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best of: bedrooms (part two)

by Grace Bonney

breaking up our sneak peeks for the best of bedrooms roundup has been the hardest task so far in this series. with so many beautiful bedrooms, how can i possibly narrow it down to 25? so i’m not. i’m going to have my cake and eat it to, and by that i mean: three “best of” bedrooms posts (here is last month’s “part one”). bedrooms have always been my favorite part of any home because they’re everyone’s quiet sanctuary- a place to rest, restore, and feel comfortable. and today i’m rounding up 25 more of my favorite bedrooms from our nearly 600 home sneak peek archive. if you’re looking for bedroom design inspiration, or just a little eye-candy, i hope you’ll enjoy part two today! xo, grace

[image above: carol neily’s soft peach-colored bedroom is my dream bedroom. simple, feminine, and sophisticated (and in france!)]

[image above: david stark’s brooklyn bedroom is the perfect shade of pale pink]

[image above: nicolette owen‘s blue brooklyn bedroom]

[image above: diane stafford’s bedroom makes teal and red look chic]

[image above: shauna and stephen’s bedroom is full of surprises (like a swinging bench! see full peek for images)]

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[image above: the matching beds in lucy allen gillis’ guest bedroom are some of my favorite we’ve ever run]

[image above: shauna and stephen’s bedroom]

[image above: i love the brown bedding in mara zepeda’s bedroom]

[image above: i love the use of vintage doors as a headboard in corbin lee gurkin’s south carolina bedroom]

[image above: abigail ahern’s chic minimalist bedroom]

[image above: alethea’s wild-west bedroom for her son]

[image above: i love the curtain in front of ann wood’s bedroom– it’s actually bits of lace pinned onto a simple pottery barn curtain]

[image above: brad dufton’s bedroom]

[image above: i love the wooden shutters in candice’s brooklyn bedroom]

[images above: bedrooms in carol neily’s french homes in lyon (above) and balmont (below)]

[image above: it’s hard to beat the natural light in photographer penny de los santos’ bedroom]

[image above: brad dufton’s bedroom]

[image above: rainbow fade walls in joy thigpen’s daughter’s room]

[image above: a dramatic blue bedroom in the home of vosges’ katrina markoff]

[image above: a painted headboard acts as a bit of DIY design in a la finca estate]

[image above: laura aviva’s bedroom]

[image above: a pink light brings a swanky feel to allison’s bedroom]

[image above: morgan satterfield’s bedroom]

[image above: nina gotlieb‘s bedroom]

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