bike madness: bikes, accessories, and inspired decor

by Grace Bonney

Now that we’ve met up with my current biking guru, Julie from Adeline Adeline, I’m excited to dive into the good stuff: bikes and bike accessories! I’ve been mentally planning this roundup since I bought my bike back in June, filing away great products here and there like a squirrel. So today I’m thrilled to finally share all 55 of my favorite bike-related designs for all levels of bike-enthusiast. Whether you’re an avid biker or a cycling novice (that’s me), this roundup has something for everyone: bikes, helmets, locks, books, and bike-inspired decor. I got a little carried away with all the bike options, but when the market is full of such amazing candy-colored bikes, it’s impossible to edit. If you have a bike favorite, feel free to share in the comments section below. I’m always on the hunt for cute bike bags and helmets. xo, grace

*quick update: i changed the bike sourcing for the electra girard bikes. d*s reader nadia informed me of their horrible online review and i confirmed them at the better business bureau. so please order your bikes through electra or one of their approved retailers. sorry guys!

Images above: 1. Nick Dewar Poster $34.99 ; 2. Pashley Handlebar Bag, $280; 3. Snake Bike Lock, $29.99; 4. Gypsy Grips, $14.99; 5. Electra Love Bell, $8.99; 6. Vintage Style Box Bag, $79; 7. Torpedo Light, $59.99; 8. Velorbis Dannebrog Bike, $1200 plus; 9. Public Red Brass Bell, $12; 10. Bensimon Slip-ons, $55

Images above: 1. Paper Source Wall Calendar, $27.95; 2. Bicycle Pannier, $64; 3. Jenny Grips, $14.99; 4. Cycloc Bike Lock, $92; 5. Nutcase Helmet, $40; 6. Summit Bell, $7.99; 7. Girard Bike by Electra

Images above: 1. Bike Snob, $16.95 (an urban-geared guide to the world of cycling); 2. Spoke Mirror, $59.95; 3. Cork Grips, $13; 4. Crane Bell, $12.99; 5. Bicycle Craft Paper, $1.95; 6. Bensimon Sneakers (great for casual riding), $55; 7. Leather Bicycle Streamers, $7.99; 8. Kara Ginther Leather Saddles, $99–$345 (for a custom design); 9. Hoxton Wire Basket, $160; 10. Velorbis Carrier Crate (check website for retailer near you)

Images above: 1. Girard Bike by Electra ; 2. Abici Donna 1 Bike, $950; 3. Public D3 Bike, $690; 4. Gary Fisher Simple City 8, $750; 5. Abici Uomo 1 Bike, $950; 6. Abici Donna 1 Bike, $950; 7. Girard La Fonda del Sol Bike by Electra ; 8. Areaware Strida Bike, $999 (it’s a folding bike!)

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Images above: 1. Alexandra Cassaniti Bike Bag, $120; 2. Polli Cycle Necklace $51; 3. Girard Circles Bike ; 4. Bike Print Socks, $12; 5. Nutcase Helmet, $50; 6. Bicycle Stamp, $8.95; 7. Pylones Bicycle Bell, $19.50; 8. Quick-release Wicker Basket, $39.99

Images above: 1. Girard Quatrefoil Bike, $799.99; 2. Electra Seafoam Bike, $480; 3. Gary Fisher Simple City 8, $750; 4. Velorbis Student Balloon Bike, $1295; 5. Linus Dutchie 1, $399; 6. Velorbis Studine Balloon Bike, $1295

Images above: 1. Beatrice Holiday Handlebar/Shoulder Bag, $84; 2. Clip-on Shopping Bag, $75; 3. Bicycle Necklace, $68; 4. Bicycle Card Set, $7.50

Images above: 1. Bicycle Pint Glass, $35 for four; 2. Pair of Bike Lamps, $63

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  • Wow I love this post… I have a bike and couldn’t live without it… thank you for sharing all these interesting bike related things!!

