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sneak peek best of: dining rooms (round tables)

by Grace Bonney

i feel like i spend most of my furniture day dreaming time thinking about long farm tables for my dining room. well, the dining room i’ll hopefully have one day. right now we’re lucky to fit a tiny ikea table inside our dining area, but one day i’m going to have a huge wooden table with a dramatic chandelier where all of my friends and family can gather to eat. until then, i’ll keep day dreaming about all of the dining rooms i love and how i could incorporate parts of them into my own dream room. so today i thought i’d post another sneak peek “best of” devoted to dining rooms. because i had too many favorites (50+) to put in one post, i broke them apart into two guides. one with round tables (today) and one with square or rectangular tables (coming soon). round tables are so great for small spaces so i thought i’d start with them, since so many of us are living in less than giant spaces. stay tuned for the rectangular and square dining room table roundup soon. until then, happy dining!

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[image above: abigail ahern’s dramatic london dining area is somehow cool and relaxed and dramatic at the same time. that pendant lamp is in-sane]

[image above: i love the dramatic wire table base in lauren nelson’s boston home]

[i love the dramatic floors in gabriel and olivier’s paris home]

[image above: i love the contrast between the blue table top and red antique rug in alissa and ryan’s philadelphia home]

[images above: i love the colors in raina kattelson’s hudson valley ny home. and the chalkboard table top sketches are adorable]

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[images above: i love the all-wooden look in zoe’s brooklyn dining room]

[image above: i love the mod black and white motif in bonnee sharp’s texas home]

[image above: ok, this isn’t round-round, but the corners are round! i love this diner-style dining area in kristen stocks’ home]

[image above: i’ve always wanted one of these marble-topped tables, they’re such a dreamy dining room option. from the nashville home of sarah hicks malone]

[image above: i love the pendant lamp and wealth of plants in andrew and gemma’s home]

[image above: i can’t get enough of the bright green wallpaper (from ferm living) in betsy maddox’s living room]

[image above: red and pink are the name of the game in danielle deboe’s colorful apartment]

[image above: the dramatic table and mix-and-match chair arrangement in aun and su-lyn’s singapore home is so chic and modern]

[image above: ok, so this isn’t a dining room per se. but this little round-table outdoor seating area outside currie person’s austin home is so sweet]

[image above: as if the room at the top of the post wasn’t amazing enough, abigail also has this amazing dining table with one heck of a killer chandelier]

[image above: jessica helgerson’s design work is impeccable. i’d be happy to dine at this table in one of her home designs]

[image above: i love the sweet and simple set up in kelly moseley’s dining room]

[image above: i love the way the white dining chairs contrast against the deep brown wall color in karen millet’s dining room]

[image above: the rich red wall in mara from dutch door press‘ dining nook is so beautiful]

[image above: ok, so this table isn’t round-round, but the edges are round and i LOVE this beautiful dining area in abbey nova’s home]

[image above: i love the mod wooden table in elisa carlucci’s dining room]

[image above: how chic is this dining nook in sabrina moyle’s san francisco home?]

[image above: i love the antique country feel in jocie’s new hampshire dining room]

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  • The tables and chandeliers in Abigail’s dining room and Jessica Helgerson’s design are stunning! I want both of those rooms! Too bad I can’t remove the dinky ceiling fan above my round dining table in my rental.

  • You have done it again, I am gasping for air. I love this post on round dining room tables!!! I am particularly lusting over the chalkboard table – OMG I’m in love. The lime green chair looks fabulous but I think they could be any vibrant colour.

  • Round tables are so much more social than rectangular ones. It’s nice to see such a great roundup of them. Thanks!

  • I was just thinking it was time to have my coffee and catch up on d*s. Course I could be here all day now……Love this post…Perfect timing- my sidekick is painting this weekend and I’m just in the midst of picking colors and switching it up a bit! Now his “to do” list is longer :-) Love that they’re all very different!

  • Funny… I dream about a cozy round table like that one in the first picture. I have the large rectangular table already and I swoon for the cozy feel of something round. And are those wheels on it? Double dream!

  • Yeah, this is a brilliant post. I desperately want a new house with a pretty new dining set and would be proud to have pretty much any of these featured.

  • Thanks for the great post! I sold my old country rectagular table several years ago and bought a black round table and I love it! Best thing I ever bought. It has a leaf inside if I have more than 5 people to turn it into an oval table but I love our cozy round for every day. I bought an old buffet at a flea market and painted it black with crystal knobs and it just looks so cool. Thank you for the great photos!

  • oh, what timing. we have round table and now that we’re moving to a new house, i can plan a new look for it! thanks!

  • I love the designs of the round tables above. Their simple, sleek finishes and curves simply turn the area into a fabulous one, especially when matched with the chic chairs.

  • where can you find chandeliers like the one at the top in Abigail’s dining room? I have looked everywhere and cant find anything similar? HELP!

    • joshua

      that chandelier is a serious show-stopper. abigail sells a similar one in her shop but it’s definitely an investment so just a heads up ;)


    • joshua

      she does- just follow the link to her site in the peek we linked to above :)

      or you can google atelier abigail ahern