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before & after: catherine’s lamp + victoria’s chandelier

by Kate Pruitt

I’ve already confessed to loving “Frankenfurniture.” Weird, black sheep furniture. Freaks and Geeks furniture. Needless to say, this (lamp? shelf? curio cabinet?) object from Catherine is near and dear to my heart. Not only is it multipurpose, it looks multipurpose and I love that. She simply sanded the little thing and attached a corded bulb to the drawer’s handle; now it’s an adorable bookshelf and lamp! I know it may not be everyone’s style, but I truly adore the bare, industrial simplicity of this creation. You can see more about the process on Catherine’s site. Her website is in german, but you can definitely get the drift from the images, and if you can speak or read the language, please teach me! Great project, Catherine! — Kate

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It will never cease to amaze me how a simple paint job can make a once-ordinary item spectacular. But sometimes the opposite is true — an amazingly beautiful object hiding under a layer(s) of hideous paint. What I’ve learned from the Before & After projects over the years is that context is everything and style is subjective, with perhaps a few exceptions — some things are just plain ugly. Taking that into consideration, I love the result of this purple paint job from Victoria. The plum color on the chandelier is striking, and the subtly iridescent finish allows the beautifully curved shapes of the chandelier to shine through. The original beyond-shiny brass distracted from the form of the piece, in my opinion. I think you’ll have to agree this is a job well done, especially when you consider that this whole piece cost Victoria only $10. I know fall has arrived, but it’s never too early/late/whatever to dream about spring tea parties and flowering gardens, is it? You can see more of this chandelier on the cover of the online publication Nonpareil. Beautifully done, Victoria!

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