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sneak peek best of: bedrooms (part 1)

by Grace Bonney

oh boy- i’ve been trying to build this next sneak peek for weeks. but when i went through our 500+ sneak peek archive, i ended up with my “best of” bedroom selections numbering over 100. i was able to narrow it down to 75 homes and couldn’t bare to slash the list anymore, so i decided to do a three-part guide, starting with the first 25 homes today! it’s total bedroom bliss, ranging from colorful and bold to calm and sophisticated. no matter what you’re style, there’s something in here for everyone. i hope you enjoy- happy sleeping!

[image above: the headboard in susan and william brinson’s manhattan bedroom makes me weak in the knees. seriously. that thing is gorgeous]

[image above: it’s no surprise that trine from ferm living’s bedroom is a celebration of amazing wallpaper]

[image above: designer bonnee sharp’s dallas bedroom is one of my all-time favorites. such an amazing color combo. and her fabrics? LOVE them.]

[image above: i still remember this home years after we posted it. the bed frame in susanna’s connecticut home is divine]

[image above: emma cassi’s bedroom is the epitome of sweet and feminine. and the wallpaper headboard? perfection.]

CLICK HERE for 20 more AMAZING bedrooms after the jump!

[images above: trish grantham’s portland, oregon bedroom is probably in my top 5 of all time. i LOVE how unique this space is, and the gorgeous silhouette-within-silhouette pictures above the bed]

[images above: the wooden side tables at cara from ore studio’s bedroom are so beautiful]

[image above: i love the green chalkboard above eva’s bed in utah. such a sweet touch against the vintage bed linens]

[image above: elisabeth dunker’s retro-chic bedroom is so cute]

[image above: i can’t get enough of these little pom pom chains (made from coffee filters!) above jenna and mark’s brooklyn home]

[image above: i LOVE the bright green walls in joslyn taylor’s bedroom]

[image above: neon has a starring role in ombline’s parisian home]

[image above: i love the way the colors pop against clean white walls in oorbee’s home]

[image above: this image has always stuck in my head. i want to be a child again and have this be my room. rinne allen’s son’s room is amazing]

[i love tyler doran’s understated bedroom with a kickin’ duvet cover]

[a pretty blue bedroom in samantha reitmayer’s dallas home]

[image above: the perfect cabin-cozy attic bedroom in lucy allen gillis’ home]

[airy, beautiful and breezy- a guest room in lynda gardener’s amazing australian home]

[this bedroom is amsterdam is perfect for the dusty, yellow light there. when the sky greys over you can curl up with a good book and some tea and imagine living in a vermeer painting]

[the neutral, restrained color palette in rebecca sigfrids’ bedroom is so sophisticated. and the trunk-as-bedside-table? so chic]

[image above: the mauve and purple palette in irina graewe’s bedroom]

[i love the prints above pam zsori’s bed in portland, oregon]

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  • the mint and burlap brown color combo in the light and airy Australian bedroom looks so good to me right now! I am also loving all the non-traditional night stands! Window-sills, logs, chairs, non-matching little tables, trunks!

  • O.K. Who ARE these people who don’t stash anything under their beds?? LOL. I love ’em all. Every single one of them.

  • I love the undecorated feel of these rooms, they are not over decorated as rooms seen on HGTV.

  • I can see why you’re having trouble picking the top rooms. The above rooms are stunning! There are elements within each room that I absolutely love. I can’t wait to see part 2 & 3 of this series.

  • Perfect timing!!! I have been searching high and low on DS and the net for bedroom design inspiration. We purchased a new bed and I’m at a bit of a loss as to what bedding, possibly paint and little touches to go with it. I can’t wait to see the other 50! Beautiful :-)

  • susanna carrillo’s home is my fav sneak peek ever! i have it bookmarked and refer to it often….

  • Yes! I have been waiting for this “Best of” for quite some time. I live in a two bedroom apt. with a girl who couldn’t care less about home decor. These images are helpful & give me inspiration to tackle my large bedroom! Thanks Design Sponge :)

  • I’m surprised at the number of bedrooms without rugs! I always felt that would be a no-brainer – though I don’t have one myself…

    Gorgeous selection!

  • I have never seen a wall paper headboard before and find it interesting. I love that there are several canopy beds and especially love the wooden canopy. I also noticed a lot of use of bright colors which I personally love.

  • These should all be in a book. Can you do a book?! I love them all. Thanks for showing how you can place a bed in a cabin attic bedroom without having it under the window!

  • Very cool to be able to scroll down through a group of bedroom photos like this. Gets the creative juices flowing and makes it easy to take a little of this and that from each room and combine ideas into one’s own individual mix. Looking forward to part 2…

  • Goodness! Thank you so much, Grace: what a concentration of pleasure. It’s like going to a bunch of dinner parties simultaneously. You know, you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, and you pass a bedroom with the door intriguingly left half open. Can’t wait for the rest…

  • I can’t wait for your next best of bedrooms installment! I’m moving next week and I’m completely out of ideas for my bedroom..
    Hopefully it will be up by then!

  • thanks for this post. i love seeing all the variety and trying to decide which style I would choose for myself~ from luxury to quirky, to pure comfort, i think my top choice is the 1st one~ i could see myself climbing in that big, pretty bed :)

  • I love Bonnee Sharp’s cubes at the end of the bed, so much so that I convinced my husband that we needed some too. They’re great for extra seating in the lounge when we have guests, or to have at the end of the bed when I’m putting stockings on in the morning.

  • I love all of them and have no idea what to choose as inspiration for my own! Now…when do we get to know how they were created?? :)

  • I love some of the decorating ideas for these bedrooms. I especially like the kids room with the map above the bed.