before & after: david’s cabinet + elizabeth’s fireplace

I really like it when graphic designers take on furniture renovations; they always find a way to add a beautiful graphic twist to the project. This cabinet from David is a perfect example. David loves typography and letter forms, so when it came to fixing up this cabinet abandoned by his home’s previous owner, he knew he wanted to add type to the design. The result is beautiful! The mix of big and small fonts adds a nice touch, as well. I’m totally into black furniture right now — maybe I need to make something like this for myself . . . if only David could fly out here and design the type. Great work, David! — Kate

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Okay, I love this makeover! I have to say that right off the bat. I kind of hate it though, because it makes me even more desperate to have an apartment with a fireplace. My imaginary fireplace looks just like this one. The white and black contrast is gorgeous. I also love Elizabeth’s wall color choice and her composition on the mantel and the wall above. Clearly, this fireplace isn’t the only stylish thing in her home. We’ve actually featured another one of her before & afters previously: this telephone table. Elizabeth, you own a fireplace and a telephone table?? I’m too jealous to continue . . . Thanks for sharing again, Elizabeth!

Lori Plyler

At first I thought, “well I kinda like the top pic!”. Then, well, now I kinda love the next with the number. So original.


These are both gorgeous. The second one leaves me crossing my fingers that I might, some day, be able to persuade my husband that we should paint the brick on our fireplace…


Is that pendant light in Elizabeth’s living room the one from Ikea?? I have been wanting that…looks fab!


I totally did the same – thought “oh no, please don’t paint that” then saw the result…swoon….mmmm…..beautiful
From Another typophile

John Lawler

That David has more talent in his pinkie than most people have in a lifetime.


perhaps we need to do some research on faux fireplaces, for those of us who love them and dont have one. :)


I’m curious what David used for his cabinet top? I have a dresser I’ve been redoing but the top was so badly warped I had to peel it off. Now looking for an acceptable top if I don’t use thin wood pieces.


this is my all-time favorite blog column (before and after); the things that people create just blow my mind :) I’ll have to send in some of my future creations for consideration!

David Ekizian

There was no top on the old cabinet to begin with- so I used some new poplar 1×8 stock that I had- I wanted the piece to be a bit rustic- so I did not worry too much about what would happen to it over time.


I really should come around here more often. So much inspiration for the furniture we have. Love that cabinet.


I love David’s choice of color for his cabinet. The grey paint looks substantial and sophisticated. The typography is nice as well. Awesome job!


Excellent concept! Would also make a great bar for a man cave! or covered patio.