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best of: bikes

by Amy Azzarito

As a new bike owner, I’ve become hyper-aware of everyone’s ride. So it’s no wonder that, when browsing through the sneak peek archives, I was immediately drawn to all the prominently displayed bikes. If you live in an apartment, you may be forced to figure out a creative way to incorporate your bike into the design scheme, but with such pretty bikes, who needs a garage? Here are examples of bikes in nearly every room in the house — kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms! — Amy A.

Image above: Love this elegant black bike in Red Hook, Brooklyn. From sneak peek: jewels of new york.

Image above: When Cheri and David moved from California to Paris, their bikes made the journey too! From sneak peek: cheri of scout holiday.

Image above: Kitchen bike storage! From sneak peek: gemma ahern.

Image above: Jen and Omar use the Delta Leonardo Single Bicycle Rack to wall-mount their bikes. From sneak peek: jen + omar of these are things.

CLICK HERE for more sneak peek bikes!

Image above: Vintage bike in Melbourne, Australia, from sneak peek: neryl walker.

Image above: Entryway bike storage made a little more special with pink handlebars against a blue wall. From sneak peek: danielle deboe.

Images above from left: Custom-built bike from {mini} sneak peek: zelda and a bike reminiscent of a classic Dutch ride from sneak peek: eunice of hello! lucky.

Image above: A modern carbon-fiber bike outfitted with vintage-looking accessories from sneak peek: twig and fig.

Image above: Beautiful bike in this amazing Singapore home from sneak peek: aun and su-lyn.

Image above: Inspired by ’50s and ’60s French bicycle design, these Linus bikes are perfect for riding around the neighborhood or weekend trips to the farmer’s market. From sneak peek: max wanger.

Image above: Adam is a bike mechanic, so it’s no wonder that this couple’s rides have a prominent place in their Philadelphia dining room. From sneak peek: halligan norris smith and adam smith.

Image above: Living room bike parking in Portland, Oregon, from sneak peek: kate bingaman-burt.

Image above: Thomas Wold keeps his bike close at hand for his daily commutes to his studio. From sneak peek: thomas wold.

Image above: A bear by artist David Smith guards a refurbished Raleigh from sneak peek: kathryn hunter.

Image above: This once open courtyard in Buenos Aires now has a glass roof, which turned it into the perfect dining room and bike storage spot. From sneak peek: eliza jane curtis.

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  • Love the post and can’t wait for best of: lamps (not done yet, right?). I do have a question though and that is- Why are the posts stretched out across? It’s been like this for a week or so.

    • g

      can you send me a screenshot of what you see? i’m getting that error on any browsers when i try it. if you can send me an image of what you mean (or describe what section is stretched out) i can ask our coder to look into it :)

      grace (email is “designsponge AT gmail DOT com”)


  • our beach bikes are kept in the garage, when not left outside to rust away in the elements. now I want to bring them in to add sculptural interest to my home decor scheme! love this.

  • I love this post, but the video ads are making it pretty slow to click through the slideshow (and I am on a very fast connection). Great material though!

    • mnop

      are you clicking through the thumbnails? you can just click “read more” and view the images on one page, no extra clicking or ads loading ;)


  • I really envy all those clean walls next to the bikes. I usually have mine standing in the back yard because I use it quite often.
    But in my old flat I had to keep it in the hallway and you were soon able to tell where by the marks on the wall left by dirty tires…any suggestions?

  • This is a great post. When the BF and I moved into our place a few weeks ago, we realized we didn’t have enough storage space for his mountain bike, so we put it in the office area of the living room. I’ve grown to love its place there.

  • oh, this is lovely! now i wish i would have decorated around my bikes instead of putting them in the garage and being stolen!

  • As an avid cyclist (married to an avid cyclist) bikes in our home have always been a factor in our decorating – while not always a pretty sight.

    Love this post and seeing so may nice ways bicycles become part of homes. I wrote up a little about two of the hooks/racks spotted in this post — the Leonardo Wall Hook + Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand:

    Keep up the bike love!

  • I used to also keep my bike in my living room. But it left horrible marks on my hardwood floors that I haven’t been able to get off, so it’s been banished to the garage. I notice that most of these homes also have wood floors. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix them?

  • I finally took some photos (link below) of our living room bike storage set up — three bikes hanging using the Leonardo Wall Hook + bike gear/tool storage with IKEA’s ALEX drawer system. Thought I’d share!


    Also, Tisha, some advice on dealing with hardwood floors and bikes…
    I never bring a bike further then the front door after riding in any kind of wet weather — this will track in water and dirt. Just wipe down the bike frame and wheels with an old towel and let it dry as much as possible before letting it enter your living space.
    In case you ever get dirt/grim/ grease on the floors use a bit of diluted Simple Green solution which makes it easy to wipe off grease (hence it works great on cleaning up your bike too).

  • Thanks for this. Now I can convince my husband to get his own bike without worryin how we should store it together with mine in our tiny flat. All we need to do is display it! Not hide it!