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sneak peek: best of gallery walls

by Amy Azzarito

buying art = fun. bringing art home and trying to figure out where on your walls to put more art = sometimes not so fun. i’ve been totally inspired by these sneak peek homes to reexamine the art on my own walls. i love the displays that combine art with objects. and the thematic displays like nicolette’s cloud wall (below) definitely resonate with me. i’m feeling inspired to dig through my closet, pull out some unframed art and get hanging! –amy a.
[image above: round frames add to the visual interest in this foyer display from sneak peek: karen hill and frank marshal]

[image above: nicolette’s cloud wall in brooklyn. these photos have traveled with her to every apartment she’s lived in. from sneak peek: nicolette camille]

[image above: sarah’s london home is filled with art. the reward poster is made by sarah’s boyfriend henrik delehag. he lost his sketchbook that he had been working on for years full of beautiful typography spelling ‘sarah’. the couple managed to hunt it down eventually after posting this £300 reward poster. from sneak peek: supermarket sarah]

[image above: art wall in maria’s portland, maine home from sneak peek: maria vettese]

CLICK HERE for more art displays!

[image above: art wall above the sofa in this 1814 home providence, rhode island – the large picture is actually a scarf design from sneak peek: matthew bird]

[image above: bedroom silhouette wall in portland, oregon from sneak peek: trish grantham]

[image above: classic gallery wall space – the stairway! this stairway is lit by skylights so it’s the perfect place to showcase family photos, a few vintage illustrations, and other small prizes collected in NYC and Japan from sneak peek: rion nakaya]

[image above: not your average plate wall! these unique plates were made by copenhagen artist lisa grue from sneak peek: lisa grue of underwerket]

[image above: vintage photos in los angeles from sneak peek: kevin corn]

[image above: inspiration board in brooklyn from sneak peek: jill malek]

[image above: salon-style art display in copenhagen from copenhagen chronicles: clara zangenberg]

[image above: ran out of wall space for art? there’s always the doors! from sneak peek: hilda grahnat]

[image above: love this old photos and porcelain mix in baton rouge, louisana from sneak peek: kathryn hunter]

[image above: art display in the bathroom! from sneak peek: supermarket sarah]

[image above: photo wall in new york is constructed the “clips” style 4”x6” frames from ikea and is filled with favorite family snapshots from sneak peek: jorey hurley]

[image above: a mix-and-match selection of picture styles and frames that are interspersed them with other objects like giant lettering – all sourced from eBay and flea markets from sneak peek: gemma ahern]

[image above: this 10-foot-by-10-foot-by-15-foot cube creates separate rooms—the foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, office and walk-in closet – and is also the perfect canvas for this san francisco couple’s art! from sneak peek: andrew and heather wagner]

[image above: this dark wall in new york is the perfect canvas for art from sneak peek: susan and william brinson]

[image above: collection of artwork by friends in portland, oregon  – all with a bird theme! from sneak peek: trish grantham]

[image above: a narrow hallway in boston has become a bunny painting “salon” from sneak peek: susy pilgrim waters]

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  • oh my gosh, I am smitten over this! I just finished my gallery wall, but might do a little switch-a-roo after these inspirations!

  • Thank you SO MUCH for this. I have begun collecting art and vintage photographs but haven’t had to courage to display them yet. I think it really has to be done right in order to look good.
    Thanks for this inspiration!

  • great inspiration! i am arranging a few gallery walls of my own at the moment. can’t get enough of them, just lovely.

  • Wonderful inspiration! I’m currently collecting artwork for a gallery wall… I’m going to have to refer back to this round-up!

  • I have been half finished with my stairway gallery for almost a year. Thanks for the motivation to finish!

  • I LOVE Nicolette’s cloud wall. I saw it a while back and wanted to steal her idea, but I never did. No wall space left for it now though.

  • love this post! question for you, one one wall I have a gallery of empty vintage frames, is it too much to do the next wall over (with a hallway in between) gallery style artwork?

  • Oh, the cloud wall project! I have a similar project, but with little oil painted canvas. For inspiration, I was taking photographs of skies since some months… I even doubt if I prefer the photograph wall or the oil painting one :P

  • I love the stairway galleries and would love to hang a large textile/artwork in my stairway. Does anyone have any advice on how to hang it without the use of scaffolding (what we had to use to paint the darn thing)

  • Oh, the room with the guitar under the gallery… I want to live there! I had to cringe at the room with the misspelled pillow quote, though, those sorts of things always get my OCD going. (It should say “lets” and not “let’s”)

  • Again, thank you for such an inspiring post! I just decided to start collecting prints because it is actually really affordable & thanks to Etsy, you can get some really limited editions of very unique ideas.

  • As the daughter of a picture framer, who was sent to framing school myself, I throughly enjoyed this! I used to lay our photo walls for clients before, helping them to pick out framing for walls of ancestral portraits.

    I just changed our ancestor wall out to fit more portraits of our children. I changed them all into sepia to go with the rest of the ancestors on the wall. Now I want a new ancestor wall, though! I’m loving the current photos, though.

    I do have to wonder, though–is that a silver crown sitting on the porcelain throne? There really isn’t anywhere to put it when you go in there except for onyour own head–funny!

  • Love. The ones on the door are cool, but they would flap in the breeze every time the door was opened or closed. Not sure about that one, but all of the others are sublime.

  • In honor of this post, might I be so bold to suggest a post on historic prints? It is great affordable art for those who want to create walls like these! Louis Prang would cry a tear.

  • Oh, thank you for this peek! I was starting to think I was the only one who totally covered my walls with art, photos, this & that. I am feeling so chic right now. Wonderful. Thanks

  • These walls are super inspiring and want to make me do more to my own gallery walls! My favorite wall is the one with the long rectangular photos of people/teams.

  • Loving these. I’ve been slowly adding “favorites” on Flickr, but this takes a lot of the work out of it. My goal is to finally have a gallery wall in my room by the end of the month. I figure that new things can get added on – that’s sort of the point to me, creating and recreating balance.

  • This is a very different idea, and a grand departure from the idea of a focal point. It seems you are more going for overall texture than trying to draw the eye to any one piece. Thank you for the photo essay!