falling leaves + temperatures: a fall roundup

this weekend while i was staring at the frat house that our apartment has become (i think every room has an empty water or beer bottle in it) i felt the need to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. because i’m something of an extremist, my immediate reaction was to look at aaron and say “we need to move.” that’s surely the easiest way to escape clutter, right? while we both agreed to finally get back on the market and start hunting for a new apartment i decided it was also time to pack away my summer clothes (goodbye, cut offs. i’ll miss you) and start thinking about a few new fall wardrobe choices. but because my brain always drifts right back to home design, i thought i’d compose a little shopping wish list of all of the fall-focused home and fashion pieces i’ve craving. i’ve tend to live my life vicariously through these roundups rather than actually buying any of these pieces, but this time i’m hoping i make it home with those boots and one of the gorgeous trays below. if we’re going to have bottles around the house, they might as well pile up on cute trays, right? hope you enjoy the roundup and cooler weather outside. here’s to fall! xo, grace

[image above: 1. safety pin wall plaques $35 2. pendleton throw $98 3. chesnut leaf earrings $38 4. eames hang it all in walnut $249 5. ticking flannel bedding $24-$88 6. acorn key ring $76 7. squirrel ring box $120 8. wharf table lamp $398 9. plaid lunet chair $698 10. welcome to nantucket doormat $42 11. aberdeen two-tone boot $198 (i am so making these my new fall boots)]

[image above: 1. plaid jacket $198 (a perfect early-fall jacket with no bulk) 2. plaid motor robe + carrier $98 3. bronze age flatware $36 (for a bronzy fall table) 4. acorn necklaces $85 each 5. night owls wall stickers by amy ruppel $65]

[image above: 1. sundry cafe tray $78 2. mexican agate ring $428 3. amber hearth candle $20 4. hexagon cloche $78 (perfect for flowers or displaying special jewelry)]



All such pretty Fall finds. I am going to embrace winter this year. Looking at these will give me 3 months to prepare.

Thanks for sharing!

:) xojess


What rustic loveliness! I love that lamp, those sheets, that tray, that ring, and that gorgeous flatware!


OMG, that plaid jacket is fabulous!

This whole collection makes me wish the weather would hurry up and cool down around here!


love that chair! sadly the price is $1698, not $698… but it is fabulous:)


You left $1,000 off the Anthropologie chair… I thought that looked quite the bargain! Plus, you must add $250.00 for s/h.


Ooops, should have read the comments before I posted… Clicked on that chair as soon as I saw it and didn’t check to see if anyone else noticed. Sorry!


Speaking of apartment hunting, do you have any tips, Grace?

I’m looking for a NY apartment with very little success!



i wish i did- we’re looking right now too and it’s tough. craigslist is full of fake listings so i gave up and am going to go with a broker :(



I love the Eames Hang-It-All in walnut. The colour balls of the original were never my thing. The walnut balls are much more versatile, and the black wire will show up beautifully against lighter-coloured walls.


The Aberdeen boots from Madewell are so fun and perfect for Fall! You should get them! After putting together numerous outfits on Polyvore paired with these boots, I decided to treat myself. Also, the Hang It All is totally is on my wishlist.