v&a pattern books

yesterday after i got back from terrain i ended up sitting in front of my bookshelf trying to make room for a few new garden-related books i got. among the stacks of things i’ve yet to process were these beautiful v&a pattern books that i’d been meaning to write about two months? i know, i really need to get a bit more organized at home.

the v&a in london has been producing a spectacular line of pattern books for a while now, and i spent most of last night and this morning poring over their kimono, owen jones, and novelty patterns books. each book is packed with amazing pattern designs, which come in digital form in an enclosed cd that you’re welcomed to use for personal use (all commercial projects have to be run by their image dept). i fell in love with so many of the novelty patterns and could immediately imagine how fun they’d be to print out and use for parties, weddings, or envelope liners. each book is under $10 and is small enough to fit in your purse, so if you’re looking for a little visual inspiration on your commute, or just some eye-candy to check out at home, click here to check out all of the recent pattern books on the v&a site.