before and after

before & after: mackenzie + joanne’s dressers

by Kate Pruitt

I hope the powers-that-be won’t exile me for saying this, but the American flag just doesn’t measure up to the visual prowess of the British flag. Plus, the British flag has a better nickname. Maybe we should put this to a vote — who would you rather hang out with, Union Jack or Old Glory? Actually, given the image I’m picturing, it’s kind of a toss-up. When Mackenzie and her anglophile boyfriend returned from abroad to set up a home together in the States, she wanted to create something for her significant other that had a masculine, effortless style to it. Painting the Union Jack design does not look easy, and apparently it wasn’t. But her precision really paid off; this piece is totally cool in a casual rock ‘n roll kind of way, and it looks great with their surrounding decor. Great job, Mackenzie! — Kate

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Joanne’s upcycled furniture projects already made a splash on Design Milk last week, but this particular transformation of an old beat-up dresser is too amazing to resist posting. Joanne and her business partner Anthony run Think Contemporary, an interior design firm in Dublin. They’ve started to refurbish old furniture pieces using paint and vinyl. Vinyl decals have been increasingly popular the past few seasons, but most of the designs revolve around silhouettes and solid monochromatic shapes. I think Joanne’s use of vinyl to create a multicolor landscape over the front of these drawers gives the medium new energy, and if I lived in Dublin I would be all over this piece. I would literally grab it and hold it close, I like it so much. You can contact them about their furniture and see more work here. Thanks for sharing, Joanne!

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