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before & after: jennifer’s bedroom + amy’s key portrait

by Kate Pruitt

The best part of a before and after project is the big reveal — the more dramatic the transformation, the more satisfying that first peek at the “after” image. This bedroom makeover from Jennifer provides one of the most satisfying reveals I’ve had yet! Amazingly, the color palette in these two rooms is essentially the same — white, tan, cream, and pink — and the furniture hasn’t changed. Notice what a difference the subtle shift in hues and the few small but significant changes to the objects make to the room as a whole. To update her daughters’ bedroom, Jennifer went with a warmer, more sophisticated tan color for the walls, swapped out the bubblegum pink ruffles for a subdued peach floral curtain, and “purified” the furniture by stripping away the bright paint from the night stand and the flowery upholstery from the bed frames. Oh, and let’s not disregard the amazing butterfly frame vignettes above each bed. Jennifer clearly has a keen design sensibility; I love the composition of everything in this room! There are many reasons to want a second childhood — I want one so I can share a room just like this with my big sister. Amazing makeover, Jennifer! — Kate

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Decoupage queen bee Amy found this piece of art at a hobby shop and used her favorite material to give it a majorly fun makeover. I’m loving the dynamic energy in Amy’s colorful key portrait. The keys appear to hang of their own accord, perhaps for a little gab session, which I imagine to be about the pains of having to open humongous doors. I would probably leave the gilded frame untouched, but I do love how her bright blue and green pallet transforms this somewhat stodgy, overly ornate mess into a fun and cheeky piece of art. You can see how Amy achieved this look here. Great work, Amy!

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  • Thank you so much for featuring my girls room today! I was so excited when it came up on my reader this morning! There room was such a mish-mosh for so long, it was nice to finally be able to get it together!

  • The girls’ bedroom is beautiful! I love that Jennifer kept the bunny rabit lamp, but revamped it. It makes a great object d’ art. I wish I had a room that beautiful when I was a girl…it’s so simple and refined. Bravissimo!

  • wow! that room makeover is so sweet. i love when all/most of the same furniture is used. good job jennifer!!

  • WOW i love the butterflies in the frame! They keep the room whimsical but sophisticated. I’d love to know how you made them or where you got the butterflies.

  • Amazing bedroom make over! But watch out Jennifer, I think I would still be living at home with my little sister if we had a room this lovely.

  • That bedroom is so gorgeous and lovely – I’m blown away!

    The keys & frame, however, looked better before.

  • That bedroom is so awesome, I wish I had a little girl just so I can recreate it! What a great makeover.

  • The room is just fantastic! What a maceover! But why doing this to the keys…. oh the were so so pretty before and now not so much. Oh that is just sad – I would have taken them and made them feel beautiful in my home…

  • I’m sad people are sad about the keys. :) I may not always fall head over heels in love with every piece shown in before & after, but I always admire the creative efforts and bravery in sharing by the diy-ers. I say, if you love it, and it fits in your home, it’s perfect and is just as it’s meant to be. We’re all beautiful the way we are, the way we want to be. End rose-tinted glasses comment of the day. :D

  • Thanks so much for the feature!!! For those who are worried about the keys, no antiques were murdered in the making of this portrait. They were NOT antiques – not even real keys. If you check out the entry, it was a broken piece of cheap craft store art that I found on deep discount, and I just revamped it. Cheers and I’m glad so many like it!!

  • I love the before and after makeovers! What a difference in the bedroom. Love the taupe and white combination. And Amy can have the key to my craft room anytime!

  • Amy is the best, I can’t wait to see what Mod Podge or other crafty thing she has come up with everyday!

  • Jennifer’s room looks lovely and Amy’s key portrait looks like a million dollars. I love the color combo and the flawlessness of the paint and background decoupage.

  • Can you tell us where you found the beautiful butterflies from? Also, what paint color is that? It’s just divine!!! :)

    • sha

      see amy’s comment above- they’re not vintage keys:

      “They were NOT antiques – not even real keys. If you check out the entry, it was a broken piece of cheap craft store art that I found on deep discount, and I just revamped it. Cheers and I’m glad so many like it!!”


  • OMG that is AMAZING can you make me one for my room? I love the color, frame and the keys, what a wonderful idea Amy

  • The color is BM Lenox Tan color matched in their Aura line, and the butterflies were cut from old book pages and glued together. The curtain is actually quilt store fabric from Moda. I loved it because it had a vintage feel. I find that the quilt store has a lot of options that the fabric store doesn’t. And since most of it is cotton it washed really well.
    I think Amy’s keys are brilliant. Isn’t she so talented?

  • I did a fabulous job of my oldest daughter’s room and within days all my cleverness was being gently and surreptitiously undone….how does one satisfy one’s desire for design in a child’s scheme without subjecting them to my will!!!!! What happens to all their tasteless but much loved stuff!!?

  • I was lucky enough to inherit 60 antique skeleton keys from my step mother. They came from cemetaries in England. I would never paint them, but love the look. I think the Key Art is FABULOUS! It is fun and whimsical, wish it fit in my decor, unfortunately, the before would match better :( I will be on the lookout for some similar decor keys…

  • Jennifer I would love to know how you made those
    butterflies. Do you have a tutorial on your website? I’ve looked
    but can’t find it. Love the idea and want to recreate it! Thanks so
    much for the beautiful room.