  • I love this post! I work in the bike industry as a designer, and I’m constantly inspired by all the wonderful bike-related products out there.
    If you haven’t seen these helmet/covers yet, you should check them out – so stylish! http://www.yakkay.com/
    emily b

  • I think I may have what borders on a bike obsession. I just donated my old bike, Jazz, to a boys and girls summer camp since I am traveling around Europe but I’ve been in mourning ever since. Throughout my trip I’ve tried to rent a bike wherever I am, which is surprisingly easy in Europe because there is no best way to experience a city than by bike. Trust me.
    Anyway, these are all so much fun and I guess I can start getting excited about the possibility of a new bike someday even though I miss Jazz terribly.

  • That bicycle seat is a work of art! This reminds me that my own bike has been sorely neglected…guess that’s what happens when you buy a cute one-speed cruiser despite living in a hilly town.

  • Love this post (and all bike-related posts especially!)
    My husband works at Brooklyn Bike and Board here in Prospect Heights, so we have a soft spot in our home for bikes. For his birthday I recently found a lot of bicycle printwork on BuyOlympia.com and he loved this poster so much that I thought it was worth mentioning here. The colors are perfect as is the sentiment. :)

  • oh boy, i’m audibly swooning over here. what a great collection, all the baskets/bags/boxes for the handlebars! that’s exactly what my cruiser is missing…

  • i feel so in sync with this bike obsession right now. so much so that it made me want to start my own blog about the bike trips i’ve been taking from my home in greenpoint brooklyn! thanks for this post!

  • holy moly those saddles are incredible! makes me want to invest in carving tools and start digging into my brooks..maybe not the best idea!

  • Yay, biking! I wanted to add a note about the magazine Momentum. It’s a great source for articles and reviews on great gear for those of us who want to look good while we pedal places, as well as general biking awesomeness. I pick it up for free at my local bike shop.

  • Thanks so much! I love all thinks bike and biking. I especially like the bells you included. I also recommend Globe Bikes for beautiful, useful and pretty affordable bikes (I like the Daily line)…

  • On my city bike, I installed these crocheted skirt guards from the Netherlands. Thanks to Google Translate, I e-mailed Simone, the designer, in Dutch to inquire about them and of course she answered back in perfect English. I love the guards, and people from all walks of life stop me to compliment them. And the fact that I can wear a long trench coat without having it sucked up the spokes is a big PLUS.

    I know I’m sounding like a total schill, but…


  • Thanks for the great post Grace! I am right in the midst of a city bike search and have been overwhelmed by the many options. This couldn’t have come at a better time!

    One thing I wanted to point out was that many of your Electra bikes link to Harbor Country Bikes. I’ve never purchased a bike from them and so I’m hesitant to speak poorly of them, but a quick google search pulled up a TON of complaints from online customers who were charged but never got their bikes. So buyer take care (though this should apply to all online purchases)!

    • nadia

      oh yikes! thanks for the heads up- i’ll do some more research and look into that! i’ll check the BBB, too.


      • thank you so much for the heads up nadia! i checked the better business bureau and they have an F rating- eek! i guess those prices were too good to be true. i changed the listings and made a note in the post- thank you!


  • The Girard bikes are amazing! I love retro-inspired bikes. I don’t even have a bike, but I love to look at them. Fantastic colors. I will definitely be buying one of these if I ever move too far away from the metro to walk. Thanks for all the great info!

  • Lots of cute ideas here, but when you buy your bike, please don’t walk out without a new helmet. I know, they are dorkey (there are only 2 shown here, proof of that), but as someone who has landed on their head (chain broke), helmets are a necessity for even the shortest sprint!

    • jen

      agreed! i definitely don’t want anyone to walk out without a helmet and lights for their bike- or some safety tips! julie gives some great novice bike tips in the video below this. i didn’t include a ton of helmet options because i basically only like the nutcase-style helmets and didn’t want to keep showing the same style over and over ;)


  • What a great way to start my week! Couldn’t help but grin … those socks and necklace!

