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under $100: nightstands

by Amy Azzarito

i’m smack in the middle of a major effort to freshen up my own bedroom – and as i get ready for the big reveal,  i’ve been totally immersed in all things sleepytime related! so i thought it would be fun to take a little look at the often-overlooked, yet frequently used nightstand! as you look through these nightstand options, you may notice that i’m not really into the traditional versions (particularly the under $100 variety)! you get much more bang for your design buck by using side tables, storage cubes or even shelves. in my real life, my current nightstands are a stack of vintage suitcases on one side and my desk on the other – but i’m thinking of making a change – and i’m kind of loving that metal accordian side table above.  –amy a.

[image above, clockwise from left: owl lamp $39.99, french carafe & glasses royal vkb $30, anything alarm clock $69, harvey lobster nightstand $99.95, metal accordian side table $60, mimic lemongrass cube $79.95, mary kate & ashley table lamp $52.20,  sophie brown bentwood butterfly table $70.99]

[image above, clockwise from left: uptown round side table $92, beddington adjustable accent lamp $89-99, utility pendant lamp $39.95, rose line table lamp $99.95, handmade silver tray table $79.95, digital clock $35, mirrored side table $89.99 buzz yellow c table $99.95 odda nightstand $49.99, c table $15, cora carafe $9.95]

[shelf as nightstand, branch brackets $40-50]

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  • wow! the shelf as a nightstand is such a good idea… never ever occurred to me. it looks so nice with the branches, not to mention ho easy it makes vacuuming. I also love the accordion and the butterfly tables.

  • Thanks for this! I dislike my current nightstand and have been looking for new options and that lemongrass cube might solve all my problems.

  • oh, great. now i have to completely redecorate my apartment just to accomodate those incredibly lovely branch shelf brackets!!! >:[ :]

  • Bedrooms are the best rooms in the house to design and decorate! Can’t wait to see your reveal…hopefully you used some of the great pieces you featured!

  • These are all very nice. My design challenge is, I don’t want a night stand next to my bed – I want a table, loaded with a lamp big enough to light most of the room, piles of books, a plant, a carafe for water, notebooks……….

  • I’m with Sarah (above) here. I have two nightstands & they have shelves. What I really need is one of them to have a drawer. So I’m looking at secondhand shops. Those things above? Really cute for people who apparently live in magazines. (And we all know that those places are tidied up before the shots:)

    Here’s a challenge–mass-made w/one drawer. I think Ikea has one. Don’t remember. Those above are for neat freaks. Sorry…

  • I’m with Susan. A drawer is a must-have for a nightstand. Otherwise mine becomes too cluttered. I’m amazed that not one of these beautiful options has a drawer. I’m still searching for the perfect one…

  • I thought I had a brilliant nightstand idea a few years back, when I bought two small bakers racks ( 3 0-3n shelves) at Bombay Company. I need a drawer, and they need a neater owner.

  • i use vintage tea carts! i am the neat one so i do not need a drawer, my husband on the other hand has a locker basket on his side to hide things in.

  • I also like the stands, they look simple yet stylish and is very suitable for my room. I think buying one can make my room a little more spacious :)

  • Susan & Kristina – I agree about the practicality of a drawer (and that most of us do not live in magazines :) Although not under $100, the Parsons night table from West Elm does have a small drawer and a shelf at the bottom (great for stacking books or a nice hold-all basket!) It’s solid wood & currently on sale for $149 … we have it on one side of our bed, with the Overstock version of the Parsons desk on the other.

  • I second your love of the accordian table. If you have sconces or pharmacy lamps for light (or chandeliers on each side of the bed), you don’t need a lot of space. Personally, a drawer just means I’ll stash and forget. I have magazine holders on each side of the bed and they work great–wicker baskets. That accordian table would work very well in my living room. Such a great price!

  • Perfect timing with this guide! Thank you! Searched at flea markets all weekend, as I wanted something vintage. But, when I saw that Target mirrored nightstand, I drove over there immediately and got it. Better even, the one I got has a drawer! $89 score! I can’t stop staring at it, it is so gorgeous.

  • I actually had the accordion table as a nightstand for my boyfriend’s side of the bed. He didn’t want to keep reaching over me to put his book away or hit the alarm, but our bedroom door opened very close to his edge of the bed, so we needed something small. We had a two-drawer Hollywood regency style nightstand on the other side, plenty of room for a lamp, books, water, and an iHome, but he wanted something on his side. It’s perfect for small spaces, just enough room for a book and a small alarm clock, maybe a glass of water too. We’ve (I’ve) since rearranged the bedroom so one side of the bed butts up against the door frame of the closet, so no room for two nightstands anymore, no matter how small. The table now lives across the room, and holds one of our two iHomes, so I can see the time from my side of the bed without having to sit up and look over my hulking boyfriend. :) Anyway, it’s a great little piece, but definitely little!

  • When shopping for new nightstands (while on a seriously small budget), i got frustrated at prices greater than i wanted to pay..So i bought 2 Ikea bar stools, painted them black, and used those instead! I even found trays to fit the rungs, meaning a little extra storage. Granted, my bed’s pretty high off the ground..