1canoe2 letterpress calendars

for some reason i only think of calendars in the fall and winter. something about the summer demands a sort of loosey-goosey-ness that makes calendars feel far too rigid for me. but when fall kicks in and jackets go on, i feel the need to get my schedule (and life) into order. though we’re four months away from 2011, it’s never too early to start planning which pretty calendar you’ll be using for next year- and these new letterpress poster calendars from 1canoe2 are my first suggestion. carrie and beth drew four new designs for 2011 and letterpress printed them in a large poster size (11×14) for easy framing. each of the four designs (“the farm”, “flower garden”, “boats” and “things that are long”- that last one is more innocent that it sounds to my immature ears) are available right here for $22. here’s to calendar season! xo, grace


They have beautiful work, but don’t download the catalog! I went to their website and downloaded their online catalog, but was unable to open it and now can’t delete it from my computer’s desktop. I haven’t gotten a response via email and can’t locate a phone number. :(