living in: i am love


If my past Living In subjects are any indication, I’m a sucker for old-time favorites. I rarely drag myself out to the theater but this summer I made an exception for I Am Love, a spellbinding epic Italian melodrama that completely captivated me. The fact that I saw this movie on the hottest day of the year and blissfully shivered in the air conditioning while drinking an entire large ginger ale may have influenced my reaction. Regardless, I Am Love makes for an especially good escape movie (and not just from the heat). Odds are, you’re not a member of an exclusive, successful Milanese textile family. That’s okay, I’m not either. But let’s pretend, starting now.

Images above: 1. White Pearl Studs, $64; 2. Wild Alaskan Prawns, $19/lb; 3. Theory Shift Dress, $520; 4. Rupert Sanderson Pumps, $260; 5. Mauviel Copper Cookware Set, $1,000; 6. Vestal Unisex Watch, $280; 7. Canvas and Leather Handbag, $313; 8. Culinary Torch, $28

The interiors are impeccable. The the clothes are impeccable. Every teeny, tiny detail is impeccable. Even the impeccableness is just so darn . . .  impeccable. The brooding Italian men aren’t half bad, either, and Tilda Swinton is her usual flawless herself. Movies this perfectly put together must be seen on the big screen. If you can still catch it at your local theater, tell them I sent you and eat a bag of popcorn in my honor.

Images above: 1. Antique European Tapestry, $4,500; 2. Long Braided Chain with Pearls, $150; 3. Crystal 6 Arm Chandelier, $275; 4. Vintage Gold Leaf Mirror, $595; 5. Crystal Cushion Ring, $85; 6. Greenwich Chair, $1,595; 7. French Champagne Flute, $150; 8. Ichibad Side Table, $1,395

Tiffany S.

Thank you sooo much for showing this today. I was in bed this morning thinking “OH shoot! I should have seen that shrimp Tilda Swinton movie” but for the life of me I could not remember the name! I will put it on Netflix pronto!


I absolutely LOVED this movie! Was totally spellbound! What great picks, Amy! I want that dress! xoxo AmyA


I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE this movie!!!! Tilda Swinton is an amazing actress!

And that shrimp dish…ahh *_*


Loved every single thing about this film except for the score, which nearly gave me a seizure. It was worth it for the two hours of eye candy — lovely job in capturing that, Amy! (Also, must find those sunglasses!)

Katie Bee

mmm lovely. I’ll have to rent it when it’s on dvd (oh, the perks of working in a movie store:). I almost always end up renting the films you feature just for sheer visual pleasure.


I absolutely love this movie! And while leaving the theater I talked with my roommate about how I couldn’t wait for a ‘living in’ post for it!
Didn’t disappoint! Thanks!


I am impeccably captivated with foreign movies and always looking for another good one to see. Thanks for the review and lovely scene previews.


I despised this movie. It was trying very, very hard to be artistic and dramatic, and just came out *ugh.* Double ugh, even.

love lives in the kitchen

i liked a lot the movie and i really love the villa which is just few steps from my house in milan! it has also a beautiful garden, worth of seeing in any time of the year. your post reflects so well the atmosphere of the movie. i love especially the clothes and accessories (same as those used by tilda in this movie).


What a lovely primer you’ve put together: I haven’t seen “I Am Love” yet, but the movie is playing at our little 2 room theatre in town tomorrow night and I’ve already booked my evening to see it. I promise to eat my bag of popcorn, as requested. :-)


I had the same experience. Hottest Saturday of the summer, by myself at BAM. An air-conditioned theater was the only thing I could think to do. I loved that Tilda’s character was a Russian in Milan, the whole thing had a cold/hot vibe that was the perfect antidote to 100+ degrees in Brooklyn.


This film just had the most beautiful cinematography. The attention to detail was lovely and i would definitively want to see it again.


Very intense Italian drama and impeccable cinematography, like Helena said. Last minutes left me breathless and anxious. Just finished wathing..Your posts, always a delight.


The storyline of this movie was DISGUSTING. I couldn’t get past what was going on in these people’s lives to enjoy any visual part of it.

Amy’s translations of movies are very creative and I have often used her posts as movie referrals, but my advice on this one is to just enjoy the photos; DON’T see the movie!


those are amazing photos! I noticed that you put in chandelieruniverse as reference, those guys over there are the best.