good enough to eat

I hardly need an excuse to get hungry. I’m not one of those people who “forgets” to eat a meal. Forget? No way. I’m acutely aware of every minute past my normal lunch hour. So when I spotted the word “food” in two submissions in my inbox, I got excited. As it turns out, neither one is actually edible. But both are beautiful, so that’s close enough for me. This first series (above) is a collection from Michael Fujita currently on display at The Clay Studio. Michael created a series of cups and pie slices that are actually made of candy-colored resin. Good enough to eat, and definitely good enough to make me want to check them out in person. If you’re near Philadelphia, you can see them in person right here.

This next piece was sent to me by a reader. “Food” is a beautiful animal print introduced this summer from Beauchamping at Etsy. Now, before this incites an “animals aren’t food!” debate, please know that I don’t love the title. I’m not a fan of the thought process behind viewing animals as food or “meat,” but I’m so in love with the imagery that I’m going to let the title issue lie for now. So, getting past the name (which conveniently lets me combine this with the food/resin work above. Yay!), I adore the simple but striking combination of animals here. It’s sweet enough for a nursery but cool enough for a grown-up room, too. If you’re looking for something to add a little detail to your walls, click here to check out and buy this print ($75) online. xo, grace

*Update: a commenter pointed out what I missed- that the animals spell out “Do Not Feed The Animals”. So whew! It looks like I stupidly missed that and jumped to the wrong conclusion. Sorry about that. Time to put my contacts in ;)


I feel that I can get past the name, because their shadows are spelling out “DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS THE ANIMALS” with the final “s” being a person with a fork.
Is the meat-eating person another “animal”? I like it!


ooh! maybe that’s it. i dove right into the wrong conclusion i think. when i googled the piece online i saw a bunch of angry posts about how awful it was to call that “feed”. maybe i just to the same, wrong, conclusion. thanks for pointing that out. i really need to put my glasses on this morning :)

Ryan Green

I just noticed that the shadows of the animals spell out “DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS THE ANIMALS”. So cute! Love the graphics and hidden element.


Thanks to Courtney to pointing out the “Do not feed the animals” part of the 2nd piece of artwork! Also, let’s not forget that animals are food for each other – you know, part of the food chain. Both the resin art and the animal print are very cool & I like that you found a way to feature them in the same post!


It’s definitely Friday – had to stare and ponder a while before I saw the hidden message… Like this – great graphic and it makes you think.


woah i totally did not see the shadow thing until it was pointed out! i like.


Even after i read that there was a message, (i didnt read the comments to see that it was the shadows) it took me about 10 minutes to find the hidden message. Very clever, I like it :)


I like Liz’s point about the animals being food to each other. It’s true!

I think, sometimes, we can get so idealistic we start criticizing nature…which isn’t really fair!

Anyhow, this is truly a BEAUTIFUL piece and I want it!!!


I like Liz’s point about the animals being food to each other. It’s true!

I think, sometimes, we can get so idealistic we start criticizing nature…which isn’t really fair!


I just wanted to point out that when you sell in a gallery you split the sale price 50/50 so Michael gets$45 a cup. If you consider time and materials it is really not that much. It is very hard to make a living selling ceramic cups or resin cups. I was so excited that Michael was giving the cups a price that meant a young collector could start here, with one of these pieces. I for one am certainly enjoying living with them in the gallery. Thanks so much for posting them Grace.