diy project: halligan’s chalkboard globe

I have wanted a vintage chalkboard globe for quite a few school years. Unfortunately, I could never afford one and they are hard to come by. Even these beautiful reproductions are pricey! Today I’m sharing a quick and cheap way to get the look with out the hunt or the price! — Halligan

CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump!


  • chalkboard paint, one or two colors
  • 1″ paint brush
  • thin liner paint brush
  • outline paint color of your choice
  • chalk
  • globe (you can find them at thrift stores, eBay, or you can order a cheap one here or here)


Step 1: Paint all the water around the continents. You don’t have to get too close and perfect. Vintage globes like this aren’t precise! You will need at least two coats of chalkboard paint.

Step 2: Paint all continents with your other chalkboard paint color. If you are using the same color, leave a thin line separating the land from the sea so you will know where to line out the continents.

Step 3: Use your thin brush to outline all continents.

You’re done!


this is really cute and i’m sure guests would love drawing all over the globe!

for those of us with less steady painting hands, a paint pen would probably be a good substitute for outlining the continents :-)


I love this so very, very much!! I think there’s an old globe collecting dust at my parents’ house that I’m going to have to steal…


How fabulous is this?!
I adore chalkboard paint, but after seeing it on so many walls, I was craving a more unique application.


oh wow, this is great! and there are so many color options with those smaller tubs of chalkboard paint at the craft store, i’ve been looking for a reason to try them out!


My husband is into maps and globes so I’m definitely going to try this ~ Thanks!


THANK YOU for this! I have been looking for a tutorial of a chalkboard globe with the continents forever! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!


I was just about to throw out an old globe that we have in our garage, but this little repurporsing DIY project will make the perfect gift for my hubby!


OMG – need to show this to my bf! We have been looking at globe for forever for our desk. This would be a very cool but cheap ‘dressing’ for a cheapy globe. thx!


We homeschool our four kids and I am always pulling out the maps – “See where this says, France? well, at this time it was called Gaul..” With this project I could draw the countries as they were at any point in history… What a wonderful idea!


I have one of those vintage chalk pull down classroom maps that I LOVE (and hangs as the centerpiece in my livingroom). This is a great idea for a globe!!!

I am a major, long time stalker and first time commentor; love your blog.

Mark Mcloughlin

WOW this is so cool, my 5 year old som has an old globe but its an antique so not sure I should be doing this to it.!!
Great idea though, just shows how old things can be bought back to life with a new twist.
I have a wall in my garden that I painted in chalkboard paint for the kids to draw on (and the adults) best thing is the rain washes it off, so no cleaning up.

Cindi aka oldblackcatboo

I grabbed up a globe at an estate sell thinking it was vintage, only to discover a website address on the bottom! LOL!
Thanks so much for this! Now I have something to do with it!

Cindi aka oldblackcatboo

Oops! Sale, not sell…
It’s still early! I must need more coffee!


Chalkboard paint and globes go together like chocolate and raspberries – awesome idea! Thank you!

Polly Danger

This project is absolute perfect for our library/botanical/Harry Potter themed living room! I’ve been passing up globes at the thrift store left and right lately- hope there are still one or two in my future!

d*s fan

Mark, I love your idea of painting an outdoor space with chalkboard paint!
I bet it’s safer than have kids play and draw on the driveway, not to mention it’s probably better for curb appeal too ;)


Oh my goodness, I love this, what a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing.


I LOVE this idea. How cute! I definitely want to make this for my office!


This is fun! I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve seen a vintage chalkboard globe, but it would be fun to have one or at least, make a ‘reproduction.’


What an awesome project for me and my 10 year old daughter to do ! She’ll love learning about the world , especially if she makes it {; )

Amy and Ellie


Dragged an old globe out of the garage this weekend and totally did this project. Turned out wonderfully! I love you design sponge.


How creative! This would be a great conversation piece at parties where everyone could mark what countries they’ve been to and share their stories.

Ashley A

The very day that I read this post, I quick stopped at a garage sale on my way home and picked one up for $1! SO excited to do this!


my globe has a bit of texture to it, for mountain ranges and such. do y’all think this will still work well for it?


Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more!

Missives From Suburbia

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I took a very circuitous route to your blog today, but you have given me the perfect inspiration for a homemade gift for my husband for Christmas. I promise to blog about it once it’s in his hands and link back to you.

Adriana @ nest

I LOVE this! Made it for a friend as a housewarming gift. I found that silver acrylic paint that I used wouldn’t cover the paint correctly so I used a paint pen instead.


I made this for my husband for Valentine’s day and he loved it! Thanks for the great idea and instructions.


I love this!! I’m thinking this will be my project over spring break!

Emily Rae

Wonderful. I always want to buy the globes I see at thrift stores but never had the vision to paint them — it seems so obvious now! I’ll be on the hunt this afternoon. This weekend is “makeover my room” weekend!

Sarah M.

I love this idea! I’m going to feature your tutorial on my blog. Thank you for sharing your creative talents with us!


LOVE the idea!!! Congrats!
So inspiring….

Kisses and blessings.
from Brazil


I LOVE the idea!!! Congrats!
So inspiring….

Kisses and blessings.
from Brazil

Thomas R

Low price to make, high value for those who receive it. And fun to make, I bet.

Chalkboards are losing ground to electronic “smartboards” and so forth. It is time they got their well deserved renaissance (comeback), and this time into our homes.

Having a “Wall” in your home, encourages people to use it. The non-permanence of the medium invites everyone to contribute. And: No batteries required. :D

Beth C

Think I will make my own colored chalkboard paint and then make this. What fun!


Cool project. I saw this on another blog and saw “Lydia” written in your globe so I clicked on it. I figured anything with that written on it had to be awesome :p
~ Lydia