    The Linus Dutchi is a thing of beauty. Don’t know about elsewhere but if you’re in LA be sure to visit Coco’s Variety on Riverside – they’re exactly what you want in your community bike shop. Authorized Linus dealer, lots of cool bike stuff and the staff is straight up all heart & soul. (No, I don’t get paid by them, cross my heart!)

    If you’re not in LA, the Coco’s blog is still fun to read (but be warned it might inspire you to move!)

    Check the sweet cherry blossom panniers! http://www.cocosvariety.com/2010/07/linus-bicycles.html

  • Love this post so much, it’s inspired my to dust off my treadly and get it ready for the Australian Summer…..I need a new bell too, so thanks for the ideas! Keep up the great posts, it brightens my work day!

  • this is now and forever truly my favourite blog just because of this BEAUTY of a post. wow. i had no idea there were so many simply adorable things related to bikes. I LOVE YOU DESIGN SPONGE!

  • what a great post! i’m surprised the Electra Amsterdam isnt included though… i love the traditional ‘dutch’ style of it especially in black. they’re very affordable…i’ve had 3 bikes stolen in 5 years here in nyc so the fact that i wont be devastated like i would be if it was say $1200 is a real plus.

    also Kronan bikes are awesome too…based on vintage swedish military designs.

  • my husband and i recently found two 30 year old, matching Raleigh Twenties in the trash! We’ve got one in stylish riding condition and the other is up on the stand. They are beautiful. and i topped mine of with a soft, patterned seat cover from mellow velo key west.

  • This is a brilliant post filled all the things I’ve been considering as I’ve been just trying to get into the swing of bike riding again. Thank you!

  • I actually squealed out loud when I saw this post! Lots of great finds both in the posts and the comments. (Bike garters? Total gen.i.us.)
    You may want to edit the description of the Cycloc – it’s actually a brilliant bicycle storage solution, not a lock.
    My bikes and accessories I already have are mostly vintage (Raleigh) or handmade, but I still have my wish list: Bern helmets, the genius Po Campo handbag, child seats from BoBike, Knog lights, Abus locks, …. I think you may need to do a followup post!

    • hi deborah!

      the cycloc definitely isn’t a lock itself, but it lets you lock your bike into the rack, so that’s why i listed the lock part.


  • You missed a couple of the most Stunning Retro bicycles.
    Like the Pedersen Bicycle (since 1893 and you can stil get them) or a Alex Moulton (1962) as a Dutch bicycle mechanic im all in for the old fashioned Dutch bike styling displayed by Electra.

    PS Jasbeschermers are traslated as coatprotectors becouse, before the 1940’s only men rode bicycles and 3/4 long coats were in fashion.
    Electra took its ispriation from the firs lady’s bicycle build in our country made by BURGERS FIETSEN


  • Such fab things! Had to chuckle at the inclusion of the Bike Snob book, as my husband’s been a fan of that wierdly esoteric bike blog for ever and has started inserting his wierd language quirks into even my speech.

  • I’ve had the Snake Bike Lock in the past, its adorable, but its pretty much useless as an actual lock.

  • I have the Pylones Bicycle Bell. Its really cute… but that’s about it. No one will hear it ring from 10 feet away on the street.

  • Flavor Paper makes a bicycle inspired wall paper called “Flower Pedal” that would fit in with your assorted bike designs above!

  • I got into a super nasty bicycle crash this last August… in spite of that, once the weather gets a little better, (and I can walk without a limp again), I’ll be back on a bike… and LOVE collecting bicycle stuff in the meantime. Thanks for this awesome posting!

  • I have a wonderful Bicycle built for two that I am putting in my shop as soon as I get it cleaned up and ready to go!! It is wonderful, and so is this bike collection you have assembled. Thanks!

  • I just got a cool retro style bicycle crate at VeloCandy.com. Much nicer than the others I’ve seen. Even has a coffee cup holder!

  • Thanks for your comments about the Bensimon sneakers ! I am all yours to assist! Catherine @ Bensimon!