dedo faux-fur message board

while i was gone i missed out on this email and loved it too much not to share it here again. so if you’ve already seen this online, sorry- but this is too cool not to post. gonçalo campos designed this simple-but-genius “dedo” message board using faux-fur. all you have to do is drag your finger through the fur and create your own drawings or messages. no chalk, no messy clean up- just rub the fur in the other direction to “erase”. dedo is available for sale right here in small quantities, but you can also click here to check out the board in more detail. thanks, gonçalo!

d*s fan

so clever! I remember attempting to do the same thing on my grandparent’s old shag carpeting :)


Did anyone else see Get Him To The Greek? Furry Walls! I absolutely love it!


Super cute. I’m tempted to go to my local fabric shop and see if they have a faux fur that would lend itself to a DIY version of this. The tactile nature would make it really fun for a kid’s room, I think.


“when the world slips you a jeffrey,
stroke the furry wall,
stroke the furry wall!”

yessssss, someone else was thinking the same thing i was!!


I’m with hyzen. I can’t help thinking how simple and cheap this would be to make myself. Really fun concept.


i know this post is about the message board, which is VERY cool….

BUT check out that chair! I love it :] any one know or care to share where it is from?


OMG I love it! I’m obsessed with rubbing fabric opposite ways. Put a microsuede pillow in front of me and I’m entertained for hours :) This is even better!


am I the only one who is creeped out by this? the texture– it’s giving me goosebumps!


Yay for “Get Him To The Greek” references! If only I had 165 euros…

Vegan Matters

I remember doing this with the carpets in my house as a child, haha. Interesting that someone has finally capitalized on it…


I do believe my children would use this more often than their chalkboard wall. Fantastic idea & thanks for sharing it with us!


i am going to do this myself but need help. does anyone know what faux fur is used? i went to a fabric store today. couldn’t find it. i should head to a better one with better fabrics. any hints would be nice!


Thanks for the inspiration! I tried out different fabrics at the fabric store. Their faux furs didn’t work well for me. I ended up getting some velour and stapling it over an old canvas. Love it!