weekly wrap up + nightwood

last night i walked over to be@schemerhorn with julia and amy to check out nightwood‘s amazing new pop-up shop. nadia and myriah have created a seriously stunning collection of furniture, pillows, artwork, and decorative house-like structures that will be on display (and for sale) now through october 31st.

if you’ve ever wanted to see nightwood‘s unique style of work (the bark rug- real bark backed with rubber- and portrait chairs are my favorites) head on over and check it out right here. starting next month, we’ll be teaming up with nightwood and a few special guest artists for a series of d*s crafting events at the same location! stay tuned for more details, but until then, i snapped some pictures from the event last night and hope they can give you an idea of some of the amazing work nightwood built for the show. i’m heading out for the weekend, so until monday- have a wonderful weekend and if you missed anything this week, a summary of this week’s highlights is below. xo, grace

*ps: click here for a sneak peek into nadia + myriah’s beautiful brooklyn home

[image above: delicious homemade ricotta from salvatore brooklyn]

Sandra Kuwartowski

I looked at the website of nightwood and discoverd the “warehouse pillows” which are so beautiful – patchworked of organic canvas. Their chairs and pillows are amazing artworks.


For the “burlap ribbon”, go to your local upholstery supply shop or diy upholstery online. You’ll find it with the upholstery supplies.


this is really interesting, thanks for sharing. their pieces feel genuinely different to me. i like the contrast between some of the materials especially as many elements have a found / recycled look. you can kind of see their workings giving it a masculine feel (to me) then some embroidery thrown in to mix it up. cool.


Love, love, love this blog! I have to say, I’m in the planning stages of opening my own creative, quirky business and I’m constantly impressed by the creativity around us. Thanks so much for providing this forum!

Edibeth Farrington

salvatore brooklyn is AWESOME! The best ricotta and the olive oil is sublime. Support Betsy and her deliciousness:)


Wow a rug made entirely of bark? Very neat! Another great source for natural wood is Vermont Farm Table. Last year I bought a farm table made from local, reclaimed barn wood.


what is this lamp made of in the picture with the babyblue armchair?
is it a lamp at all? awesome!