office wall organizers + 5 bedroom essentials under $50

If you’re blessed with a cramped apartment like I am, you surely understand the importance of using wall space as much as possible. Flat storage surfaces can be a luxury in a tiny apartment or home and if yours are limited, you need to leave them clear for actual working. Rather than cluttering your desktop or bringing in another clunky file cabinet (why are there no cute file cabinets?), the best option is often to use a wall organizer to keep things tidy and close at hand. Today I’ve rounded up 25 of my favorite options for keeping your office clean over at MyLifeScoop. Whether you’re looking for something modern and plastic or rustic and wooden, I’ve done my best to cover a range of styles, needs and prices (most of the choices are well under $100). I’m taking a little break from posting there this fall, so if you missed any of the posts I did earlier this year (there are nine roundups in the archives), click here to check them out.

Speaking of cramped spaces, AC and I are getting tired of ours and considering moving. This means I’m already excited about the idea of changing up our home color palette. As much as I love our red accents, I’m dying to go in another direction. I’ve been wanting to try a gray and yellow theme in the bedroom and today D*S editor Amy Azzarito has started my search for me (without knowing it). Amy wrote a new post for the Design*Sponge page at Currency on “Five Bedroom Essentials Under $50” and the colors are right up my alley. Especially the stripes — the post is making me want a set of Dwell Studio’s Draper Stripe bedding all over again. If you’re in the market for some affordable bedroom basics, click here to check out Amy’s full post and the sourcing for all five objects. xo, grace

sara s.

ugh, i loooove the uten.silo storage system. it’s been on my apartment wish list for a while now, but sadly it’s out of my price range. i’m liking the grid wall pocket organizer, though… that may have to do for now.

thanks as always for finding such great pieces! :)


Don’t forget to look at Amelie’s (the movie) bathroom. She started the grey/yellow trend if you ask me. I have it on my hard drive if you want me to send it.


I love gray and yellow! I bought this quilt at Target this spring and I’m in love. It’s perfect.

Eva / Sycamore Street Press

Grace, We’re on the same wavelength! Kirk and I are in the middle of remodeling…and after 6 years of a mostly pink bedroom, we’re transitioning into gray & yellow & robin’s egg blue. I even have those same sheets bookmarked!


I bought those Dwell sheets about a month ago and excitedly opened them up in my bedroom. Then realized it’s the wrong gray for my room. Only then did I read the note in the packaging that says you can’t return after opening … Awesome Dwell sheets coming to an ebay posting near you … :/


I use the wall space under my desk for extra print cables, extension cords, phone cords, monitor cables etc. Wind them up neatly and secure with extra garbage twist ties, then use wall hooks with adhesive backing to hang them on the wall (I use “command”). It’s perfect because you don’t need your extra cables on a regular basis, but they are right there when you need them for replacement. I also label mine with return address labels folded in half around part of the cable so I don’t have to look through them for too long underneath the dark desk when I need them.