before & after: studio renovation from johnny vintage

Some people can juggle multiple projects at once and execute them all fabulously. I admire this skill and am insanely jealous of such people. I can’t seem to handle more than one venture at a time without becoming utterly overwhelmed and morphing into a tornado of unpleasantness and anxiety that my boyfriend lovingly nicknamed “Stressball.” It would probably benefit me to take lessons in multitasking from Jonnie Anderson, the incredibly talented woman behind this studio makeover and myriad other successes. Her amazing etsy shops Johnny Vintage and The Spiced Pear carry some of the best vintage out there, plus she holds an MFA in photography and has a few design blogs in the works. Johnny’s eye for vintage is exceptional, as is this clean, bright and airy studio that her family has created out of an old hatchery. Originally converted by her mother into a farm shop for rebuilding cars (her little brothers’ work), the whole family now uses the space for multiple projects. Jonnie’s prop styling pops against the all-white backdrop and the combination of the bright studio setting and her crisp photography results in truly irresistible vignettes. I want to snatch everything up in one swoop! Thanks for sharing, Jonnie! — Kate

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CLICK HERE for more of Johnny’s studio makeover after the jump!


Oh no, they painted those beautiful wooden walls? A part of me just died…


I love the weird little bed ottoman thing. No sleeping allowed! Just comfortable sitting.


i have to agree with sara. loved the wood (and concrete!) before painting. great styling of objects and if they love it, that’s what matters!

Oh oh oh oh oh!!!! I love everything in there! Please please can I move in? Painted floors, enamel pans, vintage appliances. Seriously, I need a vacation – can I come and stay for awhile?


The second floor of our shop (our apartment) looks exactly like this. Wood walls, same doors and trim. I could never bring myself to paint it!

Hazel Stone

I’m with you. How could they paint those lovely warm wood walls??!?! The decor looks nice though.


Very nice, original… dont know where you get the ideias… it is lovely little and pratical as well…

Connie Hardwick

The wall items above the bed are sooooo cool! I am greatly envious of those who have the courage AND eye to put such a diverse collection together. WOW! Could you come to my home PLEASE?!


Grace Bonney


i tried to email you, re: your comment, but your email bounced back. please email me at designsponge at gmail dot com to discuss.