s Deli Half-Sour Pickle, $1; 9. Diner Coffee Mug, $5


Thanks for reminding me about this movie, I will definitely be renting it again soon. Although I’m sure it will just make me want to travel to NYC this fall, despite having no money. Boooo.


Yay! I gasped when I saw the headline. I love NYC in the fall and I love this movie. The drinking bird is awesome. Nicely done once again!


question: do you use a plug-in for your internet browser to snag various photos/links from sources for the living in & wrap-up image collages? or just photoshop’em each into one big file yourself?

i used to have a google chrome extension/plug-in that let me snag images from the internet and put them into a collage like above.
i uninstalled it by accident & forgot the name!

help! thanks!


I was hoping to see Jess’s wagon-wheel coffee table!

Great roundup and great movie…



i’m pretty sure amy collages them in by hand. most of us at d*s do that with photoshop or a free online image editing software called “GIMP” (



MAN! You got that right! :) This is my fave move ever… and I’m a native New Yorker :)


yes, but where is the wagon wheel coffee table and the karaoke machine playing surrey with the fringe on top? :)

Julia Denos

oh please please please do “You’ve Got Mail” for a falltime in NY late 90’s-with-dial-up-modems and children’s book stores yumminess! nothing beats it (this one was great too!) :)


very fun post. made me smile and make a mental note to see this movie again very soon. enjoy singledom while you have it!


this timing is crazy, I was just researching for my own NY:West Village design guide as I am headed there for home decor shopping research Monday. I can’t get this movie and You’ve Got Mail out of my head, love the whole NY in the Fall thing. Love it! Thx for posting!


I swear I had that jacket(1st image) in 1986. I think I paid 10 dollars for it at Canal Jean ;-) thanks for the reminder!


I love the “feeling” I get when I watch When Harry Met Sally. Same feeling I get when I watch You’ve Got Mail. Makes me want to decorate for the holidays.

“You see? That is just like you, Harry. You say things like that, and you make it impossible for me to hate you.”


This is my favorite Living In ever! And my top 5 list of favorite romantic comedies.

“Doesn’t matter because the sex thing is already out there so the friendship is ultimately doomed and that is the end of the story. “


LOVE!!!! Thank you.
This movie is such a classic and an all time favorite. In fact it’s almost time for my annual viewing. :-)

ginny branch stelling

i love this one :) we almost named the beagles harry and sally! i miss new york in the fall already.


This is one of the most perfect posts ever! Every time I feel a hint of fall in the air, I pop in When Harry Met Sally. Thank you for this gorgeous dream board!


I just saw this movie at the landmark sunshine theatre right down the street from Katz’s deli at a midnight showing. It was my first time seeing it…and it was amazing :) long live 80’s fashion!!


I watched this movie not even a week ago! The pieces you picked in the image board are perfect! Another great post. :)
– Jackie @

Erin T.

I think my favorite part about this post is seeing the quotes in the comment section. What a *fabulous* movie!


Incredible! I was about to write to you and suggest this “Live in”. As we say in French “Les Grands Esprits se rencontrent” (“When Great Spirits meet”). Thank you very much, I really love that movie.


i want to play! bunch of grapes (seeded), can of aqua net, rolodex, christmas tree, the aforementioned wagon wheel table, pictionary….this is one of the few movies i will watch over and over (and over) again!


Love Meg Ryan’s bedroom in the movie. Will you please do “Seems Like Old Times” and “Foul Play”? Best Goldie Hawn movies and the style is perfect.


i’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat these last few days…makes me miss nyc…autumn…sigh. What about an inspiration board for Parker Posey , Party Girl….


awesome! i love “living in” — waiting to see one for Michelangelo Antonioni’s The Passenger (1975).


I am laughing over all these comments. Indeed, where is the wagon wheel coffee table? :-) It’s a great roundup, all the same. Makes me want to jump on a plane and head to New York.


yay! yay! yay! yay! yay!

this may just be the best tuesday ever. thanks, amy!

amy m.

Ha ha. The wagon wheel table was so ugly it never even occurred to me to look for it. Apparently a big omission! Oops. Sorry folks!


OMG!!! I spent my twenies watching this movie, still have my VHS tape. Love you choices, as usual.


I LOVE this movie! It’s one of my favs. I can watch it over and over and it never gets old. The scene in Katz’s Deli and “I’ll have what she’s having” is still like the BEST EVER. I agree that NYC in the fall definitely looks appealing here – it reminds me of You’ve Got Mail (another Meg Ryan vehicle) when she and Tom H are talking about how much they love NY in the Fall and he says “it makes me want to buy school supplies; I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address”. I mean, how true (and cute)!!


This is my favorite movie of all time! I think the omission of the wagon wheel coffee table was appropriate but I would have loved if you could have found adult days of the week underpants!


love the fall, adore this movie. but if feeling a bit glum, how ’bout another dose of meg-in-NYC: you’ve got mail. always a treat!



sometimes it’s like you’re living inside my brain with these posts…it’s a chilly fall night, so i decided to pop this very movie in my dvd player — and then you feature it! bananas.

“her face was burned on my brain.” love it.


You could also help Marie (Carrie Fisher) by throwing in those red suede pumps she’s looking for. And how about some Mallomars (the greatest cookies of all time)?


OMG. Flashback! I had that blouse in mauve! And I think I wore it in my 7th grade picture with that same frizzy hair!! LOL!


I cannot, cannot, cannot believe I haven’t seen this movie! sigh…and it’s autumn, my favorite time of the year…I’ll have to pick the perfect evening…..


I love love love this movie! And you’re so right about it being great for fall. When they meeet again at the book store is the perfect fall day, if I remember correctly. I also love how it spans different fashions as the years go by. So great! Now I have to watch it again….


Perfect seasonal flashback – plus don’t you kind of miss how Meg Ryan use to look!

Farmgirl Susan

I think I know every line of this movie by heart. And I can’t believe I didn’t miss the wagon wheel coffee table (and pecan pie!) until I read through the comments.

Love this post. Love this series. Love that (except for that strange troll people movie last week) you’ve been pretty much working your way through my personal movie library. I knew this was going to be fun when your first post was Out of Africa, my all time favorite film. It’s been a great trip down movie memory lane. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. :)


ooh, i don’t know about that cheese on the pastrami. katz’s might be horrified.


In case others haven’t said it – a big giant drawing pad on an easel is needed for the pictionary party scene: Baby Fish Mouth! Baby Fish Mouth!

(oh, and would you or have you ever do a Living in Twin Peaks entry? Pretty please?)


brilliant. sure you could have included a wagon wheel coffee table or a pictionary board or a karaoke machine, but the fact that you included the drinking bird-thingie is all it took for me. also loved your intro to this. (the impending doom of spending life alone… you know, the usual.)