tikoli fall preview

i’m a big fan of tikoli‘s colorful tea towels so i was excited to get a little sneak peek at their fall/winter designs. tikoli will be releasing four new designs that are inspired by geometric forms from classic scandinavian and japanese design. each towel is hand silkscreened on cotton and will be available in stores and online later this fall (around october). if you want to sign up for the mailing list to get them as soon as they’re out, you can sign up here. thanks, maja!

The Art of Doing Stuff

O.K., I’m a tea towel freak. I LOVE them! They’re perfect accessories! In fact, the day I realized I loved tea towels soooo much was the day I decided I was a grown up. These Tikoli ones are unbelievable! Thank you D*S and Tikoli!


Oh, pretty! I wish tea towels were more functional though – I can never get them to soak up enough water to justify the cost.

Tricia Rose

The only problem is too-good-to-use syndrome. My mother once surveyed my tattered lot and asked, “Just what do you EXPECT from your tea-towels Tricia?” The answer sadly is, ultimate sacrifice…